Brothers tag team

This story is about two brothers who are 3 years apart the eldest is Raj who is 18 the younger one is Vivan who is 16 both the brothers are bisexuals and often engage in wrestling which can get a bit sexual in nature both of them are a bit shorter for their age Raj is 5’10 and Vivan is 5’7 in height this story is about one such particular instance when both the siblings engaged in a wrestling match with another pair of siblings who are Yash the eldest and Ansh the younger one Yash is 6’1 and and Ansh is 5’8 similar in age to Raj and Vivan now Raj and Vivan are a bit on the fat side with both having some amount of male boobs but one ever joked about it because the brothers were strong enough to demand the respect they wanted until Yash and Ansh came along both the pair of siblings just clicked together because of their mutual interest in wrestling and that what brought the humiliating story of Raj and vivan

It was during summer both Raj and Vivan’s parents were out on a small trip for the weekend Raj was enjoying watching anime on his phone while his brother Vivan was out playing all of a sudden the door bell ring and Raj went to open the door when he opened it he could not believe his eyes he saw Vivan out side in a messed up condition his hair were messy his t-shirt collar was torn and his face was red and he was panting Raj immediately supported Vivan and took him to the bed he offered him water Vivan drank the water given to him and got a bit comfortable Raj immediately asked him what happened Vivan with a few tears in his eyes could not help but tell his brother he said

Vivan : bhaiya it was Ansh we had a wrestling match and he humiliated me

Raj : just in a wrestling match how is your condition this bad

Vivan : that bhaiya it started with u

Raj : with me how ??

Vivan : Ansh said that you were a pussy who lost his ass he said that you and his brother Yash wrestled and defeated you badly and I retorted at that

Raj now understood what happened a few days back he and Yash wrestled on their bed and Yash dominated him because they made it a sexual match Yash punched him the gut several times and even pressed his nipples that no one ever did before and got away with it but infront of Yash he was helpless near the end Yash forced him to give himself a blow job those memories were painfull and he told no one about it but Ansh knew because Yash told him about it it was already know but the four individuals about eachother sexual orientation but the now the point was what happened to Vivan

Vivan : are you listening

Raj : yes I am listening tell me what happened

Vivan explained how Ansh said that both him and Raj were pussy and weak and that even Ansh can do the same to Raj

Vivan got angered at that and challenged Ansh to a sex wrestling match both had their fight which lasted some 20 min in the first five of which they were equal but after that Ansh managed to jab a kick in his balls after which Vivan was at Ansh’s mercy he told Raj how Ansh slapped him and pressed his boobs and rubbed his feet on Vivan’s face utter defeat it was

Raj listening to all of this shed a few tears and was very angry he told Vivan to remove his shirt so that he can see Vivan did as he was told and he saw just how red his chest was because of all the slaps and punches

Vivan : bhaiya is it true that you lost

Raj : yes it is true all of what Ansh said is true

Vivan : how can that be

Raj : but don’t you worry we will take our revenge so mom and dad are not returning until Monday evening let’s have a match with them tomorrow afternoon what you say

Vivan: I am prepared bhaiya lest do it

Raj : that’s like my brother

Saying this both brothers embraced each other and engaged in a passionate kiss

Later on Raj went to Yash and Ansh and challenged them tomorrow at their home for a wrestling match and both Yash and Ansh complied

The next day both the sibling pair met

Ansh : so you in for another beating Vivan

Vivan : hell no you are going down Ansh I will beat your ass

Ansh : Really and what about your brother will he do the same

Vivan : hell yeah he will fuck your brother

Yash : I don’t think so Vivan Raj has been my bitch my once I can make him again

Raj : that is not happening Yash I have to avenge my brother I will win

Yash : we will see

Both the teams went to different separate rooms for team planning and and last moment warmup

Vivan : bhaiya we will win right

Raj : ofcourse we will win don’t you worry

Vivan : I know then let me go first against Ansh

Raj : very well you go first

And then the fight began

Raj and Yash were on the two sides of the bed and Vivan and Ansh inside the bed cum ring Raj was cheering on Vivan and Yash was doing the same it was a no rules match except one that if one from outside interfere then the other party can do aswell

