Don’t act like you hate it….

       I couldn’t decide between the two movies I had chosen to watch, ‘Mission Impossible II’ or ‘Pacifier’. A very good variety of choice needs a very good decision. Mission Impossible II it is, hardcore action, my favorite. Half way through Meagan my partner walks in, looking fine from head to toe, dressed all in black, skimpy clothes with black eye liner on and black netted tights showing her glowing, long legs. Fixated on her body like never before she shines before my eyes, winks at me at walks away, heading for the bedroom, closing the door behind her. Playing hard to get wasn’t even close to describing it.           Reading the note hanging from the bedroom door it reads ‘How about that fantasy of yours?’ Wide-eyed and ready for anything I slowly place my hand on the door handle and begin to twist it, feeling my heart race like crazy, pounding in my chest. Walking into the room she lays there staring at me, using her finger to beckon me forward and onto her. Moving in for a kiss she places her index finger on my lips and tells me I have to work for it if I want it that bad.            Becoming extremely frustrated and clueless on what to do she lays there looking so damn good and screwable. Wanting my fantasy to come true so much I suddenly remember her fantasy, slowly taking my belt off my waist I jump on her and grab both of her wrists, tying them up so there is no possible way of her getting free. Looking at her so devilishly she looks shocked so I whisper in her ear, ‘How about that fantasy of yours aye babe? It would be so cruel of me if we just role-played just mine and not yours, don’t you think?’           Sliding the tights down her legs until they reach the bottom of her ankles I gently kiss my way up between them, reaching the edge of her pussy I teasingly slide my tongue up her pussy, only touching it slightly. She groans for more but I tell her she has to play it my way now. Tormenting her sexually I lavish her inner thighs with my tongue, making sure to stop when I close in on her tight looking, edible pussy. As much as I love giving her a hard time I’m tormenting myself a little as well.             Removing her bra I freakishly eat away at her breasts, taking each nipple into my mouth as I playfully suck and bite them until they become hard within my mouth. Staring at her I notice that she is biting her lip with her eyes closed. Watching her enjoy it, I realize that she isn’t supposed too, so removing myself from on top of her I pick up the strap-on that is in the bedside drawer next to us. Putting it on I tell her to get up and bend over the bed, she refuses to do anything until I undo the belt that is wrapped around her wrists. This time, I refuse. Grabbing her by the arm I pull her from the bed and bend her over it holding her there. Thrusting the strap-on deep inside her pussy she screams and tells me that it’s unfair. Not listening to anything she says I start to pound it in her with so much power and speed. Whilst beating it in I place my hand between her legs and hastily begin to stroke her moistened, swollen clit.              I can tell she is beginning to like it as she wraps her legs around my waist and pushes me deeper inside her, holding me there for a couple of seconds. Pulling it out and flipping her over I begin to plunge it in her again but this time keeping eye contact with her constantly while I fuck her brains out. Wrapping her arms around me she tells me that I deserve that kiss now, slowly making out I begin to suck on her tongue and massaging it she bites my bottom lip very sexily while staring at me. All of a sudden she grips the edge of the bed and tells me to go faster as she is about to cum, doubling the speed she begins to scream while still keeping that amazing smile on her face. Sliding it out I undo the belt I kiss her and tell her I love her.