But Honey! The Escort was too Tempting to let go!

This is the story of an incident that took place almost 3 years back. I remember it quite fondly and it does not make me regret anything though it should. After all, I needed up cheating on my wife because a classy escort was too tempting for me to resist. It all happened on a business trip to London.

I have been married for 14 years now and I loved my wife. Honestly, there was no problem in my marriage except that the passion was gone after this many years. Now it was more of a routine for us. The sex was nearly non-existent which was probably the biggest problem we had. I would not say that the thought of cheating never crossed my mind but I barely ever got the chance or backed out in the last moment. Moreover, my wife trusted me with her life. She would not even believe that I was cheating on her.

I was going to be in London for three days. The tour was going as planned. I was quite happy about the outcomes of the deal. Within two days it was finalized so I was going to be free for the final day. once I woke up, I thought of exploring the city a bit. As I was going around visiting the iconic places in London, I decided to take a break and grab lunch. While I was sitting alone in the café a woman approached me. She was very pretty and clearly was hitting on me. I showed her my ring and she politely went away with a smile. It was awkward but the encounter stirred some old frustrations too.

What would go wrong if I spent the night with her? I was thinking all these and browsing through my phone when I saw an ad about high class London escorts. I was about to skip it but then opened the ad by instinct. They claimed it was an extremely discreet way of finding love and pleasure and they maintain complete confidentiality. I stared at my phone for some time and started browsing through their listings. I was particularly enamored by one profile. Though her face was blurred but she was a blonde with killer body- that was for sure. I went ahead and fixed an appointment for the evening.

I went back home and washed up. The girl was going to come around six in the evening. I tidied up my room as well as possible and informed the hotel reception to sent her up when she arrives and not to disturb me after that. Sharp at 6PM, I heard a knock on my door and went up and opened the door. To my surprise, it was the girl who came to me this morning. She looked surprised but quickly composed herself and smiled. I invited her in. Her name is Abigail and trust me the escort was too tempting for any men. We talked a bit and got comfortable over a couple of beers. Then she slowly came up close to me and kissed.

I responded instantly and held her tightly. Her lips were soft and they crushed against mine. I quickly put my hand inside her dress and felt her boobs. They were really soft and round. I quickly popped them out. They were quite big and had pinkish nipples. I bent down and started sucking on them. she moaned softly and shoved her breasts harder to my face. I bit and sucked hungrily. She was unzipping my trousers now and went down on her knees in front of me.

My boner was already in her hand and was throbbing hard. She put the tip in her mouth while looking in my eyes. Then she started sucking my dick hard. She was playing and fondling my balls as she sucked on the dick. In some time, I could feel the pre-cum leaking into her mouth but she kept going anyway. It was such a turn on to watch a woman enjoying giving a blowjob so much. I have almost forgotten the feelings of this in the past few years but this escort was too tempting for me to forget about my family.

Soon I made her stand up and then flung her down on the couch. I made her prop up on all-fours and then inserted my dick deep insider her from behind. She grabbed the arms of the couch for support and I drilled my dick deep and hard almost sending her off the edge of the couch. I kept fucking her fast for the next twenty minutes. She moaned and egged me to go harder and talked dirty. I never thought dirty talking would be such a turn on. She kept saying how she was my whore and I am her pimp. I flipped her over and made her lie on her back.

Then I went on top of her and shoved my dick deep in her. I squeezed her boobs and started biting and licking her neck. She hugged me close and her nails were digging on my back. I was fucking her when she pushed me off and made me lie down then she got on top of me. She started riding my dick. I saw her boobs jiggle with every thrust. She was bouncing up and down on my dick and was moaning loudly. I held her waist firmly and started shoving my dick while lying down. Soon I felt her vagina contract and I knew she was about to climax. In a few minutes, she was climaxing on my dick and drenched it in her love juices.

I kept fucking her still and once I climaxed, I let go of her waist. She slumped off my dick and sat down on the edge of the couch. We both stayed that way for a few minutes. She made the first move and got up to get dressed. I asked her if she would stay over. She was hesitant but agreed when I said I am willing to pay for the night as well. We cuddled and fucked all night and went out ways the next day. No questions asked.