Ghazal in marriage party with her cousin Dawood

Ghazal often thought that when Waheed talked about she fucked with another man, he only did it to arouse passion in intercourse. Does Waheed really want to see Ghazal having sex with a others? But how could it be possible for a man to imagine such a thing? It was not like that in the beginning but now after so many years of marriage, Waheed started doing this fantasy while having fuck Ghazal. Waheed always imagined Ghazal with his cousin Dawood while doing it. Ghazal considered Dawood as her brother. Mentioning Dawood during intercourse made Ghazal as angry as Waheed enjoyed. But Ghazal was tired of repeatedly forbidding Waheed.
Dawood was Ghazal’s cousin and also a good friend of Waheed. Waheed had often seen Dawood staring at the big boobs of the Ghazal. Waheed realized Dawood’s intention before Ghazal.
During intercourse, Waheed always talked to Ghazala about Dawood. He wanted to see Ghazal having intercourse with Dawood. Ghazal didn’t like it at all. She did not know how to stop Waheed. But Waheed never gave up. Waheed knew that Dawood liked Ghazal. It all started when Ghazal was looking very sexy in a party then Waheed saw lust for Ghazal in Dawood’s eyes. After that day, when Waheed would take the Ghazal with him to a party, Waheed would take care that the Ghazal would look more sexy. Waheed repeatedly forced Ghazal to seduce Dawood and lure him for his body. But the problem with this fantasy was that Ghazal was a noble housewife and she considered Dawood as her brother. Ghazal was not liked by Dawood before marriage nor now.
After some days, Ghazal was going to meet her best friends from college very soon. Ghazal was so looking forward to attending the wedding of the brother of Nadia, one of her best friends from college. It has been ages since Ghazal met Nadia. Ghazal other best friend Saba is also attending. It is going to be a nice get together of Ghazal’s old friends from college. Both Nadia and Saba are married now – and none of them have met each other’s husbands so far.
Ghazal was quite surprised to see Waheed showing extreme enthusiasm regarding this upcoming wedding – so unusual of him, because he never gave importance to Ghazal’s college friends prior to this. Waheed suggested to Ghazal that she should wear a very revealing and skimpy choli with extremely low lehenga.
But Ghazal was not sure.
‘I don’t want to be the only one dressed like a stage actresses at the wedding’, Ghazal told him.
Waheed suggested a way out to make Ghazal more comfortable.
As per the plan, Ghazal suggested to Nadia and Saba over whatsapp that they should all wear really sexy ghaghras for the wedding. Nadia, being the naughty and daring one, immediately agreed while Saba took some time to agree – she had to talk to her husband first. Now it was up to Waheed to design and dress his beautiful and sexy wife for the wedding. Waheed convinced Ghazal to completely follow his rules and guidelines. Ghazal had to promise to him that she would not make any excuse or protest from wearing anything he asked her.
And since none of the family or relatives would be there at the wedding even Ghazal felt that she could go out really bold. Ghazal was getting excited with the thought of decking up sexily for the wedding. When she were in the college there was some kind of competition between the three of them, but Nadia was the boldest of them all, wearing sexy t-shirts and skirts. Even Saba wore bolder dresses than Ghazal. This time around Ghazal wanted to outdo both of them. Therefore, Ghazal gladly went along with whatever Waheed suggested. Her husband even accompanied Ghazal to the tailor and took up complete control of the design of Ghazal’s ghaghra. He made the choices in everything including the jewelry and shoes.
Ghazal really like her man to be in control, and for a change Waheed was turning out to be the one. She loved Waheed for that.

Two days before the wedding, Ghazal went to a henna specialist to get mehndi applied on her. Waheed once again ensured that it was done according to his taste – the designs were applied not only over Ghazal’s hands, arms, and feet, which is the usual stuff, it also covered Ghazal’s entire leg, Waheed also applied henna on the thick and milky thighs of the Ghazal and then over her back, and most importantly Waheed insisted and got his way – Ghazal had mehndi applied even around her deep navel.
Waheed didn’t stop there. He insisted that even the upper parts of Ghazal’s buttocks should be covered with mehndi. Such a pervert he is! Ghazal felt like a slut standing almost naked in front of the lady mehndi specialist who kept touching her body at various places.
On her wedding day, Ghazal went to a beauty parlor early in the morning and had her legs and hands completely waxed. According to Waheed’s order, the Ghazal also had to be waxed under arms and under legs. Later, Waheed bathed him in the bath tub, which he had specially prepared with perfumed soap. Later, Waheed carefully wiped Ghazal’s vaginal and anal hair with a teaser She repeated this almost three times to ensure that there was not a single shell near the feminine area of the Ghazal. It was very painful. The Ghazal was now as smooth as if it were a new born baby. Ghazal It was understood that Waheed was going to have intercourse with her after returning from marriage. Waheed used to give champagne generously to make her feel comfortable during this process.
After drying off from the bath, Ghazal put on the special six inch high-heels that her husband bought for this wedding.
Waheed took out a bottle of nice smelling moisturizer. While Ghazal still completely naked, they both applied luxurious amount of moisturizer all over Ghazal’s body to make her skin smooth and silky. He poured the lotion luxuriantly on Ghazal’s breasts and on her ass and applied it to make them glowing and smooth. Waheed touch on Ghazal’s nipples combined with alcohol from champagne had its desired effect. Ghazal was feeling horny. Ghazal nipples stood up and became swollen. Waheed spent considerable amount of time on Ghazal’s sexy abdomen which showed off a slight curvy tummy with enough flesh to ‘make a man go wild with the thoughts of holding onto it during sexual intercourse’ – that is how Waheed described it. Ghazal’s entire body was now glistening under several layers of moisturizer.
Ghazal was standing like an Apsara, with really curvy body, thick waist, pendulous boobs and meaty ass. There is no gap between Ghazal’s chubby and milky thighs to see Ghazal’s pussy lips.
