The Day I knew I was Bi – Part 6

The Girls both naked and so sweaty was a real turn on and now they were each others arms breast to breast kissing long tongue searching kisses, Helga’s hand searching for Petra’s pussy as she turned her bottom to her and both hands now began to invade the crotch and her lips kissed her neck and ears making Petra squirm with delight. You are my bitch now. Helga said, and I want your body totally inside and out, your juices kisses and more, do you understand, Petra sighed and said she understood as Helga’s right hand cupped her breast and squeezed it and pulled it outwards making Petra cry out with pain. Helga moved her to the bottom edge of the bed and pushed her down on to it then followed her on to the bed and straddled her face her clit rubbing Petra’s nose, lick me bitch, Want to fill your mouth with my cum so do it hard and fast now, Petra raised her arms to Helga’s waist and pulled her down closer to her mouth and darting tongue lashing the lips of the wet pussy that straight way produced more juices that Petra dispatched down her throat ready for the real orgasm she was hoping would come very soon.

I moved to the bed and got a ring side place to watch them and played with my now returned to hardness, cock they were so tightly involved in this guest for pleasure no notice was taken of me at all until, Helga let out a great growl and filled Petra’s mouth with her juices, so much so the girl was gagging on the silky cream. Helga remained in her position over Petra’s face, turned her body and with a command told me to fuck her. The sharpness of her voice made me spring into action and I mounted the bed quickly not making a stop at all, I was primed by watching them and my cock was so ready to enter Petra’s silky cavern of delight. Helga moved off her face and ordered Petra to kneel on the bed her bottom towards me and as she moved into position Helga told me to use both her now, open on view holes in the valley of that to die for bottom. I moved in towards the best position for me to fuck her pussy and probed her wet outer lips with my scarlet headed cock now swollen with lust for the girl I wanted so much but my need to move further was cancelled out by her shuffling back to spear herself on my hard pre cum wet cock, she giggled and moved her bottom from side to side as my cock slid deeper within her tunnel, gripped by her inner sex welcoming my head to the point it could be of best pleasure to her needs. She was fucking me and both of us were riding waves of thrilling pleasure as my cock went down and in then back and in again to the pace of her body pushing and releasing me from her inner hold, god it was so good my censes were like in a dream and the pleasure beyond me. She bucked and pushed on me till I felt it only seconds before my seed would be lost within her maze of thrills now showering my brain. I withdrew knowing my task was not finished if I wanted to keep this girl as part of my desired path to were I now wish my sex life to go. Her bottom still kept its movement back and forth towards me so my very wet cock was aimed at her light brown arse hole, damp from its own supply of moisture and now lightly coated with mine and her juices. She sensed what was coming, pushed back, froze and took my thrush firmly but with a cry of pain as her button hole arse took my cock head forced inside. I knew Petra wanted Anal, she had told me before we met Helga so she made no fuss as my cock ploughed into her making our mutual fucking strides again, my balls banging hard on her clit as I gained a full insertion and the sign of her enjoyment became clear. Her breathing and grunting with the increase of pace that she pushed back to fuck my cock as deep as she could, I had no wish to stop as her arse was now wet with internal juices a mixture of mine and hers and both of us were at our peak when she climaxed and her pussy spouted cum on my balls as I to released my cum deep in her tight welcoming arse. I bent over and groped her tits hanging firm and full under her, she let out a sigh and said she was not sure who had who when we fucked but it was so good. Yes she was right her inner body had taken me, that was the finest feeling within a girl I had felt ever and would remember my whole life. Even later when a man had me and things were at the top of my pleasure scale, his fucking me with some deal of love in the assault made me cum and produce silky juices within my body, the memory returned of this day, this thrill.

Showered and shattered from our fun we three fell into bed naked and happy, Helga had shown us her Dom side which closed the post of fuck boss when we were together. She told us both her enjoyment was total and her mind fixed on having many more nights with us. Petra reminded her that I was looking for time with Chas and Mike to fill my sexual needs account, to which Helga said she had an idea to make it fun for me, she would measure me and take me shopping for girls clothes, very sexy to make me turn the lads on. I laughed at her but saw she meant it oh god what next. Petra loved the idea, we will shave his legs, cock and balls and all that looks like male, make him up and find a nice wig. Helga said, we could dress him up take him in the club and see what guy’s want to fuck him, that made Petra giggle for ages.

Well the next part will be fun as they and the lads try out Jules for fun and pleasure. Jules.