Bully Fucked

When I was 11, I used to have a bully who made me and his younger brothers play very mean games.

I used to have a bully who made me and his younger brothers play very mean games. His name was Sid, and even though he was a year younger than me, he was way tougher and way more confident than I was. I was around 11 when I met him and he pretended to be nice around adults, but he was a bully to me and his brothers.

We used to play outside, and he’d make up the games since he was the oldest, besides me. One game was called Nut Cracker, and he’d make us play it under the table so the parents couldn’t see. It was kinda like playing footsies, except you had to stomp on each other’s nuts and crotches really hard in order to get the others to quit so you could win. Sid always won because he stomped our nuts the hardest, we were too scared to go hard on him because we knew he’d stomp on ours even harder if we did.

Another game we played was called Bedwetter, because it involved bullying a little bedwetter kid we all knew. Billy was one of the little kids who lived in the neighborhood who always wanted to play with us older kids, but when Sid found out he was a bedwetter, he invented a game where we would have to drink a whole bottle of water and then wait till we had to pee so that we could go find Billy the Bedwetter and piss all over him as punishment for being a bedwetter. After that, Billy didn’t wanna play with us no more, but we would always catch him of guard whenever he was outside playing alone.

One of his favorite games was just called Daddy, because to win, you had to hump a neighborhood boy named Julio who he knew had been molested by his dad when he was younger. Sid really liked messing with Júlio and would get me and his brothers to trick Júlio into playing with us so that he could wrestle him to the ground and dry hump him roughly. This kinda turned us on since Julio had a very fat, girly ass that jiggled in a very sexy way every time it got humped, and we’d watch quietly as he whimpered and struggled to get away while stroking our preteen dicks through our pants.

There are many more games he’d make us play, but this is what I will share for now..