Waheed really admired and was in love with Ghazal’s tiny and soft pussy. He says, they are like strawberry candy which he wants to lick on for hours. Also, Ghazal realized that her pussy is still narrow and tiny after ten years of her marriage.
When Ghazal’s looked into the mirror, Ghazal saw an extremely sexy, and wanton. Ghazal started walking on the six-inch heels, all nude, with her buttocks swaying from side to side and boobs bouncing heavily. Ghazal’s nipples were turgid and taut with the anticipation and excitement. And for a minute Ghazal’s felt that she could even walk out onto the street like that. What a nice feeling! It gave me goosebumps.
Sitting nude near the dressing table, Ghazal’s started applying the makeup. Waheed chose the deep red color for lipstick and insisted on heavy eye shadow.
Once Ghazal did my hair rolling into a bun so that her neck and meaty shoulders are bare, Waheed was repeatedly insisting on giving champagne to the Ghazal. Ghazal was getting drunk, she didn’t want to drink anymore. But Waheed was lovingly feeding that the Ghazal could not refuse.
Ghazal’s felt full and extremely excited. When she started to walk,
Next, Ghazal wore the lehenga and choli, without any bra– this was once again a rule imposed by Waheed. He loved to see Ghazal parade her body without any underwear.
What kind of husband forces his wife to go out in public without any underwear!
As soon as Ghazal’s was ready to go, Waheed got a call from his office. Waheed had to leave immediately to the office because of an emergency. Ghazal got quite disappointed that she wouldn’t be able to go to the wedding now. Waheed consoled Ghazal saying that he will call Dawood, Ghazal’s cousin, who will accompany her to the wedding.
What a scheming husband! Waheed forced Ghazal to go to the wedding in that come-fuck-me dress with the guy he wanted Ghazal to fuck!
Waheed left all of a sudden to his office leaving Ghazal at the mercy of her cousin, Dawood, who had a huge crush on Ghazal. In the recent past, Waheed has been egging Ghazal on to fuck Dawood during our love-making sessions, and today, he made Ghazal go with Dawood to attend a wedding!
Ghazal was never ready to go with Dawood. But she did not want to miss the opportunity to meet her friends. She was reunited many years later.
After a while, Dawood was giving the bell of Ghazal’s house. Ghazal did not want to face Dawood in these bold outfits. But the desire to meet friends and the intoxication of champagne made him rebellious. Ghazal opened the door for Dawood.

Part 2

Dawood was very excited to see Ghazal in a sexy pink saree. There was lust in David’s eyes. Ghazal was sure that Dawood’s paint would have been stirred. As Ghazal was leaving the house and heading for the car, she was burning on her vaginal lips and anal hole. This irritation was due to waxing and wiping of the hair of the delicate part with teaser Sitting in the car, Dawood opened the front seat door for the Ghazal, but the Ghazal preferred to sit in the back seat. He was expressing what was on Dawood’s mind with his tongue. Dawood was repeatedly praising the beauty of Ghazal. Ghazal didn’t like it at all. But the champagne was having the opposite effect. The compliments from Dawood’s mouth were trusting the Ghazal. Ghazal with confidence that the embarrassment and hesitation was decreasing. By the time she reached the wedding hall, she had lost the feeling of her bold and naked clothes.
Is it the effect of champagne, or Ghazal changed attitude towards exhibitionism, or have she become a slut? Probably, a combination of all the three!
Walking on six-inch stilettos made her arch her body like a model, Ghazal’s boobs jutting outwards and upwards, while her ass was protruding backwards.
Ghazal’s perverted husband tied the lehenga so low on the waist, that about six inches of smooth and exposed flesh below Ghazal’s navel was visible to everyone. Waheed took pains to keep it very low, so that everyone’s attention went straight to Ghazal’s deep and wide navel, giving the viewer a possible hope that Ghazal’s pussy lips may be seen anytime. The lehenga exposed Ghazal’s glowing hip cheeks on both sides, showing all the minute curves and depths of Ghazal’s lower abdomen. The slight paunch was looking sexy,
When looked from the back, one could easily see Ghazal’s smooth mounds of her ass cheeks with a small hint of the dark crease in the middle. The mehndi above Ghazal’s buttocks must have made men go mad.
She became quite a sensation at the conservative wedding. Wearing six-inch high heels and extremely bold lehenga, Ghazal was looking like an actress that has come to a wedding. The young boys kept coming to near where she was on some pretext and kept ogling at her body. Even the men couldn’t resist showing off their lecherous behavior. They kept keep staring at Ghazal. Rarely in our lifetime we get a chance to a starlet, and experience what it means to be cynosure of all eyes. This was Ghazal’s time. Ghazal got a glimpse into the world of actresses and celebrities, how they are fawned upon, ogled at, stared at, looked at, to be consumed by the viewers, who seem to be interested, lecherous, and lustful.
Ghazal’s choli was so small that it barely covered her big breasts. In fact, it revealed more than it concealed. Ghazal’s boobs were spilling over at the top and were showing from both sides. Ghazal’s didn’t look like she was attending a conservative wedding, but Ghazal was behaving like she had come to a MTV award function and that she was on the red carpet. It’s not just men who were all attentive; most at the wedding women were talking about her in hushed tones.
The burning sensation between Ghazal’s legs forced her to walk slowly, which turned the men into attractive women walking on the ramp. Also, when the Ghazal stood up, it spread its legs more than necessary, once again giving the impression to the men that the Ghazal was inviting every man who was looking at her.
Dawood noticed that almost all the men were drooling over Ghazal’s sexiness, while most women were so jealous of her that the wives became protective of their husbands and tried to take their attention and gaze away from Ghazal, probably talking negatively about her describing Ghazal as a whore, slut and prostitute.
Not to be left out of the action, Dawood held Ghazal close to him, putting his hand around Ghazal’s naked waist. Men at the wedding saw how Dawood was sometimes rubbing his hand over Ghazal’s bare waist, sometimes moving it down on Ghazal’s bare hip. Dawood also kept holding Ghazal’s hand guiding her and taking her with him.
