Boy/Boy Sex

I was 7 years old when I went to boarding school in England and apart from Latin, French, Mathematics, and Geography I learned to enjoy sex with other boys. – I remained as a boarder until I was 18 and was deeply involved in masturbating other boys and fondling and sucking cocks, – from my second day when 4 boys took me down to the cellar under the cricket pavilion where I was told to strip and we all fondled each other’s cocks – that night, in the dormitory they did the same and, when I got into bed I started to toss myself off. They repeated it the following morning and brought Stedman with them – he had a short circumcised cock, I am uncircumcised. That night, in the dormitory I was told to pull my foreskin back – (they were all circumcised) and we sucked each other’s cocks – which was the start of a most enjoyable period of M/M sex. There was a hide in the bushes where we would go to wank each other as well as some sucking,

Mr. Williams was our deputy headmaster and taught mathematics – he seemed fascinated with boy’s cocks – he would organise the shower, which would hold 12 boys and had 6 shower heads. And, one day a boy was wanking a stiff dick and he became totally absorbed. He also took us for walks to the seaside and ordered us to strip and wade in the water under his watchful gaze. On another occasion, I was sitting on the ground, watching a cricket match, leaning against a bench when he came and sat on the bench, behind me, and pulled me close and I could feel his stiff dick against my back – I shrugged my shoulders a few times and he continued and presumably came – as he had a wet patch on the front of his trousers when he left.

One night, a boy, naked, climbed onto the partition between the rows of beds, his cock already erect, and proceeded to wank. – Those of us, who had torches shone them on him – and we saw the cum spurting out.

Mustil, the head boy, came to my bed every night during my last term – He had the biggest prick I have ever seen or held, we tossed each other off and came over the sheets. Fortunately, we had to make our own beds so the cum covered sheets were never seen. One boy’s sheets were seen and, as an example to the boys – to avoid homosexual practices – we were assembled in the “big school room” which had a raised ‘stage’ at the end – and the boy was given 10 strokes of the cane on his bare bottom.

I changed schools, but that is another story – which I will continue later – But when I had completed my secondary education my Mother took me for a week’s holiday in North Wales.