Extra marital affair stories on Thanksgiving day

Me and Martha were college sweethearts. We have been married for over 15 years and are blessed with 2 lovely children. Even after all these years, we are each other’s best friends. We can still talk about everything under the sun. We check women out together, we watch porn in bed and yes, we still escape our children on our date nights. Yet, with these emotions of utmost love for each other, lust has taken a back seat. Here is how extra marital affair stories writing led to something real.

Most of our lustful nights ends up with us fondling each other followed by kissing good night. When she rolls over, I switch on my laptop and watch hours of extra marital affair stories, behind her back. Not that I desire to cheat to my lovely wife, I don’t, thankfully because I still love her. But I would like to spice up our love life to ensure that the mere thought of cheating is kept at bay. So, I started writing a blog. A personal, hidden, incognito blog filled up with my desires. Things I would like to do sexually, people I fantasise at work or elsewhere and yes of course, things I would like to do to or with Martha.

On the eve of Thanksgiving, we had friends come over. Our favourite couple friends, Roger and Suzie. Roger was a beautiful man. He had sun-kissed skin from his annual vacation on the banks of the Ganges in India. He had grey eyes with locks of gold falling over his forehead. Suzie on the other side was just the opposite. Born and bought up in Texas, gave her a rough Texan accent. She had blonde hair that swayed on her hips. She had deep black eyes, an unlikely combination for a blonde from Texas, adding a dash of sexiness to her personality. Me and Martha, often joked about having some fun with them in bed. But little did I know that she took the extra marital affair stories seriously after reading my blog, on a night I passed out on my couch. And there they were this day, standing in front of me serving me dessert after a scrumptious meal.


I was astonished at this dare that my wife pulled off on me. We walked in to my bedroom which was already lit with candles and smelled of sinful lilacs. Roger and Suzie were followed. They were seasoned. They immediately got rid of their clothes and climbed on our bed. They started kissing while sitting on their knees and turned towards us to invite in. Martha gave me one look and dived right in. She giggled and kissed Roger. Suzie nudged in for a kiss. I could see their tongues tangle and then untangle. Suzie leaned in to kiss Martha’s boobs and gave me a lustful stare. She now walked towards me in her nude pumps.

She leaned in to kiss me but didn’t. She took a deep sniff of my neck and went down. She unbuttoned my pants and headed right for the meat. She gobbled on it like a juicy hot dog. Suzie got on her feet and led me to the rest. Martha removed the rest of my clothes and pushed me on the bed. They all stood and giggled over me. Martha sat on me while Suzie gobbled on Roger. They took turns over me. I was taking Suzie from behind while kissing Martha who rode Roger. The intensity increased, and I came filling up Suzie’s little blonde cunt.

Me and Martha, lied in bed that night hugging each other with out uttering a word. But I couldn’t resist it, so I held her tight and whispered, ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ in her ears. She giggled.