Ghazal had not known at that time that Amir, Nadia’s husband, was of philandering nature. Ghazal got to know later from a common friend that he would flirt with various married and unmarried women at work behind Nadia’s back. Ghazala was told that he was always on the prowl looking for easy bait.
So, when Dawood and Ghazal were walking towards her friends, he couldn’t believe his luck. Looking at Ghazal he commented, ‘Wow! Someone invited a atom girl to the wedding for dance, look at her.’
Nadia and Saba turned around to see Ghazal. Nadia jabbed her husband and told him that it was her friend Ghazal. Nadia, Saba and Ghazal met after many years, and they had lot of catch up on. While talking to them Ghazal noticed that both of them dressed up sexily, but Ghazal was in a different league altogether.
When Ghazal was introduced to her best friends’ husbands, they just couldn’t control their composure. They opened their mouth and stared at Ghazal.
Amir blurted out, ‘It is so nice to meet you. Wow! You are SOOO sexy!’
Instead of getting offended, Ghazal was actually quite excited. Ghazal responded, ‘So sweet of you! Thank you, Amir!’ Looking at Nadia, Ghazal said, ‘Hey! Your husband is so nice’. Thus everyone felt relaxed.
When Dawood was introduced, they naturally assumed he was Ghazal’s husband given how closely he was holding Ghazal by the waist.
Saba’s husband Shan looked at Dawood and said, ‘Wow! Dawood, you are one lucky husband’.
Realizing Shan’s wrong assumption about them, Dawood corrected him, ‘Shan! I am not Ghazal’s husband, I am her cousin’.
Both Amir and Shan got surprised that Dawood was not Ghazal’s husband. Before they could come out of the shock,
Amir said, ‘Then Dawood, you are one lucky cousin’.
Everyone laughed at the joke.
When Ghazal turned away with Dawood caressing her waist, both Amir and Shan were leering at Ghazal’s completely backless choli showing off her glistening skin. Ghazal and Dawood moved aside, and therefore were around a corner. But they didn’t go far, and therefore could over hear friend’s husbands discussion.
Amir: Nadia! You told us your friend was going to bring her husband. Looks like she brought with her some fuck buddy.
Naturally, Nadia being Ghazal’s best friend, got angry.
Nadia: Amir! That guy Dawood is Ghazal’s first cousin. He consider Ghazal as his sister and we know Ghazal is loyal and noble housewife. You both should stop commenting about her like that.”
But, Amir would not give up.
Amir: “Did you look at the way that ‘cousin’ is holding your best friend’s waist. No cousin would do that unless that ‘cousin’ is fucking her.”
Shan: “Yes, the way that Dawood is behaving, I am quite sure he is fucking her. Why else would she allow him to touch her like that?”
Saba: Shan, are you jealous of Dawood? Do you want to hold her like that? Do you also want to be a fuck buddy to Ghazal?
Nadia: Chee! Saba, don’t talk like that. She is our friend, remember.
Saba: Yeah, I do remember, but don’t you think she is exposing way too much, that choli is so small, Ghazal’s breasts are spilling out. No wonder our husbands are finding it hard to control themselves.
Nadia: haha, yes, I think we should also dress like sluts, what do you say, Amir?
Amir: I don’t care what you say. I think your friend Ghazal, the way she dressed up, is definitely a slut and that Dawood is fucking her.”
The photographer at the wedding was covering all the guests and when it came to their turn, he asked them three girl friends to pose with their husbands. He instructed the husbands to stand behind the wives. Though Dawood was not Ghazal’s husband, he gleefully took up the role and stood behind Ghazal. Even Ghazal didn’t bother to stop him. In fact Ghazal started to enjoy his attention, and possessiveness. Ghazal guess she really need a man to look after her at this wedding, otherwise any of this hungry men could pounce on her and rape her right here in front of everyone. While holding Ghazal from the back, Dawood completely impressed himself onto her, pushing her buttocks with his erect penis, which Ghazal felt quite obviously. Next Dawood held Ghazal’s waist with two hands and would not let go. When Amir looked down to see, Dawood was putting one of his fingers into Ghazal’s navel, jutting in back and forth as if he was fucking her navel with his finger. Ghazal did not even make an attempt to stop Dawood, and was enjoying the attentions and ministrations from Dawood.
Amir whispered into Nadia’s ears, ‘Look! Look! What Dawood is doing to Ghazal’s navel! See I told you, she is such a slut!’
Ghazal didn’t care what Amir was thinking about her.
After they took their pictures, Dawood was sporting a huge hard on, and he was not even able to walk properly. Dawood was constantly pulling Ghazal close to him, sometime rubbing his hands over Ghazal’s bareback, and one time Dawood even pulled Ghazal close and cupped her breast, which didn’t go unnoticed by Ghazal’s good friends. Nadia pulled Ghazal aside and chided her.
Nadia: Yeh kya kar rahi tu! Dawood to tujhe chodne waala hain aaj.
Ghazal: Nothing like that, Nadia! He is just my brother.
Nadia: brother? My foot! Definitely he is not your real brother. Look at the obvious boner he is showing off. He is clearly in a mood to fuck you. I don’t think you should allow him come close to you. Everyone is looking at you both.
Ghazal: Ok. Ok. I will ask him to leave immediately.
All the sexual ministrations, male attention, and lustful looks, and constant walking with teasing pussy and Dawood’s lustful tach was making Ghazal’s pussy continuously wet even at the wedding. Soon the heat and lust in her body became unbearable. Ghazal decided to clean his pussy. So she excused herself and went to the bathroom. When Ghazal took out the lahngha, Ghazal could see that she was completely wet inside and may have cum while Dawood touching. Ghazal washed herself, and without wearing any panty, got up and got out. When she came out of bathroom, Ghazal was suddenly grabbed by Dawood who held Ghazal’s waist and pushed her to the wall. Before she could react, he planted a kiss on her lips. Ghazal tried to push him away, but he was being forceful. Dawood started rubbing his hands all over Ghazal’s naked waist, and moved up to hold Ghazal’s huge breasts with force. Ghazal could not resist any longer. Ghazal reciprocated and started kissed him back like a lady in heat. Dawood took this as a positive sign, he immediately moved his hand inside Ghazal’s blouse and found her naked breasts without any bra. Dawood started to maul them and tweak Ghazal’s nipples.
