Daddy’s Boy (Part Two)

A short story on how i (m14) had my virgin asshole filled by my dad’s throbbing cock.

A quick description of me, i’m around 5”9 and have a relatively average build, my hair is short and dark brown and i’d consider myself attractive.

The morning after my encounter with my dad began with the prepping off toast and butter followed by the brushing of my teeth and finally concluded by sitting down on the living room couch at around 8:30. My mum goes to work at around 6:30 so she was long gone and my dad was still in bed. Realising my isolated situation i thought what better way to pass the time than to watch some porn. I’ve been watching porn for a few years now after my friends showed me a video back in elementary but the effect of standard sex had worn off a little. Figuring this i had delved into deeper and weirder porn. I was a big fan of this one site where a man documented his sex life with his son ( accompanied with a few very “flattering” photos ) As i bought it up on my phone i slipped my sweatpants i had worn the night before down to my knees and propped my legs up on the futon. I was erect, knowing the nature of what i was going to see and thinking about the night before made my incestual fantasies even more provocative. I was only going at it for about twenty seconds before i heard the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs. It was almost instant in that i had heard the steps no more than two seconds before I was sat as any normal teenager would be sat on a living room couch. My dad walked in a few seconds after wearing his work clothes. His hair was wet from his morning shower and his face was almost glowing. My dad sat down against me before putting on the morning weather report. As my stiff dick pressed against my trousers i realised i had forgotten to cover the tent in my pants with my hand. Realising this i quickly shot my hands against my crotch and looked at the TV. It was a few minutes later when my dad whispered in my ear
“ I really enjoyed last night “ followed by a cheeky smirk and a wink. My face shot red hot and he made slight chuckle at my expense. Although i knew what i had done the night before the thought had been pushed back when my dad walked in but now my cock was as stiff as steel. Seeing the pushing of my hand my dad crept his hand up and placed it on my thigh. I looked at him, face boiling, directly in his eyes and as they met i felt his as if we had connected telepathically m. After a few second of staring i pushed my hands down to my feet before kicked them off and swinging my leg over my dads lap. We immediately connected mouths and i felt his tongue caress and stroke mine. As i tongue fucked my dad he unbuckled his work trousers and pulled out his erect 8.5 inch cock which towered over my 6” that pressed against it. As soon as he pulled it out i was pushed over the arm rest and his cock was pressed against my virgin asshole. As soon as it pressed against me it was as quickly pulled away. My dad realising the fragility of his son and didn’t want to hurt me. So instead he began to lube up my asshole with his tongue. As it lapped around my hole pushing in and out i let out a moan and after around a minute i felt the reassuring pressure of my dad stiff cock against my moist asshole. My dad slowly pushed it in and began to pummel me with dick. It lasted around ten minutes before he let the seed that created me into my slightly loosened hole. After a few seconds my dad pulled out and sat down on the couch before pulling out his phone. As i lay there collapsed onto the armrest with an exposed asshole leaking hot cream i heard my dad say into the phone
“sorry i can’t make it into work today”

This is only the start of the day i spent with my dad and if you want to hear more make sure to rate it well and comment your thoughts. xx

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