Super Bowl 2009

Pittsburgh Steelers VS Arizona Cardinals.

Hi everyone, my name is Amy and this is the story of my night after being invited to my sister’s house who was hosting a super bowl party, I wasn’t going to go at first because my husband couldn’t make it because he had to work, he’s a truck driver but after he suggested I go and my sister kept texting me I decided to go anyway, we had only been married a little over 2 years and I hated when my husband would work over the weekends but money was tight so he never said no to work. Anyway as I drove to her house I noticed it was snowing and was a little concerned but thought nothing I’m not use to this time of the year. When I got there I was a little surprised how many cars were on the drive way but I went inside anyway and was a little shy at first but I knew pretty much everyone there, the only person I had never met before was my sister’s brother in law, she introduced us saying “Amy this is my brother in law Ronald” “Ronald this is my sister Amy” we smiled and said hi to each other and I sat down next to my sister, we all made small talk and watched the game, during the half time show Bruce Springteen my brother in law and Ronald went into town to get pizza, I caught Ronald looking at me a few times during the game and on their way out the door but I didn’t say anything nor did anyone catch it, I didn’t think much of it at the time, I was texting my husband during the game too and updating him on the game, when they returned with the pizza I helped my sister get paper plates and helped hand them out, Ronald and I made eye contact again and he smiled when I handed him a plate, I remember thinking he was pretty good looking, after we ate a few people switched seats and I ended up between my sisters friend and Ronald on a couch, Ronald seemed to be a little annoyed that I was texting my husband throughout the game but I didn’t care, I was surprised when Ronold got himself another beer he brought me one without even asking and to be honest I never drink but he handed it to me and I took it for some reason, as we were drinking he was scrolling on Facebook and occasionally would show me a meme on his phone, I was surprised when he handed me his phone and he was under “add new contact” and had my name already in there just my number was missing. I’m not sure why but I typed in my number and handed it back to him and watched him save it. It was nearing the end of the game and some of the guests were planning on spending the night because they drank too much and I said that I better get going to. I went outside to start my car and let it warm up and realized it had snowed quite a bit. A few other people came outside to start and warm their vehicles up as well, before I knew it Ronold was brushing the snow off my car for me, I thanked him and went back inside. I waited a few minutes before saying goodbye to everyone and leaving. My sister lives on a quiet back country road that hadn’t been plowed and I only made it a few miles before getting stuck, I called my sister and my brother in law and Ronold showed up to pull me out, they got me out and after inspecting my car nothing happened to it so I continued home, Ronold decided I could follow him in his pick up to the main highway that he said was sure had been plowed and sure enough we got to the main road and it was plowed, he got out and wished me a safe trip as I thanked him and my brother in law and went home. I only lived 25 minutes away. During my drive home I heard my phone ding a few times and when I got home I had a few text from my sister asking if I made it home safely, a few from my husband and one from a number I didn’t have saved, it read “Amy just making sure you got home safely, Ronold” I replied “I did thank you”

Ronold: I bet your lucky husband was happy to see you when you got home 😉

Me: I’m sure he will be when he gets home

Ronold: what he’s not home? You poor thing

Me: I’ll be fine I’m home alone all the time

Ronold: I could fix that tonight

Me: oh really? Lol

Ronold: uh huh… Lol

Me: I’m sure you could.

Ronold: so what’s you address?

Me: that’s a bad idea

Ronold: for who? I think it’s a great idea we can get to know each other better.

Me: well for one my husband.

Ronold: I don’t even know him, have never met him, how or why would I tell him

Me: honestly we shouldn’t even be texting…

Ronold: but we are, and I’m enjoying it, aren’t you?

Me: yes but it’s still bad

Ronold: it’s ok to be a little bad once in awhile

Me: I’m never bad lol

Ronold: then it’s about time

Me: I don’t know about that

Ronold: when is your husband coming home?

Me: tomorrow afternoon

Ronold: address please I’m in town already.

Me: 360 Manor Rd…

As soon as I sent it I immediately regretted it… About 20 minutes later my buzzer rang, I froze, I sat on the couch and didn’t move. Then I got a text that said “here” I didn’t reply, then he buzzed again… I don’t know why but I buzzed him in.

A few minutes later he knocked on the door. I answered and he immediately came inside bringing in with him his cooler with beer, he gave me another beer and I told him I never drink but he handed it to me anyway. I told him to have a seat and I sat down on the opposite couch from him and was flicking though the channels. We made small talk and talked about the day and the game, after he had a few beers he asked where the bathroom was and I told him, when he went he left the door open and from where I was sitting I could see him in the mirror and I couldn’t help but notice he looked like he was very well equipped. I think he caught me looking and when he returned he sat down next to me. I was just gonna get up when he stopped me and pulled me on his lap. I was awkwardly facing away from him when he put his arms around me with one hand on my throat and one hand playing with my hair. He started kissing my neck and worked his way to my ears, he whispered in my ears how hot I was and how he wanted me from the moment he saw me. I was getting really turned on and he kept whispering saying how he played with his cock on the way over thinking about me and how hard it made him. Then he asked me if I could feel his cock through his jeans and to be honest I could but I couldn’t say anything I just grinded my ass on him a little more. He turned my head and started kissing my lips and pushing his tongue in my mouth. I tried to resist him but was really turned on. We made out for a solid 20 minutes with his hands all over my body. He started undressing me and before I knew it, I was in only my bra and panties. He pulled out my boobs from my bra and played with my nipples making them even harder then they already were, I was still facing away from him as he spread my legs and started running his hands on my inner thighs close to my panties every time and kept getting closer and closer I starting rocking my hips already trying to get his fingers to touch my panties and when he finally did I think he was surprised how soaked they were. He was rubbing my pussy through my panties. As he’s rubbing my wet pussy my phone started vibrating and I tried reaching for it but he held me back and asked me what I thought I was doing, I said check my phone and he asked who I thought it would be, I told him my husband and with that he pulled my soaked panties to the side and rubbed my pussy really hard and whispered and what would you tell him you are doing? Huh? Would you tell him another man is playing with your married pussy? Would you tell him how wet you are for another man? I didn’t know what to say so I didn’t answer him. He just kept rubbing my pussy harder and harder and finally he put 2 fingers inside me and was finger fucking me really hard, after a few minutes he inserted a 3rd finger really filling me up and started pulling my hair. My phone didn’t stop vibrating because my husband was calling me, he calls every night when he goes to bed. To my surprise he grabbed my phone and held it against my sore clit while fingering me and whispered in my ear “see even your husband is helping and wants you to cum.” I couldn’t help it but cum so hard my entire body was shaking. After about a minute or so my phone was vibrating again and to my surprise he hit the green button to answer the call and handed me the phone.