When Ghazal realized what she was doing, Ghazal pushed Dawood back and slapped him across his face. Dawood was shocked. He did not anticipate this.

Dawood: Ghazal baji, what did you do? I thought you were liking this.”
Ghazal: Dawood, I am your cousin and your sister. You have to leave now. I am a married woman. I can’t be doing this”.
Dawood was not ready to leave. He wanted more of Ghazal.
Dawood: “Ghazal baji, I want you.”
Ghazal: “What do you mean you want me? I am not a candy that you can have me.”
Dawood: “I want to fuck you, Ghazal baji. Really, I want to have a go at you.”
Ghazal: “You are fool to think you can fuck me.”
Dawood: “But you have been flirting me, egging me on, giving me such hard on. Look.”
Dawood directly pointed Ghazal to his boner in his pants.
Ghazal: “Go home now, Dawood. We will talk later.”
Dawood: “No. I won’t. If you send me without giving me something, I will make a big scene right here in front of your friends.”
Ghazal: “Ok. Ok. What do you want to do?
Dawood: I want to fuck you.”
Ghazal: “No, that is not possible. I am having periods.” ( Ghazal lied )
Dawood: “Then at least relieve me from this.”
Ghazal: “How do I do that?”
Dawood: “Ghazal baji, you know very well. Don’t act. Suck me, please.”
Decided this was the best way to get rid of him now. Ghazal took Dawood hand and led him upstairs as if he was a school boy. There were many empty rooms in the marriage hall on the first floor. Once they entered an empty room,
Leaving Dawood alone, Ghazal turned to close the door, but Ghazal hurried out of the room and locked the door from outside. Dawood was now locked in the room. Ghazal was running as much as possible. Champagne’s drunken and big-heeled shoes made it difficult for him to escape. But as she fell, she returned to the wedding.

Part 3

Ghazal went back to the wedding to look for Nadia and Saba. She spotted them near the dais. They were also looking for Ghazal.
Nadia: “Where were you, Ghazal’? We were looking for you?”
Ghazal: “Oh! I had to get rid of Dawood, you know. He is such a pest.”
Nadia: “Ah! That’s a nice thing you did, Ghazal. Otherwise, he was about to take advantage of you today.”
Saba: “Yes, Nadia, Dawood is not like our husbands. He is definitely one of those guys ready to take advantage of vulnerable girls. Good that he is gone.”
Ghazal came back and sat on a chair. She was trying to control herself. She was thinking about the accidents that would happen to her. He was angry with Waheed and Dawood. The food was on the tables. Nadia and Saba took Ghazal to the dinner table. Ghazal didn’t want to eat anything. He kept thinking of Dawood. Dawood must be hungry. Dawood had lost his mind in lust but Ghazal was a soft hearted woman. She considered Dawood a brother.
Ghazal put curry in a plate and took two loaves of bread and hid from everyone’s eyes. She started climbing the stairs. He did not put the food for himself but for Dawood. Ghazal was standing in front of the room where he locked Dawood. Ghazal created courage in himself and unlocked the door. Dawood was sitting in a chair with his head bowed. Dawood raised his head and looked at the Ghazal. Ghazal saw embarrassment in his eyes instead of lust. Ghazal saw his younger brother in Dawood. Seeing the Ghazal, Dawood started crying. Ghazal quickly moved towards Dawood.
Dawood had his hand over his mouth. Ghazal put the plate aside and started removing her hand from Dawood’s mouth.
Ghazal۔ “What happened, David? You’re crying.”
David did not answer, he was crying. He was embarrassed. Ghazal saw this condition of Dawood and hugged him.
After a while, Ghazal was coming down the stairs with Dawood. Like she’s comforting her little brother. Most of the guests had left for the wedding, but all the men who were left were jealous of Dawood’s fate.
Ghazal came to her friends and started asking permission to leave.
Ghazal۔ “Nadia, I’m leaving. Waheed and the kids will be waiting for me at home.”
Nadia “Ghazal it is so early, it’s only ten o’clock.”
Saba “Ghazal, we young people’s party is about to start. All the couples are going to the farmhouse. We will party all night.”
Ghazal۔ “No, Saba, you are all going with your husbands. My husband is waiting at home.”
Nadia “Ghazal, Waheed Bhai’s meeting must be over. You call him here.”
Ghazal was forced by her friends. She called Waheed.
Ghazal۔ “Waheed, where are you?”
Waheed۔ Ghazal. What happened?
Ghazal۔ “Waheed, my friends are insisting that I stop for a while.”
Waheed۔ “Ghazal, no problem, you stop.”
Ghazal۔ “Actually, Waheed, they’re all having a couple party. So I want you to come. Otherwise, I’ll come home.”
Waheed۔ “Ghazal, don’t come home, I’m still in the office and I have left the children with your mother. Have a party.”
Ghazal۔ “Here all the girls are going with their men. How can I go alone.”
Waheed was laughing out loud. Waheed’s voice came from the other side. “Ghazal, I have sent a alpha male with you.”
Ghazal Waheed that trick was understood. Waheed wanted to fulfill his fantasy. Ghazal angrily hung up the phone.
Ghazal was angry with Waheed. Now he could understand why Waheed was preparing her like a prostitute. And there was an excuse for an emergency meeting. The real Waheed wanted her to fucked by Dawood. Waheed had cleaned hair from Ghazal’s pussy and anus for Dawood and not for himself.
All the girls were sitting in the cars with their husbands. Ghazal got up and walked towards the car. Dawood was behind the Ghazal. Reaching the car, Dawood opened the car door. To Dawood’s surprise, Ghazala sat in the front seat instead of in the back seat. Dawood added the car to the convoy of other cars, which was heading towards the farmhouse.
