Impregnating all the neighborhood wives and single women

Ch.2, I’m Kyle. After , we found out that she had been taking a fertility medication called Clomid. Then she started going to Frankie’s gynecologist after a few weeks, at her forth month she told us it was triplets that she was having. Uncle James had bought Frankie and me our new vehicles, hers was a full-size SUV, mine was a four-wheel drive Ford Ranger. Then he says since I’m usually always home anyway he would buy me whatever I needed to cut and keep up all the lawns in the neighborhood, we were sitting at the table eating dinner Saturday night and Frankie told James that she was going to fill this big house up with children, then winked at me while he was eating and couldn’t see what she just did. He said that was fine with him, then I gave Frankie a big smile. She was already in the eighth month along with our twins. So I started cleaning up the carpets upstairs for the baby rooms, I glanced out the window and saw Gloria, the fine single fat girl across the street, laying out by her pool on a thick beach towel in the nude facing straight toward me. She also had a thick hairy bush between her legs and at least forty-two double E tits. She didn’t have any boyfriend or husband. My dick got Instantly hard, she had been drinking a liter of liquor with chaser an a small cooler of ice beside her, I had already cleaned the carpet in four back bedrooms and two of the front bedrooms, by now she looks like she is passed out laying in the sun getting a I stopped what I was doing and slipped over and went in her back yard gate, the only thing I had on was my gym shorts, I quickly noticed how wet her bushy pussy was, I thought she was ovulating and passed out all at the same time. I was right about the first part of that. Her legs were spread really wide, I couldn’t help but think about her big sexy ass poking out when she wore her spandex pants and blouse, so I got the nerve up to get between her spread legs and without touching her, I put my hands down on the beach towel with my super hard dick right at the opening of her pussy. I slipped my dick inside her about 4 inches, she didn’t even move or flinch. So I pulled back and went to her cervix in the next two strokes, precum was already gushing out of me, her cervix was about to open up for me, but I didn’t want to get locked inside her uterus in case she was to wake up, so I pulled out and sat there a minute, then she opened her eyes and smiled, then asked me why I stopped, it startled me and I jumped. She said would you like to take this to the bedroom? All I could do was nod yes. I’m ovulating so be careful unless you want to be a daddy, as we walk to the house both of us naked as the day we were born. She held my 14 inches in her hand as she led me to the bedroom. I knew that her cervix was already lubricated pretty good with precum and her own cum. So we got in bed and both fuck each other like there was no tomorrow. More precum was gushing out of my dick, then I stopped a minute so we could catch our breath to talk. Then the head of my dick went through her cervix, I told her that I really cum a lot when I shoot off, then she said it was fine with her. Then I asked her if she wanted a long-term relationship, yes she said. I haven’t been in bed with a man in over two years, she couldn’t find a good man that liked larger women, so she had about given up on finding a true love. Wow! I said, I think you’re fine as can be, I wouldn’t change anything about you, Gloria. She smiled and said that she had always wanted a baby, then she said you better get to it big boy. Then I bottomed out in her uterus balls deep against her and shot my first huge load deep inside her. It must have been twenty hard gushing pulses of long thick ropes of sperm. I knew she was getting pregnant, so I ask if a little later if she would mind very much getting married, she got really excited about that. Yes, yes, yes! She said. I told her how fine she was, being a big woman, that was another surprise for her, I think right there, we were actually falling in love with each other, would you like to spend the night over here with me, yes I said. She told me she would be ovulating till sometime tomorrow, it just started this morning, she said. Then I smiled and told her that I could last five to six hours before I actually would go soft, fine with me she said. So about three weeks later she found out that she was pregnant, I said come over to ride with me to work, OK she said, be there in a few minutes. She walks into work with me and I introduce her as Gloria my fiancé, she was happy about that. After we left the office she asked what I did for a living, I’m a freelance online stock buyer and trader. Awesome is what she said, so about this time I pulled into a big jewelry store in Knoxville, I said come with me, so I had our ring size checked and ordered our wedding bands. She went into tears. I tilted her head up and gave her a passionate kiss, that fixed everything. Three and a half months later we found out it would be our first baby boy as a new couple. A lot more good stories to come from all of us!