Me: Hello

Husband: Babe are you ok I’ve been trying to call you to say goodnight

Me: yes sorry my phone was on silent and I didn’t notice

Husband: What were you doing

Me: just watching TV

Husband: ok how was your day? Sorry I missed it.

Me: it’s ok it was fine. I’m pretty tired and think I’m gonna go to bed now anyway

Husband: ok sounds good me too have a good night and I love you

Me: goodnight I love you too

While I was on the phone Ronold had pulled his cock out and was slowly stroking himself so I reached over and started helping him while I kissed him, eventually my hands replaced his and he just sat back and rocked his hips with my movement. His cock was really big and rock hard, I kept stroking him and he just put his head back and closed his eyes and was rocking his hips hard against my movements almost fucking my hands. I started kissing his ears and whispered in his ears “did that turn you on while I was on the phone with my husband knowing you just made his horny wife cum” he seemed to like this as he was moaning hard and shuck his head yes. I continued “I can feel how hard this is making you, your cock is so big and hard have you ever had a married pussy before” he said no but wanted yours all day already. He made me stop as he got up and said he didn’t want to cum yet. He made me get on the couch on all fours and started eating me out from behind, he was really good at this and would message my clit while his tongue worked its magic, he kept telling me to stick up my ass more and eventually he pushed my head down into the couch pillows and lifted my ass up as high as he could. He slapped my ass really hard a few times and what he did next shocked me, he moved his tongue from my pussy to my asshole, something that I had never experienced before but OMG did I love it. I reached back with my left hand on ran my fingers through his hair and pulled his face in harder as I was grinding my ass on his face while rubbing myself with my right hand. He noticed and started playing with my pussy and inserted 2 fingers while continuing to tongue my asshole, I couldn’t help myself as my body started building up another orgasm. I once again started shaking while I came for the 2nd time that day. When my orgasm settled down he picked me up over his shoulders and carried me into our bedroom and tossed me on to the bed. He spread my legs as wide as they would go and started rubbing the tip of his cock all over my pussy, I was so wet he got his cock all wet and said this is gonna be good lube, I told him to put it in me already and he asked me “put what in you already” say it. Tell me, beg me. I said put you cock in my pussy already. He smacked his cock on my clit really hard and whispered in my ears. Is that how you ask? I said please fuck me with your big cock, fuck my wet married pussy and with that he pushed himself in all the way, I could feel how he was stretching out my pussy and it felt amazing. He pulled completely out of me and said you want my cock back in? Beg me for it. I said please put you big cock back in my pussy and stretch out my pussy and that’s all it took for him to shove it back in and started fucking me really hard and fast, this lasted for about 10 minutes before he said he wanted me doggie style and got me into position, I stuck out my ass as far as I could, he slapped it a few time before slamming into be really hard grabbing my hips and fucking me really hard, his balls where slapping against my clit and he kept holding onto my hips as I as fucked like never before, all of a sudden he started slowing down and would almost pull all the way out and then push back in and hold it in place, this was driving me crazy and he kept saying what a beautiful ass I had and all I could say was yeah? You like that? And he started pressing thumb on my asshole and slowly pushed it in. I was in heaven I felt so completely full. This was also something completely new to me but I loved it. He kept telling how hot I was and I was gonna make him cum. He eventually pulled out both his thumb from my ass and his cock from my pussy, he was exhausted and sweating like crazy and just collapsed on the bed, I laid beside him and made out with him for a few minutes while gently running my fingernails on his balls and ended up sitting on him with his cock against my ads cheeks slowly grinding against him and finally lifting myself high enough and lining my pussy up with his cock and slowly sitting down on it. It felt like I could feel it in my stomach as I started riding him. His hands were on my ass and he started fucking me really hard again while I was slamming myself down on him he started say he was gonna cum and the harder I would ride him until he started grunting and I felt his cock pulsating around my pussy and felt him shooting his cum deep inside me, we laid naked in each other’s arms until we both fell asleep. I woke up when the sun came up and he was gone, I laid there thinking about what had happened and couldn’t help but touch my pussy which still had his cum dripping out. I laid there rubbing my pussy until I had to get up, I showed and went to work, until this day my husband nor my sister don’t have a clue. I plan to keep it that way.