There was silence in the car. Ghazal was trying to understand what had happened to her.
Ghazal asked Dawood. “Dawood, when did Waheed tell you that you have to take me to the wedding?”
David “Ghazal Baji, Waheed Bhai told me yesterday that your friend’s brother is getting married and he is busy. So I have to take you.”
Ghazal understood the whole situation. It was all Waheed’s plan. He wanted Ghazal to go with Dawood to this wedding. He wanted to give Dawood a chance to have sex with Ghazal. Waheed was decorating the Ghazal not for himself but for Dawood. Waheed had cleansed and softened the Ghazal not for his own penis but for Dawood’s penis. Ghazal regretted Waheed’s thinking. Ghazal had always considered Waheed’s fantasy as a joke but today Waheed wanted to fulfill it. Ghazal never wanted that.
All vehicles stopped outside the farmhouse. Dawood stopped the car, Dawood and Ghazal finally entered the hall. The hall of the farmhouse was decorated like a dance club. There was a DJ in one corner and a champagne and beer bar on the other.
As Ghazal walked into the hall in her 6-inch high heels shoes, with a hunk on her sides, Ghazal body was taking in many stares from really good looking men. The glitter on Ghazal body ensured that her boobs and her bare meaty shoulder were radiating enough to catch every man’s attention. With increased confidence, Ghazal was strutting, jutting her breasts outwards and putting an oomph in her walk to sway her ass far more than what Ghazal would normally. Ghazal was feeling like some playboy model walking into Hugh Hefner’s mansion party. The men, old and young, and even some women, kept staring at Ghazal’s wobbly jelly bags.
All the couples were sitting at their tables separately. There was a separate table for each couple with only two chairs. Ghazal took Dawood and sat on an empty table in a corner. Nadia and Saba were hosting. The waiters were grinding beer and champagne. A waiter also placed champagne and glass on their table. Ghazal was feeling thirsty. Waheed had already given enough champagne to Ghazal, but Ghazal started pouring champagne in the glass for herself. Dawood did not usually consume alcohol but he could not refuse the offer of Ghazal.
The atmosphere was full of music. Ghazal and Dawood had drunk enough champagne. Ghazal was no longer sad, Champagne had made Ghazal passionate and confident. Ghazal was now openly laughing at Dawood’s cheap jokes. Ghazal’s response also gave Dawood confidence. When Ghazal laughed at Dawood’s jokes, her boobs would accompany her face. Dawood was crazy about that beautiful face and huge boobs moving like jelly. Dawood became hot again. Champagne-addicted Dawood looked like a Ghazal fairy.
After a while, some couples came on the floor and started dancing. Dawood seized the opportunity and offered the Ghazal to dance. Which Ghazal accepted with a smile.
They started dancing on the floor right next to them corner. The dance music was contemporary Hindi and the beats were just to her liking. When the famous song from Sunny Leone was being played ( babe doll ), Ghazal started to make the dance moves, moving her chest up and down, and swaying her ass. Many guys and girls next to them kept looking at Ghazal. Looks like Ghazal’s boobs were just swelling, swaying and moving so much that it was drawing undue attention. Ghazal’s saree was sticking to her showing all the contours, and Ghazal’s ass globes were gyrating back and forth, and from side to side. Dawood was beaming with pride dancing next to Ghazal, and he was coming in between whenever any other stranger tried to come close to her, as if Dawood was marking his territory with Ghazal. He was making everyone aware that ‘Ghazal was his girl’. This possessiveness from Dawood was turning Ghazal hot.
OK! Dawood, I am your girl now, do what you want!
Ghazal smiled at him, which encouraged Dawood to come closer to her and start dancing with Ghazal very close. Their bodies were occasionally touching and it was sending in electric currents in Ghazal’s body, and it must have been same for Dawood. Though Dawood tried to keep his cool, Dawood couldn’t keep his eyes away from the big jelly bags which were jutting out and swaying right in front of him, as if the offering was done on a silver platter for his taking. When Dawood came further close to hold Ghazal’s waist, Ghazal encouraged him by putting her hand over his shoulders. Dawood beamed his wide grin at her bold move. They danced for a while, looking at each other, deep into each other’s eyes. This was the first time that Ghazal was looking into another man’s eyes for such long duration – occasionally Ghazal do that with Waheed during lovemaking in daytime.
When a woman stare long enough into a man, it sends out numerous messages. It means woman long for the other person, it means woman submit yourself to the other person. That’s why in most passionate porn movies, the actors are looking into each other’s eyes, especially when the woman gives a blowjob to the man.
Dawood couldn’t take his eyes off of Ghazal and tried to get Ghazal further close, which she accepted without protest. Now, their bodies were touching at various places and Ghazal’s boobs were pressed hard into Dawood’s chest. This did something unintended, it swelled Ghazal’s 40D boobs upwards on her sweetheart neckline and they were looking obscenely open. Ghazal could feel her nipples get really hard, and occasionally the roughness of their contact was give her slight pain. Ghazal had to keep looking at her boobs to ensure that her nipples are not out. Dawood, like a good hunk, kept moving his hands over Ghazal waist, and moved them up to touch her lower bare back, and kept caressing all of her back. This was making Ghazal feel sultry and ready to fuck Dawood anytime. Ghazal’s pussy started to twitch and she have to admit that it was really wet at this point of time.
Ghazal’s body needed her husband Waheed, but Waheed gave her another man’s body as a gift for tonight.
Dawood kept moving his hands up, and reached upper back, and then Ghazal neck, and at this point of time, Ghazal dropped her hands from around his neck to pull Dawood’s shirt and bring his torso close to her. Ghazal moved her hands on his chest and noted that it was chiseled and rock hard.
No doubt Ghazal likes to sleep on Waheed’s chest. But Dawood’s wide and hard breasts made Ghazal a better place to rest.
