First time seeing my wife with another woman…

My wife and I got married when we were only 18 years old. I’d had my share of sexual experiences before getting married but I was the only guy Lynn had ever been with. We grew up in a small conservative town and she had been brought up the daughter of the local preacher so she’d been especially sheltered. She was a beautiful girl but you wouldn’t easily notice it. She had to wear baggy clothes to hide her sexy curves and wear her long red hair up in a bun and wear the ugliest glasses I’d ever seen. But once we were married things quickly changed. She still dressed and acted very conservative around our small town out of respect for her dads position, but at home and out of town was a very differant story

The big change after I’d taken some nude photos of her one night, which honestly shocked me that she’d let me take them. It had actually started as a joke when I’d gone in the bathroom when she was in the shower and hit the test button on the flash giving the impression I’d taken a picture of her. So I couldn’t believe it when after her shower she came in the living room in a sexy outfit and for the first time since we’d met wearing make-up. And it floored me when she said if I was going to take dirty pictures of her she didn’t want to look like a wet rat in the shower. No way I was going to tell her it was a joke and pass up that opportunity. When I started taking the pictures it surprised me what a natural she was at getting in the most seductive poses without any direction. It surprised me even more when I sent them off to be developed she got turned on knowing whoever developed them would see her naked.

After seeing the pictures we were both hooked and started taking a couple of rolls of pictures every week, and she was ordering sexy outfits like garter belts & stockings and sheer lingerie. That was when she started dressing sexier around the house and not just in front of me but in front of my friends as well. And before long we were taking trips out of town just so she could dress in revealing outfits and let strangers see her sexy 5-8, 120lb, 34DD-24-35 body. She came up with differant ways to cause her dress to fall open but look as if it was an accident. And underneath she’d be naked except for a garter belt & stockings exposing her big tits and bushy red pussy. Within a couple of months we’d also had our first threesome with my best friend. But our big jump into actually becoming real swingers was after one night we’d gone into an adult bookstore.

We figured it was a perfect place to expose herself to strangers and I was also hoping to buy a porn movie since VCR’s had just come out ( yes it was a long time ago ). I bought a couple of movies and also a magazine called select. It caught my attention because the cover had a bunch of pictures that appeared to be taken by amateurs like me. When we got back to our hotel I was checking it out and it turned out to be a swinger magazine. It was well before home computers so what couples did was place an ad in a magazine like Select and if someone was interested in meeting you they would write you through the magazine. So no one had your real name or address until you gave it to them if you were interested. But it had quite a few couples who just wanted to trade pictures, mostly of the wife’s. We decided that might be fun but we only sent pictures to couples far away from where we lived as it did give what state people were from.

It wasn’t long before we were getting pictures from couples on a daily basis. Some of the couples who we swapped pics with would also share sexual experiences. By that time we were having threesomes with a few of my trusted friends and of course we’d share Lynn’s experiences exposing herself on our weekend trips out of town. One of these couples it turned out had lived in our area for a couple of yrs until just recently. The husband was in the Navy and got moved around. But they were swingers who swapped wife’s with other couples. We’d talked about it because Lynn was getting to fuck other guys so she felt like I should be able to fuck another girl on occasion. Well this couple said they knew a couple who would be perfect for us that they had swapped with. We were still only 18-19 and this cpl was in their 30’s but they’d sent a couple of clothed pics of them with their permission and they were nice looking, especially the wife who was hot as hell. So they put us in contact with them.

On our first meeting we’d agreed we wouldn’t be swapping partners but just getting to know each other.We met at our house and rode to the resturant together. They were both very nice and we were happy to find that they were very discreet. But it turned out there were so many people there we couldn’t talk openly about swapping. After dinner we went back to our house to talk. They shared some experiences both good and bad and we talked about other things as well. Cliff started commenting on how beautiful Lynn looked in her photos and I complimented on Pam’s pictures. When he asked if he could see more of our pictures that was great since we both got turned on when people saw Lynn nude, be it in real life or pictures. After going through one of our albums he said he knew we weren’t going to swap that night but what would we think about taking some pictures of the wife’s.

Hell I couldn’t wait to see Pam naked and I knew Lynn would love to strip in front of our new friends. He got his camera out of his car and I got mine. He suggested the wife’s sit on the couch together and we take some pics of them sitting together. Then he suggested they help each other take their dresses off. That didn’t seem so bad. And when I saw Pat’s big 36DD’s looking like they were going to rip through her bra I couldn’t wait to see them set free. It turned out both girls were dressed similarly with bra & panties, garter belt & stockings, and heels. When he suggested they take each other’s stockings off I was afraid Lynn might be uneasy about that but she seemed fine with it. After taking each others stockings off they took each other’s garter belts off. They were down to their bra & panties. When he told them to take each other’s bra off I just knew Lynn was going to balk but she didn’t. She happened to be wearing a front hook bra and watching Pam’s hands so close to my wife’s tits had my cock rock hard. But the real surprise came when she went to unhook Pam’s bra.

Rather than Pam turning her back to Lynn she just sat there facing her so Lynn had to put her arms around Pam to unhook her bra, and their tits were pressed together. Pam had the most perfect tits I’d ever seen. And I almost missed when he told them to take off each other’s panties. But Pam stood up and Lynn didn’t hesitate pulling her panties off and then she did Lynn’s. They were both naked so I figured we’d take some pics of them individually but Cliff wanted them to put their arms over each other’s shoulders. I was surprised when Lynn seemed fine with it and dumbfounded when he told Pam to cup one of my wife’s tits and Lynn seemed very comfortable with it and in return she caressed one of Pam’s big tits in the next photo. After that there were no more instructions. Pam just leaned over and started sucking on Lynn’s tits then they kissed. Without hesitation my wife started to caress Pam’s big knockers then took one of them in her mouth and started sucking on it.

They went back & forth sucking each other’s tits and kissing as their hands explored each other’s hot bodies. But when Pam moved down between my wife’s legs I got nervous again. She started eating her pussy and Lynn looked like she was in heaven as she fondled her tits as Pam got her off with her mouth. And to my dismay Lynn returned the favor eating Pam and getting her off. They ended up on the thick carpet in a hot 69. Cliff and I were both out of film so we fondled each other’s wife’s tits & ass. We went to their house the next week and things started out with the wife’s hooking up then we joined them. I’d seen Lynn get fucked by other guys or suck other guys off. But that was the first time I laid beside her watching her getting fucked by another guy while his wife sucked my dick. Then she moved up and slid my cock inside her and started riding me like a wild bull. By the end of the night we were all very satisfied. It was about time for us to send a new ad into Select so when we got home I filled out the form but instead of just saying we wanted to trade pictures I put and also swap with discreet clean couples with bi wife. I had Lynn look at it and after reading it she said she’d put it in the mail the next day.

We never talked about the fact she’d had sex with another girl and after that was with many more. As it turned out almost all couples we met were bi. And we were lucky enough to have some hot FFM threesomes. It worked out great because after seeing my wife and another hot girl going at it by the time it was time for the husbands to join in I was so worked up I’d wear that guy’s wife’s pussy or ass out. But that was ( almost ) my wife’s first time with another girl. I did learn later she had experimented with a cousin of her’s who looked like her twin and with her hot best friend with massive tits. But they had only gone as far as kissing and feeling up each other’s tits. But I had the pleasure later on to have sex with both of them, both one on one and in a threesome with Lynn. And it was funny because all 3 of them were redheads.

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