Close Encounters of the Hot Kind 1

My thing is voyeurism. From an early age I was always trying to peep on any female I could, in any situation. After getting married the first time I discovered that an even bigger thrill for me was setting up a situation where I could watch someone voyeur my wife. It progressed to bigger things from there. I’m going to write about many of my “adventures” in a number of individual stories. Some involve drugging and rape. This one is about having my first wife voyeured. My wife, Sherry, was pretty with shoulder length brown hair, 5’4”, 120 lbs. She was a B-cup. She was sexy and always open to new ideas to make sex exciting, but involving anyone else was not an option. She would not reveal any part of her body to anyone else; in other words, modest except with me.

We hired a cleaning service which consisted of 3 men: the owner of the service (Carl) and 2 employees. We were white, they were black. They came once a week and spent 2 hours cleaning. They did ok but Sherry was a perfectionist and often berated Carl about his work. He would speak nicely to her but I know he had some inner hard feelings about her. Once I saw him going through the hamper and stealing her dirty panties. As I got to know them I began to develop a fantasy in my mind.

Here’s how it started. One day while they were there my wife wanted to take a shower. She felt safe doing that because I was home. When she showered normally she left the bathroom door open. The shower stall had clear glass. That day, she closed the bedroom door and left the bathroom door open as usual (the bathroom was attached to the bedroom). She didn’t tell me she was showering. I went into the bedroom to get something and saw her. As I left, I closed the bedroom door, but left it open enough to look in with 2 eyes. The view from the door went to a mirror which reflected the open bathroom perfectly. I could see her but she couldn’t see me.

Then I saw Carl and I got an idea. He was in one of the other bedrooms. I asked him if he’d like to see something very hot. He said sure. I took him to the cracked door and told him to look in. He immediately opened his mouth in amazement. He looked at me to make sure I was OK with it. I nodded. His breathing got more rapid and he began to readjust his pants as he got hard. He couldn’t stop watching her as she showed everything. He saw her b-cup tits with small nipples, her pussy with a nice bush, and her ass when she turned. Here was his boss lady on display and not knowing it! I knew he was loving this as a form of revenge against Sherry.

While she was showering I slipped in the bedroom unnoticed, leaving him outside looking through the cracked door. I found the bikini panties she had taken off and checked them out: still moist, small stain, nice pussy smell. I took them out and gave them to Carl and let him sniff them while he watched her scrub her pussy. He watched as she shaved her pits and legs. He was hard as a rock but wasn’t about to see if it was OK to jerk off. When she turned the water off she opened the stall door and began to towel off. At that point I closed the door. He thanked me profusely. I told him to keep the panties and that I’d see what I could arrange for the following week.

When Sherry was dressed, she went downstairs to check how the cleaning was going. I liked how Carl was staring at her as she spoke to him, again criticizing something. He knew what every private part of her looked like, and she had no idea. He knew what her pussy smelled like and she had no idea. The smirk on his face and the bulge in his pants were priceless.
At that point I went to our bedroom and developed a plan for next week.

Sherry knew I was voyeuristic as that was sometimes part of our fantasy play. I noticed that when the bathroom door was halfway closed, it could meet the halfway open door of the adjacent closet. This formed a thin slit through which someone could peep without being seen by the person in the bathroom. After Carl and his crew left I was still turned on by what had happened, so I had great sex with Sherry, all the time thinking of Carl watching her. Afterwards I told her I had a fantasy idea. I told her I wanted to do the fantasy while others were in the house. I could see she was skeptical, but I proceeded to describe the situation. I told her that while the cleaning crew was in the house I wanted to peep on her showering without her being able to see me. I told her I’d be stroking myself and that when she was done we’d fuck while they were still in the house. She was hesitant about saying yes. I showed her the setup. She was still not on board.

During the ensuing week I continued to push the fantasy. I told her it would mean a lot to me and my inner voyeur. The day before the crew came back, she agreed. She decided not to get dressed before they came but to wear her negligee with a long robe over it.
Carl arrived with his crew. He called me aside and told me he had told them what he had seen and let them check out her panties. He had described her body to them. He told me they were pissed that I didn’t let them see. I told him that would happen soon. Then I told him to be ready for a very hot treat. Sherry came down and told them to start work downstairs. The way they stared at her was, to me, very hot. She had no idea what they were thinking, but I did. Then she went back upstairs. I told Carl to be ready. I went upstairs.

