Darrens Surprise

I had been in love with my best friend for about 6 mths but I was afraid to tell him. I was worried that he didn’t feel the same. So I decided to do it in style. I had invited him over just to hang out and was waiting for him to arrive

“Hi you guys come on in I was just finishing getting dressed.” I told them heading for the hallway, lettin them in and closing the door behind themselves.

“Hell sweety you are dressed enough I am enjoying the view.” His friend said winking at me. I couldn’t help but laugh at that.

“Yea sweety stay like you are I like it.” Darren said grabbing my hand and pulling me into the living room where he sat down on the couch and yanked me onto his lap. They were both laughing and checking me out. We all sat around talking for a while, when I finally thought and asked “are you guys hungry?”

“Hell yes” “You know it.” were the simultaneous replies, and I burst out laughing. So I went into the kitchen and grabbed a bag of chips and some dip and a couple of cans of pop, and headed back into the living room. They were sittin there talking but stopped when I came in. As soon as I had set my goodies down I was pulled back into Darrens lap.He whispered in my ear

“I have been waiting for months to get to see you like this and if you don’t behave I am going to fuck you right here, friend present or not.”

“Oooh you promise?” He burst out laughing at that and promptly kissed me roughly. I kissed him back and wiggled on his lap feeling his arousal against my ass. He shifted me around so that I was straddling his legs and continued to kiss me while running his hands over my body reaching down and squeezing my ass hard with both hands. I pushed my body tightly against his and nibbled on his neck and shoulders while he stroked me. It didn’t take him long to strip the outfit off of me then put me back the way he had me. He ran his hand down my stomach and over my cunt, stroking and probing my lips and clit, then slid one finger inside me fingerfucking me while his other hand caressed the tit that wasn’t in his mouth. While he was finger fucking me I felt a tongue on my ass. I pressed my ass into his face and Darren repositioned me so that Caleb was able to suck on my clit while Darren slipped another finger into my hot wet cunt and one finger into my ass which was now wet from Calebs tongue. I moaned and pressed my body down wanting more, Caleb reached around and grabbed my ass and pulled my cunt even harder to his mouth which caused me to explode into an orgasm that had my whole body shaking and had me panting for breath. After my breathing had calmed down Darren pulled me down onto his hard cock (and I still can’t remember when they got naked) so that he was all the way in me, Caleb had moved himself around so that his cock was in front of my mouth. I leaned forward and teased the very tip of his cock running my tongue around it then slowly ran it down the entire shaft to his base licked and sucked on his balls then worked my way back to his tip. I then slowly inch by inch pulled his entire 8″ cock into my mouth sucking on it as he wrapped his fingers in my hair and started to push himself in and out insistantly. After a minute of that attention he then moved behind me and started rimming me sliding his tongue in as far as it would go. He then changed positions and before I realized what he was doing he had pushed the head of his cock into my asshole, causing me to jerk at the sensation. Darren slowed down his rhythm so that Caleb could work easier, and he slowly pushed his cock in and out of my ass pushing a little farther in each time, until I pushed down on him pulling his entire cock into my tight hot ass. Once he was all the way in they both started pumpin as hard and fast as they could driving me crazy. Before I knew it I was exploding into another orgasm that milked Darrens cock so hard he shot his load right then. Caleb wasn’t far behind and I could feel all of his hot cum pumping into my ass and I was loving it. I leaned on Darren and Caleb leaned on me for a couple of minutes all of us trying to catch our breath. But not long after Caleb picked me up off of Darren and layed me out on the couch where he promptly buried his face between my legs and started licking up all the juices on my dripping cunt. Darren who was watching was quickly getting aroused again and he moved around so that his cock was at my mouth and I quickly devoured it sucking all the moisture from it and deep throating his entire cock. The combination of what I was doing, and seeing what Caleb was doing, quickly had him blowing his entire sticky load down my throat and I swallowed all of it sucking harder to get it all. When he pulled his cock out of my mouth I licked my lips and grinned at him. Afterwards Caleb and Darren sat on the floor in front of the couch and we talked for a while. But we all knew that the other was thinking about what we would do next time we got together.

When the doorbell rang I answered it wearing nothing but a full body fishnet stocking with an open crotch. I was surprised when I realized that he had a friend with him, but decided to play it off.