What A Welcome

Asif was a sixteen year old Indian boy who was the son of the owner of an Indian take away shop, along with his family he was moving into a flat on the top floor of a tower block of flats, there was only one other flat on the floor, there was a dividing paved area between the flats and a security door from the stair area to the two flats. Asif was stood outside his flat not feeling to happy because his mum and dad had left to unpack while they went to work taking his sister Mia who was twelve years of age with them. As he stood looking at the many packing crates he saw the security door open and July who was the same age as Mia walk through it. Asif knew that July lived in the other flat with her sixteen year old sister Anna and her mum, July said ” hi ” then went in her flat, Asif could see July through the glass panel in the door as she walked round their lounge, July stopped and started to take her uniform off, Asif smiled and watched and was soon looking at her naked back and admiring her bum, after a minute July turned, Asif thought nice as he looked at her developing boobs, July walked forward Asif could clearly see her love tube and thought very nice, then to his surprise July open the door and walked out, Asif looked at her, July then walked to Asif knelt in front of him undid his trousers pulled them down took his dick in her mouth and started to suck it, Asif could not believe what was happening but stood enjoying the blow job and good soon feel his dick throbbing as July sucked it, after five minutes Asif squirted his cum into July’s mouth which she swallowed the shortly after stood and after wiping her mouth with the back of her hand said ” your flies are open and went back to her flat, not long after Asif’s sixteen year old girlfriend Anjana walked through the door with Anna not far behind, Asif told Anjana what had happened with July, Anjana turned went to July’s flat banged on the door, when Anna opened it Anjana said ” that slut of a sister of yours just sucked my boyfriend off ” then pushed past Anna and went in the flat, Asif went to try and calm Anjana down, when he got to the door he saw Anjana laying on the floor with Anna pushing her skirt up, Asif watched in silence as Ana pulled Anjana’s panties down bent forward and start to lick her love tube, Asif knew that Anjana was bi sexual ad smiled then when a still naked July appeared and pulled Anjana’s top off and start to lick her boobs Asif thought what a sight and watched as the two sisters stripped Anjana naked, Anna now had her tongue inside Anjana’s love tube while July was sucking her nipples, Ajana was groaning in deep pleasure and after ten minutes gushed getting Anna’s face as she did, After a few minutes Anjana got up and walked naked to Asif’s flat with Anna saying ” we are even ” as she went, Asif sat outside his flat from where he saw Anna through the glass panel and smiled when he could see that she was naked, he looked in awe at her ample boobs noticing her erect nipples he looked at Anjana who was still naked and said to her ” come and look ” Anjana went to the door looked and said ” fucking hell ” Asif noticed Anjana’s nipples become erect and started to rub her love tube, Anjana stopped him and stepped out of the flat looked at Asif and said to him ” strip and come out here and fuck me ” Asif quickly stripped and went outside ” Ana saw the naked pair called July and went outside looking at Asif’s eight inch dick as she did,, July appeared at the door and smiled, Anna walked over to the Indian pair grabbed Asif saying my turn as she did and was soon laying on the ground groaning as Asif thrust in and out of her love tube while July was licking Anjana’s love tube, after a minute Anjana pushed July away got up grabbed July and lay her on the ground then started to lick her love tube after a few minutes Anjana got up pushed Asif and said ” my turn ” and after a few minutes was licking Anna’s love tube as she did Pia heard July cry out as Asif slid his dick into her love tube. Later Anna and July were in their own flat, July said ” what a cock ” , Asif’s dad was saying you had done well, Asif just nodded.