My knocked-up Ex wife

This happened more than 10 years ago when I was married to Diane, my ex-wife. These events occurred because I found out my wife was cheating on me and, even worse from my point of view she mislead me and lied to me about our plans to start a family. As is fairly common in these cases, I was the last one to find out what was going on. One of Diane’s girl friends eventually confided in her husband and her husband told a friend of mine and my friend told me. However, before anyone feels pity or sorrow for me, I can tell you I was very soon recovered and completely happy and contented with the way things eventually worked out! As you will see, a very effective antidote to a lie-in g, cheating spouse is revenge. And my kind of revenge was calculating, planned and determinedly carried out with cruel and utter ruthlessness.

Slim, attractive and at only 19 years old, Diane was 15 years younger than me when we married and I married her for all the obvious reasons. Her older sister Susan was married to Peter who had plenty of money and ran his own business. I was unemployed at the time and Peter used to give me work on the side, he made it very obvious that he wanted to get into Diane’s knickers but she was distant with him, she didn’t like him or trust him and of course he was also her brother-in-law.

He must have worked me out real quick because he used tell me to my face how badly he wanted to fuck her. Instead of punching him, I became excited by the idea of watching another man fucking my wife, especially Peter, her brother-in-law, a man she loathed and detested. I started taking photos of Diane after getting her drunk, it was only flashing her knickers and her boobs but they were still quite provocative as I insisted she spread her legs wide apart which made her mound and cunt lips a very prominent outline in the front of her lacy knickers. I showed the photos to Peter and this helped to egg him on even more, he started talking about how he wanted to dump the contents of his balls deep inside her pussy and “knock-up both sisters” and not just his wife who was already Six months pregnant.

Some of Peter’s mates were having a new years house-party and they invited all of us to come to it and it just so happened that it would be taking place about 2 weeks after Diane’s period, I told Peter and explained that if we were lucky she might well be ovulating and ripe for breeding at that time, so we eagerly got together with Peter’s friends and excitedly arranged a secret surprise for Diane, which we all hoped and intended to ensure would leave her with a very permanent and unwanted souvenir.

On the night of the party I insisted that Diane dressed like a slut, lacy red knickers and a micro-mini-skirt, I wanted the target audience hard and horny with balls swollen with sperm from the moment they set eyes on her. I was tempted to fuck the bitch myself when I saw her dressed and literally asking for it, but I wanted her nailed, and I wanted her cunt filled over and over again with potent sperm from Peter and his mates.

Peter’s wife came to the party but couldn’t drink because she was heavily pregnant, it had been arranged by Peter, that she would go home around 10.00 pm because he didn’t want her to be up too late (it would be tiring for her, and of course he wanted to get her sisters sexy knickers down as soon as possible) and the party wouldn’t finish till 3 or 4 in the morning. Susan actually left about 11.00, leaving me, Peter and 5 of his mates; there were also a couple of attractive girls in their twenties, one was related to one of Peter’s friends, they seemed to know Diane vaguely, but they kept their distance and seemed to be wearing ‘knowing malicious smiles’ I think it was obvious that they were in on what was planned for that evenings entertainment.

Diane wasn’t drinking very much, so Peter produced a roofie which he crushed to powder and then mixed it in her drink. By now we were all hard and horny with aching, cum filled balls just waiting for release, as she continued to take sips from her drink.

15 to 20 minutes later and she was staggering around, very unsteady on her feet and her eyes were becoming very heavy. Next stage and she was virtually out cold, at this point nothing was going to save the bitch from a very hard multiple fucking with real purpose!

I helped Peter carry her upstairs to a bedroom where we threw her on the bed as the 5 other guys eagerly crowded into the room behind us, I decided at this point just to sit back and watch her being used, she was to be nothing more than a cum dump!

They didn’t even bother stripping her, they pulled her knickers and tights down to her knees, while making jokes about it being a shame they didn’t have any rubbers and hoping the bitch was on the pill, which of course they all knew she wasn’t, then they were joking “I hope the bitch isn’t ovulating”, which they all new she was! Peter was soon between her wide spread legs, he was to be the first to unload his swollen balls inside her fertile pussy, would he get his wish and be the one to impregnate her? I have never been so aroused by anything in my life as I watched him and then the other 5 fucking her in turn really hard. I watched delighted, as Six hard, rampant cocks, one following the other rammed mercilessly home to fire salvo after salvo of potent creamy sperm from their swollen cum filled balls, deep, deep inside her, her battered and swollen cunt never stood a chance. It was all done within an hour and 15 minutes; each guy savouring the ecstasy of the moment when they eventually ground down hard, spurting uncontrollably and powerfully deep inside her warm receptive pussy, each guy hoping he would be the one!

We took photos of her lying there on her back with her knickers still round her knees and her cunt literally swimming in sperm, (see attached photos) then we placed 3 or 4 pillows under her bottom so her pussy was pointed straight at the ceiling, we left her like that, so that what seemed like a gallon of thick creamy sperm, could drained down into her womb to do its work while she slept.

A bit later the 2 twenty something girls we didn’t know, their curiosity aroused, crept into the bedroom to confirm for themselves what had been happening. I passed them coming down the stairs and I overheard them talking about the “dirty slag” and that “the filthiest whore alive wouldn’t have done what she did.” I made a point later to get chatting with them and was eventually lucky enough to see their mobile phones, they had taken lots and lots of pictures of Diane, showing her full face, her knickers down and her cunt and thighs slick and loaded with wet and dry cum, no doubt those photos had already been shown to all their friends, uploading the humiliating, depraved images for everyone of Diane’s friends and enemies to see. That was the icing on the cake as far as I was concerned.

When Diane woke in the morning I was with her and I told her I’d carried her up to bed and fucked her, but her pussy was very sore and swollen so she knew she had been fucked by more than one person, but she couldn’t prove it.

Six weeks later and we found out how successful our plans had been, a pregnancy test showed and a doctor later confirmed that she was very much pregnant, quite possibly knocked-up by Peter, her sisters husband, Peter and the 5 studs were delighted.

After a lot of soul searching she decided to keep the baby growing inside of her. Me and Peter had the delightful pleasure of watching her belly and tits complete with stretch marks, swell to an enormous size over the next nine months!

Our marriage began to slowly fall apart shortly after the baby was born and she threatened me with all-sorts, unfortunately for her and fortunately for me, she had no proof.

I stayed with her for another couple of months, timing it perfectly again, I stopped with her just long enough to make certain she was knocked-up again, then I left her. I think Peter calls on her now and again and gives her money, but knowing Peter she’ll be having to earn it, probably on her back and probably without the protection of condoms! Good Luck with that!! Lol.