With Vivan and Ansh locked arms but before Vivan could even do something Ansh jabbed a knee in his gut this made Vivan loose balance and loosen his grip Ansh took the opportunity and slapped him the face Ansh then punched him once again in belly a few times and then kicked him the chest which pushed him to the bed side Vivan was already in pain and helpless he looked at Raj with hope but even Raj could not do anything but make a miserable face then Ansh came to Vivan and said : see I told you so you will lose : and slapped Vivan again and lunched in the face stop yelled Raj Vivan saw his brother yelling but could do nothing

Ansh : see Raj bhaiya I told you this pussy brother of yours can do nothing

Saying this Ansh took Vivan and pressed his boobs strongly Vivan was obviously in pain and yelling in the end Ansh got bored with Vivan threw him on the bedside where he could tag Raj

Raj immediately took the tag and entered the ring while Vivan was left outside in a bad condition with his muscle hurting Raj looked at his brother who is usually dominating others today is humiliated and left outside the bed in pain in a miserable condition he said : rest Vivan I will avenge you

Yash was staring at Raj with malicious eyes it was obvious he was certain of fun both of them locked arms and started punching each other soon it was equal at the beginning but slowly slowly Raj was getting overpowered and it was getting more and more obvious Vivan also looked at his brother and realised the sad the truth

In just a moment Yash three a strong punch Raj lost his balance and fell down Yash laughed at kicked his balls Raj yelled in pain Vivan was horrified looking at the miserable state of his brother he went to interfere but Ansh came stopped him and punched him once again in the gut tears began to come in Vivan’s eyes on the bed Raj was takes to the ring side and and was made to go through the same experience Vivan went through a few moments ago the situation was not looking good for the brothers.

It had been a few moments since both the brothers found themselves at the mercy of their respective opponents raj was red in many places and similarly Vivan was being stepped upon by Ansh

Yash : hey Ansh I am getting bored with this one get that one over here

Ansh : oh bhaiya I am just getting started and you want to exchange already

Yash : just come here

Ansh : fine

Ansh grabbed Vivan by his hair and pulled him up on the bed Raj realised what was about to happen and yelled

Raj : no Yash please not him no please

Yash : ho is that so pussy boy this is fun then say u are my bitch

Vivan yelled from the side

Vivan : No bhaiya don’t

Ansh : shut up u pussy

Ansh yelled and jabbed his knee into Vivan’s gut Vivan clenches in pain seeing the condition of his brother Raj could not take it and pleaded to Yash and Ansh to not do anything to Vivan anymore and he will do anything

Yash : is that so bitch then go.suck my brother’s dick

Raj hesitated a bit but but complied and knelt infront of Ansh

Yash : oye Ansh sent that one my way

Raj : oye you promised

Yelled Raj refuting Yash on his demand for Vivan

Yash : yeah so I won’t beat him but will enjoy myself a bit or we can continue what we are doing

Noo yelled Raj

Ansh pushes Vivan to Yash Vivan was not in a good state atall his body was sore and boobs were paining a bit with his nipples red and he.was panting he knew what was happening to his brother on the other side Raj was giving a blowjob to Ansh and his boobs were being fondled by Yash this was utter humiliation for him he could not see his brother like that and he looked for an opportunity as soon as Raj left his guard down Vivan jabbed his ankle up Yash’s balls and Yash felt immediate pain surging through his lower body and let go of Vivan and fell down Ansh saw this happening and could not believe what was happening within moments Vivan came pushed him away from Raj

Ansh thinking of his brother ran to.him and knelt down to him

Ansh : bhaiya are u okay are u alright

Yash : I am fine Ansh don’t worry but it pains that little shit did this I will get him

Ansh : wait bhaiya regain your strength and we will settle it later

On the other side Vivan flung himself into Raj’s arms

Vivan : bhai bhaiya are you okay does it hurt

Raj : you idiot I should be asking that I was supposed to protect you avenge u does it hurt anywhere

Vivan : it pains bhaiya but it’s okay

Both the brothers checked eachother properly Raj saw just how red Vivan’s boobs were now and Vivan realised how swollen Raj’s muscles were

Vivan : bhaiya they must pay let’s fuck them up

Raj : no Vivan look at us we can’t do that

Vivan : bhaiya we must try

Raj : Vivan they are both stronger than us and destroyed us just now this is not the time