Slutty daughter

Bill was waiting for his daughter to come home. She said she was going out with her friends but Bill suspected she was out with a boy. She was only 15 and was not allowed to date. Her curfew was 10 pm and it was 11 when Bill was waiting for her. At 11:15 he heard a car pull up and looked out the window to see her get out of the back seat. He could see a boy next to her and a boy and girl in front.

Why, the little slut! He thought. I bet she’s been fucking that guy!

He was getting angrier by the second as she put her key in the lock and opened the door.

She jumped in surprise when she saw him standing in the hallway.

“Thought I’d be sleeping when you snuck in? What were you doing out past curfew?”

“I’m sorry dad, I lost track of time.”

“Yeah, hard to keep track when you’re on your back in the backseat.”

“Oh no dad! I wasn’t. We were just talking.”

He had had enough of her lies. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the family room.

“You want to be a slut? Well then I’ll treat you like a slut!”

He pushed her onto the sofa then sat on her chest.

“No daddy! Please? I’m not a slut.”

“I saw you get out of the back seat with that boy sitting next to you.”

He had his knees holding her arms down. He was consumed by rage and lust as he pulled the waistband of his sweatpants down. His cock was tenting his briefs and Gail begged, “oh no daddy! You can’t! I didn’t do anything!”

“Don’t lie to me girl! Now open that mouth. If you’re going to be a slut, I might as well get something out of it!”

He scooted up and grabbed her chin, pushing it down then shoving his cock in her mouth. Gail struggled to get it out but Bill held her by the chin as he fucked his cock in and out. Gail was choking as his long cock triggered her gag reflex.

He pulled back to let her catch her breath then pushed back in. He was mad with lust as he watched his cock going in and out of his daughter’s mouth. He wasn’t satisfied with that and grabbed her hands and held them over her head with one hand while he slid down her body. He pulled her tight skirt up around her waist and pulled her panties down and off her legs.

“Oh god no daddy! Not this! Oh god, please don’t fuck me!”

He ignored her pleas as he used his knees to force her legs apart. He positioned his cock against her cunt and pushed in. She was incredibly tight and it took several thrusts to open her cunt. He had a long thick cock and she moaned, “oh god! It’s too big daddy! Oh god, you’re hurting me! Oh please daddy!”

He was beyond stopping. He kept jabbing her with short thrusts, each time going deeper and stretching her cunt wider. Finally his cock was all the way in. He looked down to see her cunt lips stretched thin around the base of his cock! He held it there for a minute, relishing the feel of his daughter’s tight sheath.

Then he started to slowly move his cock in and out.

The pain Gail was feeling slowly faded, replaced by a deep, intense throbbing in her cunt. Without realizing it, she started to move under him, matching his strokes and moaning as his cock continued to plunder her pussy.

“You like it, don’t you? You like my long hard cock in your slut cunt! Is it better than your boyfriend’s?”

“Oh god daddy! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god! I’m going to cum! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!”

“Say it! Say you’re my slut daughter!”

“Oh my god yes! Yes! I’m your slut daughter!”

He let her hands go and she grabbed his ass, pulling him deeper into her cunt. She wrapped her legs around him, moaning, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me daddy!”

He couldn’t last much longer. Her tight cunt was spasming, milking his cock!

He started filling her cunt. He didn’t even think about her possibly being fertile! He just wanted to punish her for doing just what they were doing now.

He finished cumming and pulled out.

The noises they were making had woken his wife, Lucy. She was standing on the stairs watching as Bill’s sperm leaked from Gail’s cunt.

“Jesus Bill! You idiot! You came inside her! She could get pregnant!”

She came quickly down the stairs and grabbed Gail and led her to her bathroom. She used her douche bag with spermicide to flush her cunt out.

Gail asked, “you’re not mad at dad for raping me?”

“From what I saw, you weren’t exactly trying to stop him.”

Lucy inserted the nozzle into Gail’s cunt and pushed it all the way in. Gail moaned as the nozzle rubbed her g spot.

Lucy told her, “damn girl! You are a slut, aren’t you?”

“I can’t help it mom, it feels so good!”

“I know honey, you’re just like me. I could never say no to a cock. I don’t care which hole they want. I just spread my legs and they push their cocks in! But we need to get you on the pill. Your dad won’t stop fucking you and I know you’ll fuck anyone with a dick.”

Bill was watching from the door. Watching his wife douching Gail made his cock hard again.

Lucy saw him and told him, “you can fuck Gail again but don’t cum inside her cunt!”

They went to the bedroom and after Lucy stripped they got on the bed. Lucy spread Gail’s cunt and licked her clit, getting her nice and wet again. Then she straddled her face and lowered her cunt into Gail’s tongue.

“Oh yes baby! Suck mommy’s cunt! Make me cum my little slut!”

While she was licking her mom, Bill shoved his cock into her cunt! He fucked her until he was about to cum, then he scooted up and shot his cum into her mouth and onto Lucy’s cunt. It dripped from her cunt to Gail’s mouth.

Lucy was so proud of her slutty daughter!