With Dawood’s hands working on Ghazal’s bare meaty shoulder, Ghazal started to feel his back and moved her hands down to check Dawood’s ass only for once, and to Ghazal’s liking, it was quite a tight one. As Waheed told her once, that tighter the ass the better the guy in the front.
Ghazal need to check this theory about a Dawood’s ass and his package!
Music was making their bodies closer and closer and before Ghazal know it, Dawood started to touch her neck and chubby shoulder with his lips. It was so sexy, and Ghazal was feeling so randy that she kept moaning with pleasure.
Ghazal: “MMMMmmmm! I like it, Dawood. Please keep doing that.”
Ghazal didn’t care a damn that a man other then her husband was touching her and feeling Ghazal up, in public. In fact Ghazal was encouraging it. She was wishing for it. She was desperately wanting it. Dawood got encouraged and he started to plant more kisses, some of them wet ones, some of them sucking ones, and kept moving up to the neck. Ghazal was being kissed by a man other then her husband on her body for the first time.
Ghazal think
“Oh, Ghazal! Far too many first times today, will you break records of some kind!”
One of Ghazal’s weak spots is her neck. And Dawood seems to have discovered it inadvertently. As Dawood was kissing on Ghazal’s neck he kept turning on all the right buttons. Ghazal was getting hornier, and she was pulling him closer to her, and now their pelvises were grinding into each other, and Ghazal started to feel Dawood’s boner right between her legs.
Wow! Dawood definitely has a nice and hard package ready for Ghazal! How much Ghazal wish she could open her gift right away!
Lust was overpowering Ghazal’s body, and Ghazal moved her head down to look deep into Dawood’s eyes, and Ghazal guess even Dawood could read that lust off Ghazal’s languorous eyes. Slowly their noses were touching. They both could catch each other breaths, and Ghazal could smell Dawood for the first time. What a smell! It was masculine, and it acted like an aphrodisiac. Ghazal closed her eyes in deep anticipation. Dawood took the signal very well – Dawood touched his lips to Ghazal, and she opened them for him, and Dawood started to French kiss Ghazal on her lips right there on the dance floor.
Ghazal think.
Oh! My god! She is kissing a man other than her husband, for the first time. That too in public.

Dawood was indeed a good kisser. Looks like, Dawood is some kind of an expert in kissing. He started off with taking her lips into his mouth, gently nibbling and sucking each of them in turns and slowly started to suck on them as if they were some kind of exotic fruit. Dawood then slowly introduced his tongue into Ghazal’s mouth, and the minute Ghazal felt it enter her mouth, Ghazal kept sucking on it as if it was Dawood’s cock. Dawood slowed Ghazal down, and then kept sucking her tongue in return, not too hard, but enough to make them feel connected.
In a way Dawood was teaching Ghazal the art of kissing. Whereas Ghazal was being lecherous and lusty, he was being erotic and romantic.
Dawood was now moving his hands all over Ghazal’s body as if she was his woman, not his cousin. The hands reached Ghazal’s ass now. Dawood kept kneading Ghazal’s ass cheeks over the thin cloth fabric and he was pressing them gently but tightly. Since Ghazal was wearing a saree without underwear, which Waheed suggest for Ghazal, her ass cheeks were bare, and the thin fabric of the dress that came in between still made they feel like Dawood was touching Ghazal’s bare skin. While Dawood was playing Ghazal like a fiddle on the violin, Ghazal kept moaning passionately into his mouth. They were entwined in each other bodies, right there on the dance floor, like a couple in extra-marital relationship, dancing, swaying, kissing, and feeling each other bodies. Their noses were touching each other’s faces, Ghazal and Dawood were inhaling each other’s aromas that was adding to their lecherous behavior.
Now their tongues were dueling in a sword fight, and they kept going on like this, sucking each other out, nibbling, and tasting each other’s saliva. Ghazal was so lost and gone into the world of libido that she even moved her hands onto Dawood’s cock and started rubbing his cock from outside, trying to massage it, and at the same measure it length and girth.
Ghazal was acting like a whore! And she was loving it!

Part 4

Dawood immediately broke the kiss and moved down to Ghazal’s boobs. He held them with his hand from below and started to kiss the naked mounds. Dawood kissed them first, then slobbered on them, and started to scratch them with his teeth.
Oh! My God! Ghazal was performing in front of everyone with her cousin. Everyone in the hall understood this married couple except Ghazal’s friends and their husbands. But Ghazal had no worries. Now she wanted more۔
Ghazal’s pussy was leaking, and it was so itchy that she wanted to masturbate right there in the club. No, she wanted Dawood to lick on her pussy and put his hard cock inside. Dawood was handling Ghazal like a doll and people who were dancing around them were watching them. This display to the public heightened Ghazal’s arousal and Ghazal’s was being pornographic in her actions. Who would have thought that a conservative housewife like Ghazal would be doing this! After spending some time on massaging Ghazal’s boobs, Dawood took Ghazal back in a passionate kiss. This time Ghazal was so lost, she was wrapping herself around Dawood’s body, with only one leg on the ground, the other around his thigh, as if Ghazal was forcing herself into Dawood’s body. Ghazal was holding onto him for support, while Dawood was swaying Ghazal side to side in a passionate kiss.
After a minute or two, when they finished their long passionate kisses, they suddenly saw Nadia and Saba. She was looking at both Ghazal and Dawood with open amazement. Ghazal realized his mistake. Dawood and Ghazal immediately became estranged from each other, as if they were two teenage children being held by a domineering parent. Ghazal in Dawood’s arms had forgotten for a while that she is married and has two children. And she’s in front of a lot of people at a wedding, not in a bedroom. And the man she was feeding her beauty cup is not her husband but her cousin Dawood.
Nadia and Saba were looking at Ghazal and Dawood angrily and Ghazal was coming down from the floor holding Dawood’s hand. Ghazal was confident, she was looking at her friends who were red with anger.
Nadia said while reciting the Ghazal. “You are crazy What a spectacle you have put on. Look, everyone at the party is watching you. Everyone will gather around the floor to watch you and Dawood’s vulgar movements.”
