Drawing my mother

It’s strange how an incestuous relationship between a mother and a son could get started. Mine happened quickly, from a quite innocent thought to a reality. It started when my son, Jimmy, decided that he needed a hobby.

Jimmy had always been interested in artistic things. One day, he decided that he would like to draw, and so we went out and bought everything he needed.

After that, he followed me around all day, drawing me. He drew rapidly, and he was actually pretty good at it. He had taken art classes in school so he had a good start.

Later that afternoon, I took a shower, and wouldn’t have been surprised to find him sitting on the toilet as I got out drawing me as I dried off. The idea aroused me, and my pussy got wet, thinking about him drawing me naked. But he wasn’t sitting on the toilet as I got out of the shower. I had been widowed for five years, and hadn’t even had a date in all that time. Jimmy’s father and I had been very active sexually, and I often fantasized about the most erotic situations, including with my son!

I dried and put on a robe, and went into the kitchen to make lunch. He sat there at the table, finishing his drawing. I wondered what he was drawing, and I noticed that he had turned the page over as I passed by. As I put his lunch on the table, he covered his drawing with another pad.

“Well, you mean I can’t see, Jimmy?” I asked.

He shook his head. I could see his face turning red. “Uh, not this,” he said, his voice choking a little.

“Why not, honey.?”

“It’s kinda personal.”

I reached down and pulled his hand away, then uncovered the drawing. The picture was of me, and I was nude. He had drawn me standing, fixing lunch, at the stove, totally naked. It was really good! “I think it’s very good, Jimmy, but my breasts sag a little more than that.”

His gaze went to the contours of my tits beneath my robe.

He shook his head and said, “I don’t think so.”

I backed about a foot away from him. I reached down and undid my robe. I spread the robe outward. I pulled the robe all the way off. I stood there naked, letting my son see every inch of my naked body.

His mouth fell open. His hands didn’t move. He stood and came closer to me, so close that I could feel his hot breath on my nipples. That turned me on more than anything else ever had. The feeling of his breath on my nipples could have made me orgasm, right then and there, but he backed away and picked up his pencil, looking at my cunt. He sat back down squirming in his seat a little. I could see the bulge growing in his crotch, and I knew that he was getting a hard on.

He began drawing me again. He tried to sketch, but he simply kept erasing. His hands shook, and he was breathing in short gasps.

He tried to act professional but it didn’t work. He gave up and stood, walking back in front of me. He bent down, his lips brushed my nipple gently, moving sideways across it. The feeling of his lips against my nipple sent thrills of passion through me. I knew that I should stop this but I wanted him to touch me.

He moved his mouth away from that nipple and then traveled between my tits, over to the next one. He kissed that nipple, moving his tongue across it. He sucked it into his mouth, and the more he sucked, the more erect it became. I could feel his hand on my other tit as I closed my eyes. He moved his hand down my stomach to my cunt, and his hand was shaking as he moved his fingers across my clit. His touch was gentle, exploratory, almost fearful.

I moaned lightly in his ear, and he backed up. “Do you like that, Mom?”

I nodded.

I took him to my bedroom then helped him take off his clothes. When I pulled his shorts down, his strong young dick sprang straight up into the air and then settled down a bit a long thread of precum hanging from it.

I bent and kissed his nipples, then got on my knees in front of him. I wanted his hot, hard cock in my mouth for a few minutes. I licked it at the base and ran my tongue up to the tip of his cock. I moved my tongue across the tip, tasting the copious precum that was oozing from it. I could feel his body trembling as I took him in my mouth, as far as I could take it.

Then I pulled away and lay down on the bed. I spread my legs.

“Fuck me, Jimmy,” I pleaded.

He climbed on the bed beside me, turning to kiss me. His hands reached out and pinched my nipples. We lay there together, and his mouth left mine, traveling down to my tits, where he took a nipple between his lips and ran his tongue around and around on it. His hand was on my very wet cunt, and he inserted a finger into me. I moaned as he ran the finger in and out, then flicked it on my clit. Where did he learn all this?

Then he rolled over on me, and I could feel the hot head of his cock poking into me. I grabbed my knees and lifted my legs up. He thrust deep into me. I moaned loudly as he thrust faster and faster. I was nearly lost in the ecstasy of the moment. It had been so long since I’d had a cock inside me.

I could feel his hot, hard cock deep inside me, and his balls slapped against me as he moved in and out. I looked up into his lust filled eyes as his cock, longer than his father’s, touched places no man had touched. I pulled him down and kissed him, kissed him like no mother should ever kiss her son! I sucked his tongue into my mouth as I felt the deep sensation in my cunt that signaled the approach of my orgasm and it was going to be intense!

He grunted, and I came, crying out as I felt his cock expand and shoot hot cum deep into my pussy. I thought I would never stop cumming! It just kept going, crashing into my senses like waves crashing on the beach! I was gasping for breath, my body shaking all over.

Jimmy’s cock started to gradually wilt. We laid there quietly for a few minutes, his hard cock still buried deep inside me. Finally, he pulled out of me and lay beside me on the bed again, his cum leaking from my cunt.

He sat up and looked at me.

“Don’t move, mom, I want to draw you just the way you are!”

He got his drawing pad and pencils and quickly sketched me. He showed me the finished portrait. It was beautiful! He had captured my sexually satisfied look, my cunt oozing with his cum! It was not a portrait we would hang in the living room but it is in my closet and I take it out often to look at it.

He made many more drawings of me, some are hanging on the wall and some, like that one, are for personal viewing only!