Snatch and grab

This story is fantasy a story of a warp mined. Harry is now 17 years old. Harry has a plan to put to work.hes looking for the perfect van. He sees one an old beat up white panel no window s expect on the driver side and passger side, he looks in side it,looks like something out of the 70s shag rug,all American, Harry goes to get in and pulls out his pocket knife to hot wire it. Then Harry wonder to himself,he pulls down the driver side viser and the key drops into his lap Harry starts it up drives away looking for little MS perfect about 20 mins later he sees her playing over by the Jr high school. Harry parks the van in the school parking lot, looks around don’t see anyone else around, gets out and walks to wards her about 2 feel. Harry said, excuse me little girl have you seen my puppy she’s black? No I haven’t, but I will be happy to help you look for her. Harry feels he got her confidence grab her puts his hand over her mouth pulls a small 32 out of his pocket and tell s her not to scream. She nods ok, Harry take his hand away from her mouth she said, Please don’t hurt me Mister. Harry tell her walk towards the van. And she does, Harry has here get in the back of the van and tell her to set down, Harry gets in the side and sits down and starts to drive. Harry ask her, how old are you and what your name,she’s said, 13 and Kathy. Harry finds an old abandoned car shop parking lot, and parks the van,he turned off the van,looks in the rear view mirror and looks at her,she’s small for her age, dark short hair, mabee apple tits she looks afraid, she’s wearing a shit sleeve shirt with supergirl s on it jeans white socks and cute black shoes. Harry tell her to take of all her clothes, Kathy said, No please Mister just let me go, I just want to go home. Harry turns around in the driver sit and pulls out the 32 aims it at her and cocks it. Kathy said, No please I will take my clothes off. Harry in cocks the gun and put it away and watch Kathy take off her clothes. She starts with the supergirl s shirt Harry sees her tits for the first time,he was right they are bra. Next she removed her black shoes. Harry told her when you are naked you put the shoes back on and leave your socks on. She ok. She unbuttoned and unzips her jeans and slide them down and off reveling Batgirl panties, she slowly slides them down really wanted h to see her 13 year old pussy,she barely has any peach fuzz. Harry tell her to lie flat on the van floor on her stamach. She begs and plead with him again please Mister don’t do this to me. Harry shows her the gun,she finally lays flat on her stomach. Harry takes out his 6 inch cock out of his shorts gets between her legs holds her ass cheeks apart and forced his cock into her ass, she screaming it hurts bad it she keeps crying and screaming it hurts Harry keep raping her ass,pounding it. Harry tell her I’m going to cum. Kathy said.No PLEASE DON’T! Harry cry’s out I’m CUMMINGS IN YOU R ASS! Harry tell Kathy to turn over it’s time she wasn’t a virgin anymore. Cathy started to cry NO PLEASE DON’T! Harry takes the 32 and put it to Kathy head, Kathy said No please I will turn over. Kathy turns over on her back Harry gets between her legs and told Kathy put your legs up on my shoulder I want to go into your virgin pussy deep. Kathy does put her legs up on his shoulder.Harry tell Cathy to hold still this is going to hurt you. Cathy started to cry bad. Harry shoves his 6 inch cock into Cathy s pussy. She screaming it hurts bad. Harry rapes her hard and deep and she keeps crying and screaming. After about 15 mins Kathy said, OMFG I know I’m being raped. But it should not feel this good,oh I’m oh yeah. Harry said, I Am CUMMINGS! Kathy thinks to herself OMFG My pussy is so wet I must have cum to.

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