Ghazal۔ “There is no such thing as Nadia. It seems to have the effect of champagne and everyone was dancing so we started dancing too.”
Dawood sat down in his chair again. Ghazal stood by her friends.
Nadia “Everyone is dancing with their husbands. While Dawood is not your husband, he is your cousin. I already told you to be careful.”
Saba “I have doubts about Dawood’s intentions. Ghazal Dawood will fuck you.”
Ghazal۔ “I told you both that my husband is not with me. You don’t bring me here. But you both forced me to come to such a place with my cousin.”
Nadia “But Ghazal Dawood is not your husband. You can’t do all this with him.” Ghazal۔ “Dawood is not my husband. Only you two know that. The people in the party don’t know that.”
Saying this, Ghazal walked towards her table with a meaningful smile.
Saba۔ “Looks like Ghazal will fuck with her cousin today.”
Saba and Nadia went back to Ghazal leaving her situation.
Ghazal was holding Dawood’s hands, and arms, and kept touching him, Dawood beamed once again and was back in horny mood. They both were now sitting very close to each other. Ghazal gave him glass of champions, they took the shots together. They went for another round of the same.
Once again they both get hot, Ghazal was squeezed between Dawood’s hand, Dawood trying to impress Ghazal. And Ghazal was impressed with a man other than her husband. The difference is that it was not as humid, and the liqueur in their blood was making the whole experience lively and entertaining, as if there was nothing amiss with the sight of a married woman having fun with men.
Slowly the shots started to have an effect on Ghazal. Ghazal was getting tipsy. The world seemed a better place, made her feel happy, Ghazal was having a good time, and she really desperately wanted to fuck!
Ghazal was thinking at this point.
Oh! O Dawood, enough of this seduction, drag me to a corner and fuck my hard!
As if Dawood heard Ghazal’s inner voice, he said, ‘Now, Ghazal baji, I want dance again, with my beautiful cousin!’
When Dawood was taking Ghazal to the dance floor holding her by her waist, it was as if Dawood was taking Ghazal to a bedroom to fuck her.
Dawood and Ghazal started to dance. Ghazal was in much better mood now, with alcohol going into her blood stream, and with heightened libido from the previous ribald dance. But Dawood was in a complete league altogether. Unlike past which was smooth and slow, this time is all raw and quick. Dawood went straight for Ghazal huge jelly boobs and started kissing them. Dawood held Ghazal tight, started moving his hips, pushing his engorged cock onto Ghazal pussy, rubbing it at the right places to elicit passionate moans from Ghazal.
Ghazal: “MMMM! Dawood! What are you doing?”
Dawood: “Ghazal baji, if you don’t like this, I will stop it immediately!”
Ghazal: *NOOOO! Don’t stop! I am loving this. Please Don’t Stop!”
With that encouragement and invitation, there was nothing to stop Dawood from doing what he wanted to do to her. Dawood started biting Ghazal’s boobs, and slurped on her cleavage, moving his tongue deep into the recess of the cleavage, and kept kneading Ghazal’s ass cheeks forcefully, sometimes separating them by force. Dawood moved them apart so much that Ghazal even felt a waft of fresh air on her pussy and asshole. Dawood held Ghazal tight and then moved his tongue inside the bustline of the blues of saree to reach the aureole of her breast. And Dawood started to lick it. Dawood must have known he reached the right destination because of the heavy bumps on Ghazal’s aureole. Dawood tried to force his tongue even deeper and he hit the jackpot. Dawood started to lick the upper side of Ghazal’s thick and hard nipple. This guy is gutsy.
Ghazal: “MMMM! Dawood, yeh kya har rahe ho! MMMM”
Dawood: “Ghazal baji, I want to fuck you! I really want to fuck you!”
Ghazal: “So, who is stopping you Dawood, FUCK ME!”
Ghazal looked straight into Dawood’s eyes to let him know that she was serious about what she said.
Dawood: “Yes, Ghazal baji, will definitely fuck you tonight. I promise I will.”
Ghazal started to kiss Dawood with love and affection, because of the promise he made. Dawood was doing everything to impress Ghazal and he has been successful at that. Looks like Dawood wanted to outdo Waheed. He wanted to prove he was more of a man. Also, the fact that Ghazal have feel Dawood’s dick that made him overconfident. Dawood knew that Ghazal was feeling lustily at his engorged cock. So, Dawood naturally assumed Ghazal was easy for him. Probably Ghazal shyness emboldened him further. Dawood saw Ghazal as his next conquest. Ghazal wanted to be Dawood’s conquest. Ghazal was high and lost all inhibitions and was acting like a whore.
Unlike how Ghazal danced before, she was slobbering all over Dawood’s face, bit his lips, scratched his face with her teeth, and sucked on his tongue as if it was his thick and engorged cock. Ghazal was being wild. Meanwhile, Dawood was pushing his hardened cock into Ghazal’s body. This was making Ghazal go weak in her legs. Ghazal attached herself to Dawood’s body on the dance floor. Dawood kept kneading Ghazal’s ass, and was putting his fingers into Ghazal’s asshole over the thin fabric of Ghazal’s saree. Dawood kept mauling Ghazal’s boobs and even tried to tug Ghazal’s breast out, but then changed his mind. Ghazal looking at Dawood’s eyes and she could see his lust-filled eyes. Ghazal feel proud to her feminine power she was making her brother go mad with desire. But Ghazal can understand that her desire was for more intense than him, and Ghazal have a leaking pussy to vouch for that.
To an observer at the club, the entire spectacle must have looked like a foreplay from a pornographic movie. Most people that were earlier dancing around them stopped dancing and were enjoying the show Ghazal and Dawood were putting on for them. Dawood was being rough and dominating, but Ghazal loved his maneuvers. Ghazal would take him any day, anywhere. Sometimes a woman wants to be taken, against her will, and Dawood is that kind of man.
“Oh! Dawood! If you fuck me right now on this dance floor in front of all these people, I will fuck you back!”
