End of my incestual life

Sheryl, Terri, Naomi, Becky, Gail are all of the table now.

My last experience with Naomi, that was interrupted by her daughter Teri wasn’t good. Midway into my sexual romp with Naomi ,Terri caught us fucking like two rabbits, the whole night became a cluster fuck. Terri was disturbed at how I could be fucking her mom, and Naomi was shocked that her daughter caught us. The rest of the night was shall we say a bust so I left both of them and went to my room. Sheryl opened my door and slipped in , “what happened?” I explained that I was preforming a dick dance with Naomi and all the while Terri was watching. “Oh”, Sheryl half moaned. ” I guess getting busted really changed the mood for you two?” “Do ya think”, I replied. She told me that Terri was more scheming than anyone gave her , Sheryl told me of how she’d manipulated her into getting me to fuck her, she also said she knew we were lovers and that I was tending to Naomi as well when my father was gone. “So miss innocent isn’t so innocent after all. Sheryl told me that Terri purposely went down last night to confront me and her mom. She’d plotted her strategy like a big cat stalking it’s prey.

Terri’s game was to gain the upper hand on each of us.. Sheryl by making her more or less a lesbian love slave for her to enjoy at a whim. Me as a fuck toy she would use me like her mother had to poke her pussy anytime she felt aroused. She was quite the bitch. Cunning and daring, I wondered what “favor” she’d try to glean from her mom. I told my sister things needed to calm down sexually between all of us, this shit was getting way out of hand and sooner or later others would get wind of it and the spam would hit the fan. She agreed and said that she’d try and give Terri a wide birth as to not become her lick post. Sheryl left an I finally got to sleep.

The next morning I slept in til 8:30 , when i finally got dressed and headed downstairs it was near 9:30. There at the table was everyone except Terri. I asked Naomi sheepishly Where’s Terri”. To which she responded, ” she had rough night and is sleeping in.” I didn’t press it and let it go at that. Later Sheryl told me that Terri hadn’t returned to their room til after 4 am. Then she dove into her bed and fell asleep. Probably her mom was trying to defuse the situation early this morning put us all in. I finished my breakfast and went and got the mail and the newspaper from the boxes near our drive. When I returned my sister sat on the front deck she motioned for me to join her. “Know why Terri didn’t get up to our room til 4am ?” I just shook my head to the negative . Sheryl told me Terri blackmailed Naomi into licking her pussy til her daughter came. WTF “I told you this is getting way out of control”. “yep she bragged to me how Naomi went down on her and lapped her cunt juices up like a hungry animal.” “I have to admit Naomi did have a wonderful tongue and she knew how to explore a girls slit like a porn star”. I knew from past escapades with her at the camp and even afterwards, she wasn’t shy about giving and getting a cunt licking to either Gail or Sheryl, but Terri was different it was he biological daughter. Evidently according to my sister it didn’t seem to matter as Terri raved at how quickly Naomi had licked her slit and made her orgasm, how Naomi slid 2 fingers into her daughters slit and made the young girl cum. I was both repulsed and excited at the same time, just the thought of an adult making love to us was hot but to your own daughter, beyond sensual. “oh and btw, Sheryl said, “the little bitch told her about us with her, so Naomi knows you fucked her”. Half of me want to tell Naomi that taking her daughter wasn’t what “really “happened. But I knew best to let sleeping dogs lie. My dad was to be out of town til tomorrow afternoon so we’ll see how tonight transpires.

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