Fashion Model – 05

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He crashed on the bed beside me. He pulled me to his side and hugged me. We both slept there for a while, till he regained his erection. Then he took off my panties and started to eat my pussy. It was already moist and had one orgasm from the nursing act earlier. He used his fingers and tongue both at the same time to heat my kettle to a higher boiling point. I was so longing for his dick to enter my pussy and get this over with. This wait to finish is killing me by exciting me more.

With his hands and tongue alone he was able to make me finish with a wild and shaking orgasm. I was till laying down there part lifeless, and he slid his dick inside then. It is a big dick but since my pussy is well oiled already, it slid in easily till its base.

Arvind started in missionary pose and banged me hard and fast. Whole bed was creaking as if it would break with any thrust anytime. I am again close to my third orgasm for that day. I held his waist and guided him to ram me fast. Just before I was about to cum, he pulled out to make me more desperate.

I was already weak in my knees with two, and now with the hard banging. But he laid down on the bed and pulled me on top of him. Now I am in control of moving while he enjoys playing with my hanging boobs. I tried to move as fast as I could to finish him off and me too. No matter how hard or fast I move, he is still happily lasting the whole pace. But now I had my orgasm and crashed on top of him. Could not move anymore.

Because he did not finish, he turned me around again, and started fucking me as fast as he can. Finally after a few more minutes he had his second orgasm.

We both woke up around lunch time, had our lunch and spent some time perfecting the catwalk. Arvind encouraged me to walk naked to observe and report where I could do better. His original plan is to see me naked as much as possible, which I am comfortable with now.

Before husband returned from office, Arvind left the home. I arranged everything like nothing ever happened. Husband was horny too by the time he got back. He said he showed our dinner pics of last night to a few of his close friends and they all praised how beautiful I am.

I started to wonder, is Gopal a cuckold or something? Why is he excited to show off to me? I ended up having two more rounds of exciting sex with my husband too. By end of that day, I was fucked by two and climaxed about 5 times. I for sure needed a hot bath to relax and rejuvenate.

Next morning there was some kind of situation outside the door. So I went and opened the door to see a lot of police personnel entering Arvind’s home. I could not understand what was happening, so I went and woke my husband. He came out and spoke with the police.

They arrested Arvind and moved him out of his home. I did not know how to react to that situation. I was dumbstruck there, waiting for answers. What happened, why was he arrested? What crime did he commit? So many questions were lingering in my thoughts.

Gopal came back inside and told me, “It seems Arvind is a fraud, and cheated many women across many Indian cities. He is not associated with any beauty pageant teams. Some of the woman he cheated also filed rape cases against him. He used to tell the same story to all women, and get either cash or sexual favors from them. Thank god we are lucky, we did not face either of these.”

I looked into Gopal’s eyes with a dejected look. He said, “don’t worry that you are not able to participate in those competitions. You are still my most beautiful person.” He hugged me.

Point he did not understand here is that he thinks Arvind did not take advantage of me. But he did not know what happened between us already.

Well, now I don’t have to answer to anyone about what happened if I keep it a secret. I hope Arvind too keeps this as a secret. He already has many other things tied to his neck, so hopefully he won’t. But yes, I was taken advantage of and used by a cheat, whom I thought would open up fashion avenues and fame gates for me. This was the first and last time I was ever in such a situation.

The End…