Kiss Me Kate

Kate never complained that I made an improper suggestion, and she never said I was touching her inappropriately. In fact, she encouraged it. She was a sex worker. She worked in a basement flat near Baker Street. It was handy because the sound from the flat did not travel. The neighbours never complained.

We met in a restaurant,t and I was surprised when I felt that, under the table, she started playing with my cock.

I looked into her eyes; she was amused. I put my hand on her leg, she was wearing black stockings. As I slid my hand up her leg, I soon realised she was not wearing any panties, and I slid my finger into her cunt. It was already damp. Then we had the soup.

We went back to her flat.

I stripped her naked slowly. Her red blouse and her black bra came off. She had the loveliest breasts and they felt and tasted delicious. I caressed her bottom and slipped off her skirt

I found that could not keep my hands off her naked breasts, and, when I squeezed her nipple, she looked into my eyes and said, “Harder, master”.

So I did. Harder and harder, I squeezed her nipple. I twisted it.

She said, “Harder please, sir.” My cock was definitely obeying that instruction.

I slapped her breasts and she obliged with a scream. I carried on, slap after slap. Her breasts were getting red. Then she slid her hand between her legs and fingered her wet cunt for me while I slapped and twisted her naked breasts. Then I sat on the bed and she stretched out over my lap. It was clear that she wanted me to give her a hard spanking, as her bum was getting nice and pink she insisted, “Harder, please master”.

I pushed her down on the bed as I fucked her cunt from behind. It was even wetter, and I forced my thumb into her bum. When she didn’t object I tried fucking her up the ass. Cor blimey it was tight but it was worth it.

I tied her ankles to the bed and handcuffed her wrists to the bedhead.

Kate took my cock in her mouth. I put my fingers in her hair and twisted them around.

“You’re a sexy little cunt. What are you?”

Of course, she didn’t speak with her mouth full.

When I left, Kate put her arms around me and gave me a long lingering kiss goodbye as she said “Come again, soon, please, sir.”