I put my age n telephone number on the bathroom stall

How I became a cocksucking cumloving slut at 15

I couldn’t help it it’s like I was hypnotized or something. Like any kid I watch porn on my iPhone and soon became addicted watching gloryhole videos the idea of having strangers suck my cock without knowing who they are seemed so hot dirty dangerous Exciting..
I googled places with gay gloryholes and to my surprise there were like 7 places within 20 miles from home. Also we’re included best times to go who goes there and things like that.

I was getting so excited to finally have anybody suck me off…and nobody would know who I am better than jacking off at home by myself I figured dint have a girlfriend so…
There were so many to choose from lots of them saying early mornings mostly older guys looking for younger boys safe before 9am.. Curious I thought why not..but I got scared and…
It’s noonish when I get to this out of the way park on my bike hardly anyone around… causally I go to the restroom to kinda check it out. I go into the middle stall of three and see holes cut out on both sides along with writings on the walls : For blowjobs stick your cock in the hole… cocksuckers wanted… text me and I’ll cum to you 543-22** … I swallow hot cum
Fuck I was getting horny just reading these.. without thinking I pulled my shorts down and stuck my cock in the hole just dry humping air… wishing that someone was on the other side.
I felt super excited horny dirty cheap and started to cum… before I pulled my shorts back on I glanced at the other side and to my shock n surprise there was a cock sticking through.

Like I was in a trance I reached over touching my first cock I got instantly hard when I heard him moan and his cock was getting bigger in my hand.
“ Suck it boy suck your daddy’s cock you know you want to I seen you jacking off into that empty hole moaning like a little girl suck it like a good little boy”
In a trance hypnotized like I went to my knees and started to kiss it licking on it like a lollipop amazed how much I was liking the taste of it I heard myself moan as i opened my mouth wide and almost came again as I started to bob my head up n down loving the taste of his cock it was warm hard I was falling in love sucking on my first cock … it felt good tasty natural like

I don’t know who was moaning louder him or me… It felt sweet warm salty like he was cummming and I didn’t swallow savoring the taste of cum I pulled back he was still cummming now on my face i quickly put his cock back in my mouth swallowing.
“ Damn boy best blowjob I ever had love the way you moan sucking my cock… leave your number I’ll call you whenever I need to cum in your pretty little mouth” He laughed and threw a pencil under the stall. I was on my knees cum on my face panting like a dog I just sucked my first cock and loved it sooo much.
I looked at the wall there were like 5 different phone numbers looking to suck or be sucked.
Shaking I put my number down : 15yr boy just sucked my first cock and I want to do it again I was so fucking horny i almost put my address.. I stood up cum dripping off my face I rubbed it on my hand and started to jack off I was cummming in my hand mixed with that stranger’s cum i started to lick our cum swallowing.

That night I must of gotten 7-9 texts : all showing cock pictures telling me that I can be their cocksucker.. I jacked off to all their pictures imagining I was sucking them off I smiled drifting off to sleep… I woke up so fucking horny I texted them all back telling them I’ll be at the park Friday night after 10pm … I took a naked selfie showing off my petite 5’4” 95lb 5” cock picture
With the caption: Hot horny cocksucking cumloving pretty boy wants to be yours..

Everyone texted me back telling me they will be there .. a few guys told me to wear panties cuz I looked so pretty young girlish like .. I smiled
I get there at 9pm just to check it out…I’m wearing my mom’s panties shorts a cut off t-shirt wondering if any of them would really show. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw … 10 or more cars in the parking lot guys hanging out by the restrooms. I was excited scared nervous I ditched my bike in the weeds and slowly walked through the parking lot towards the restrooms.
Smiling wiggling my ass showing off I knew they we’re waiting for me.. A few guys got out their car’s flashing their cocks at me I looked at them licking my lips sticking my finger in my mouth… somebody yelled at me : “ Take your shorts off show us your pretty little ass”
Without thinking I pulled my shirt off my shorts just in panties.. god I was never so horny ever giggling like a girl I walked by these guys showing me their cocks I touched them all moaning and went into the middle stall leaving the door open so they could watch me.

There are two cocks sticking tru the holes I grab them both going to my knees instantly.. my mouth open I suck back n forth like a demon possessed moaning loudly waiting for sweet cum filling my mouth the first guy cums not swallowing I go to the other cock my mouth filled with cum he’s cummming I keep both of their cum in my mouth.. I feel someone cummming on my face my body I look around and three guys are jacking off on me.
Mmmm I moan as two more cocks are in the holes.. my mouth is filled with cum as I start to suck another cock cum leaking out my mouth every time I bob up n down … I start to cum in my panties swallowing hot cum filling my tummy.
Before the night was over I must of sucked at least 15 cocks I was falling in love being a cocksucking cumloving little slut for strangers.. I loved being covered in cum all over my naked body my face my belly full with cum.
I’m so exhausted I’m just sitting on the floor panting like a puppy dog waiting for more … it’s 3am I can’t believe I was here for like 5 hours..looking around I can’t find my clothes only my cum soaked panties still on me.
I’m on my bike cum dripping off me as I finally get home before I get to the house a car pulls into the driveway honking his horn flashing his lights.
WTF …I walk to his window…”Shhh quiet, I whisper you’re gonna wake up the whole neighborhood and my mom it’s to late I gotta go inside before my mom wakes up”
I look in his window this guy is completely naked playing with his cock… “ No I..I… we can’t not here can’t get caught” I whispered as he opens his door getting out naked in the driveway
“ You little slut all covered in cum you dint seem to care at the park while you were begging moaning pleading like a faggot a cunt a bitch …I’m here to finish you off turn you into my little girl my sissy I’m gonna fuck your sweet ass seeding you like the whore you are”

I just stand there as he walked up to me picking me up like a rag doll and kisses me shoving his tongue deep inside pulling my panties off.. I’m naked in my driveway with a naked man kissing me I’m rubbing my body next to his kissing him back swapping tongues