My trip to Thailand

I went to Thailand in my 50’s and ended up fucking 3 little girls and their big sister for 3 whole days. Best trip ever.

I’m a single guy in my 50’s and I won a prize in the raffle at my works Christmas party, it was an airline voucher that would allow me to take a flight to anywhere in the whole world I wanted to go.

After a lot of deliberation I decided to take a trip to Thailand, and on my first night there I went straight to the strip clubs and bars, I never even made it to my hotel, and I bagged myself a 23 year old Thai beauty in tight shiny red shorts and a silver tank top.

She took me back to her little place in a small village, took a while to get there, and I spent the night with her, fucking her perky little Thai tits off, I hadn’t had a young woman like that in years, I was in my 50’s but still managed to fuck her good and hard, I’d been in Thailand for less than a day and already having the time of my life.

I woke up in the morning and Sanouk, that was her name, made me breakfast and treated me like a king, she was a prostitute so I gave her some money for servicing my old cock so wonderfully that night, and I picked up my bags ready to leave and finally get to my hotel.

But she wouldn’t let me leave, “No. No. You stay. – We love again.” she said, taking my bags off of me and walking me back in to her bedroom, her English was poor and broken, but I understood what she was saying, mostly.

She took me in to the bedroom and bounced her petite little body on my cock for an hour, then she told me to rest while she went out, so I stayed in the bed, my balls empty and dry, and slept for a few hours.

I woke up in the middle of the afternoon and when I opened my eyes I got a fright, there were 3 little girls standing at the side of the bed, in bathing suits, staring at me, they were aged probably between 10 and 13, and when they saw me wake up, they giggled and ran away.

I got up and followed them out back, it was very hot so didn’t bother getting dressed, I just walked out in my boxer shorts, Sanouk was in a small pool at the back of the house, the girls I’d seen were in there with her playing in the water, “Good day. You wake.” She said.

“Yes. Good day.” I replied.

She climbed out of the pool and walked over to me dripping wet in a skimpy bikini, she took my hand and guided me towards the pool, she got back in to the pool and asked me to join her, “You come. Cool off in water.” She said.

So I got in to the pool, the water was lovely and cooling, not freezing, just a nice temperature, “Who are these?” I asked her, wondering who the girls were.

“Sister.” She replied, “You okay with them? – You like them, yes?” she asked.

“Yes. They’re very lovely. I don’t mind them being here.” I replied, thinking she was asking me if I minded them being here with us.

Then she spoke to them in Thai, I couldn’t understand what she was saying, but the girls then got out of the pool and returned a few minutes later, all three jumped back in to the pool, and they were naked.

They then swam over to me and surrounded me by the side of the pool, “Hello.” I said, feeling slightly uncomfortable, then one after the other put their hands down the front of my boxers and fondled with my cock and balls.

“Hey! – What – What are you doing? – What are they doing?” I asked.

“They good girls. They love you.” Sanouk replied.

“Love me?” I asked, trying to pull the girls hands out of my shorts, and failing.

Before I knew it they were splashing and jumping in the water in front of me, touching and kissing me all over, their small naked bodies rubbing up against my front, my arms and legs, they were all over me, and managed to pull off my shorts.

I couldn’t stop my body reacting to their interactions and touching, and my cock sprung up as hard as a rock, all three girls fighting with their hands under the water, and they jerked me off quite quickly, I ejaculated under water.

I managed to pull myself up out of the water and sit on the edge of the pool, with my semi-hard cock sticking up between my legs, but before I could stand, the girls, still in the water, grabbed my legs while one went between my legs and started sucking on my cock, these were little girls, babies, but they sure knew what they were doing, “Holy shit.” I gasped out feeling the intense pleasure of her little mouth sucking on my cock.

I relaxed and allowed her to continued, the girls took turns over the next 30 minutes to suck on my cock, until I finally ejaculated again in to one of their mouths, and the other two girls licked my shaft clean.

I got to my feet and stumbled in to the house, my legs were really weak and shaking, I sat on the bed and looked for my clothes but couldn’t find them, or my bags, I knew what had just happened was wrong, I mean I’d heard stories about this sort of thing happening in Thailand, but never thought it would happen to me, I just needed to get out of there.

Sanouk and the girls followed me in to the bedroom, “Where are my things?” I asked her.

“You leave?” she asked.

“Yes. I leave. Where are my things?” I asked.

“You no like girls? – They not pretty for you?” she asked.

“The girls are very pretty. Very pretty. But this – This not for me. I need to leave.” I replied.

“You stay. Girls fuck.” She said.

“No. No. No fuck. No fuck.” I said.

Sanouk turned to the girls and spoke to them in Thai again, then suddenly they ran for me, and tackled me down on to the bed playfully, “No. Stop. Stop.” I complained.

“It okay. They love you now.” Said Sanouk.

I was laid on my back on the bed, naked, with three little naked girls sitting on me, kissing me and touching me, giggling their pretty heads off, I could have stopped them, they were small and skinny, I could have picked them up and thrown them off of me, but I didn’t want to hurt them, I just wanted them to get off of me.

Once again I found my body reacting to them, and my cock hardened once again, the girls were like Viagra, my cock just wouldn’t stay down.

Two of the girls pinned my arms down while the other sat on my cock, I groaned as I felt her small tight pussy squeezing around my cock as it penetrated her while she slowly lowered herself on to it, “Oooah.”, she was no virgin, but her hole was still tight as a vice, she started making little moaning sounds as she bounced up and down on me.

“Eee – Ungh – Ooh – Ah – Mm.”

She was making me feel so good and I couldn’t fight them anymore, I got my hands free and I held on to her small bony hips, helping her bounce her little body on me, and I watched my cock going in and out of her, she looked like my granddaughter, and she was about the same age.

For some reason I started picturing her as my granddaughter, Miah, and that I was fucking Miah, my brain had become corrupted, perverted, and I liked it, “Ooh – Miah.” I groaned.

I flipped her over on to her back, I put my big body on top of her tiny body, and I fucked her little pussy hard and deep, “Come on, baby. You want this – You like this cock.” I said.

These girls were no strangers to this, they were screaming or crying, they must do this with a lot of tourists, it made it nicer though, because the girl underneath me was smiling at me while I fucked her, it made it acceptable in my mind, she was enjoying me fucking her so what’s the hard.

I fucked her until I came inside of her, then over the course of the night, I fucked all three of the girls, several times in fact, with Sanouk joining in the fun.

My old cock had never seen so much action in all my years, and those little girls were incredible, their tight pussies and small bodies were heavenly to fuck.

I stayed with Sanouk and the girls for 3 days, and I gave them all the money I had with me before finally heading to my hotel, I enjoyed the rest of my trip to Thailand, just visiting the sights and then went home.

I could not look at my granddaughter Miah in the same away again though, every she comes to visit me I have to place a cushion over my crotch because seeing her gives me an erection, I miss those little Thai pussies so much, and I secretly want to fuck my granddaughters little tight holes.

Thailand is such a great place to visit. Such a great place.