I closed the bedroom door. I heard Carl coming up and standing outside the door. Then I went to Sherry and started to kiss her and feel her up. She started to take the robe off, but I said to wait until she was in the bathroom. I told her that when she is in there, to take everything off, sit on the toilet and pee, then stand up and brush her hair. Then get in the shower, but don’t just shower. Wash first, but then I told her to take some KY in with her and masturbate until orgasm. I told her I would be jerking off at the same time. I told her I was going to be pretending that I’m a stranger watching her. I told her we’d fuck when she had dried off. She wanted reassurances that no one would come in while this was going on. I told her I wasn’t into other men seeing her naked, so she was at ease with that.

I put some music on (to cover any noise that might occur in the bedroom) and arranged the doors as I needed them to be. She went in the bathroom. I opened the bedroom door and let Carl in. I took him to the doors so he could see in but Sherry couldn’t see out. He asked me (whispering) if he could jerk off while he watched and I said yes. He said his guys might want to come in and he was hesitant to stop them because they could cause problems. I didn’t want that because it could get crowded, but I didn’t want problems either. And in they came.

Meanwhile Sherry was taking her robe off. Carl was on his knees on the floor. His men took up positions on either side of him, one standing straight, the other bending to just above Carl’s head. Now Sherry was standing there in her negligee. No bra, no panties. The guys began to rub themselves and breathe faster. She wasn’t facing us. She was facing the mirror so we only saw her right side. Her right breast showed through a bit, but that was it. She ran her fingers through her hair, then reached down to the hem of the negligee and pulled it up and over her head. There she stood totally naked for my guests to enjoy. Her tits were well formed and firm, with brown nipples the size of nickels. Her perfect ass and her bush were visible from the side. She turned to sit on the toilet and we got a full frontal. All the guys were breathing hard and uncomfortable with their cocks in their pants. She peed, then stood up, turned so her ass was facing us, bent over a little, spread her legs, and began wiping. She wiped front to back and held one ass cheek open as she did. We got an amazing view of her open pussy and her asshole. She wiped a few times so I could get a great view, but she was letting 3 employees see her most private areas. And they were loving it. The guy who was standing had pulled his cock out and was stroking his 8 inches slowly. Sherry then started the shower and got in.

The guy who was jerking off went over to her dresser and started looking through her drawers. I went over to tell him to stop but he told me that if I wanted him to stay quiet I better show him where her panties were. So I did. He grabbed a silky pair of bikinis. He also took a bra and put it in his pocket. He went back and started rubbing himself with the panties.

Sherry proceeded to wash herself, showing all sides. Then she got her razor and shaved her pits, giving us great tit views. Then her legs. Then the real show began. They never expected anything like it. This bitch, their employer, was putting lube in her pussy! Then she started playing with her nipples, making them hard. She then slowly began rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. She slowly rubbed her clit in a circular manner and played with her nipples with her other hand. She started slow. Now all the guys had their cocks out and were jerking. Sherry’s breathing and masturbating became more rapid. The guys one by one shot their wads on the doors, except for the one with her panties. He came in them. All were moaning quietly. I got some wash cloths ready for cleanup. I knew Sherry was almost there. And then she was. She gasped and let out a yell and pressed her tits against the glass as she came. Her finger was still rubbing, then it went in her vagina, then she just gasped and let the water run on her. They stayed until she shut the water off, then snuck out and I closed the door.

When Sherry came out of the bathroom she was naked. She told me to strip and fuck her. I couldn’t wait. I fucked her twice and thought about my voyeur fest the whole time. She asked me how I liked the show. I told her it was the best fantasy play yet. She told me it excited her a lot and the “danger” of doing it with strangers in the house made it all the more exciting. She said maybe we’d do it again next week. She got dressed and I followed her to where the guys were working. They were leering, but she didn’t look at them so she didn’t notice they were raping her with their eyes. I whispered to Carl there would be more next week. And then I began planning.

To be continued in ““