The increased sexual tension amongst them was making them do all kinds of naughty things in that crowded place. Ghazal and Dawood dance had become so obscene that they couldn’t do much more on the dance floor without crossing the legal limits.
Ghazal started trying to control herself and Dawood, but Ghazal understood that it was not possible. David was like an unleash beast and she was his prey. It was a big mistake. What kind of sheep would go out with hungry wolf?. Today, her cousin pounced on her feminine asset.
Dawood was working in the front as well as taking care of Ghazal’s back. The crowd around them stopped dancing and were just witnessing a frenzied foreplay. Ghazal’s cousin were using her to the hilt. Dawood picked Ghazal up like doll. There was lot of groping, touching, caressing, kneading, pressing mauling, and sometimes, biting. It felt like Ghazal’s entire body was being touched and played her ass, her crotch, her waist, her back, her lips, her face, her neck, her thighs, in that order. Most of the Dawood’s attention went to Ghazal’s boobs,
their bodies were getting sweaty, and Ghazal’s saree was sticking to her body completely, showing off Ghazal’s body contours in explicit details. The navel was showing off prominently, and Ghazal’s bid butt which accentuates at the top made the dress go into the ass crease showing off the shape of her Pitchers in abundance. Ghazal’s entire skin was sweaty and sticky, but Dawood seems to enjoy it. Wherever possible, Dawood was cleaning off the sweat with his tongues. Yes, Dawood was just licking and biting Ghazal. Ghazal had some bite marks on her meaty shoulders and on her jelly boobs.
This is what Waheed wanted. He wanted the Ghazal to be played by Dawood. Today Ghazal was going to fulfill her husband’s wish.
Even Dawood were sweaty. The sweat was dripping off of him in streams and would land on various parts of Ghazal’s body further adding to Ghazal’s sweatiness. They were pretty drenched from their sweat, and they were smelling carnal. None of them were ready to let go of each other. So, they got into a new position for dancing. Dawood was behind Ghazal’s back, but they were turned in the same direction. Dawood was pushing his erect dick into Ghazal’s ass, while Ghazal was pressing her butt onto Dawood’s cock. And in this position, they couldn’t do much except gyrate their hips, move back and forth and sideways, as Dawood were fucking Ghazal in tandem. Dawood took this seriously and started to pump Ghazal from behind, dry fucking her, while Ghazal was pushing herself onto Dawood. Dawood kept kissing Ghazal on her neck, and Ghazal was rubbing her lips. Once in a while Dawood turned Ghazal’s head backwards, they kissed each other like in a porno movie, jutting their tongues out, playing with them, without involving the lips. It was so erotic.
It was like Ghazal and Dawood died and were in heaven, except that in this heaven, it is orgy all the time!
Dawood grabbed Ghazal’s boobs and held her close. Now, Ghazal could feel Dawood’s cock on her asshole. Dawood started to hump Ghazal from back and Ghazal was being treated like a ragdoll. Ghazal was so lust-filled that even she started to use her hands – Ghazal held Dawood’s hand and was forcing them onto her boobs grabbing, just to give him encouragement.
At one point of time, both of Ghazal’s legs were in the air, Dawood was holding Ghazal by her ass cheeks. Most of the crowd around them were watching this awesome display of licentiousness and ribaldry. Ghazal’s saree was no longer decent, it was riding up on her milky thighs, and the way Dawood was manhandling Ghazal, sometimes the nipples were coming out for a peek. Dawood and Ghazal were a pervert. Dawood caught Ghazal’s boob and started to press it, and deliberately pulled it out so that the nipple came out into the open. Ghazal’s erect nipple was looking menacing. Ghazal’s nipple was dark, thick and engorged. Dawood took it in his mouth and started to suck on it, bite on it and pull on it. Right in front of the crowd on the dance floor!
Ghazal and Dawood would be a spectacle for the crowd. All the men’s penises were stiff and women’s vaginas were starting to cum. But Ghazal and Dawood were unaware of this. Ghazal and Dawood drank for the first time. Alcohol alienated them from their surroundings.
Ghazal: OWWW! MMMM! HMMMM! Dawood! What are you doing?
There was no answer. Dawood just kept doing whatever he was doing. So that Ghazal don’t focus on it, The crowd around them completely stopped their dance, formed a ring and were looking at them. Some of them took their cameras out and started to videotape the action, and take pictures. This was too much.
After a while, Ghazal felt that the matter had escalated a bit. Ghazal tried to control herself. Ghazal had felt the crowd gathering around them. Ghazal also saw the faces of her friends in the crowd laughing sarcastically at her. Ghazal removed Dawood from her nipple and straightened her saree. Now she was tapping Dawood to make him conscious.
Reluctantly, they stopped their foreplay on the dance floor and got back into their table leaving most of the crowd dejected and disappointed.
Ghazal guess they were anticipating that I would be fucked right there on the dance floor.

Part 5

Ghazal was not ashamed but she could not make a spectacle of herself and her cousin for these people. Ghazal grabbed Dawood’s hand and led him out of the hall. By this time Dawood had understood the situation and he had regained some consciousness. Ghazal dragged Dawood to the car. After a while Ghazal and Dawood were sitting in the car and their car was passing through the dark road between the crops.
Dawood was driving very slowly, controlling himself. But Ghazal was wondering what she was doing. Was it wrong or was it right?
The fact that Ghazal was having so much fun with different man other than her husband was making the whole experience thrilling and exciting. Ghazal don’t remember the last time she had this much fun. Ghazal guess one can get addicted to this kind of life and there could be no going back. May be that’s the reason most societies don’t allow women to get close to men other than their husbands. The attention they receive from men outside the marriage can be quite intoxicating, the pleasure outside marriage quite stimulating. I guess all women love to taste the forbidden fruit.
Thinking of tasting the forbidden fruit, Ghazal dreaming with open eyes when will this guy whom sit in car with her, hand over his banana to her for licking, sucking and biting?
The sea of lust was bouncing inside the Ghazal but she was an eastern girl she would never take the initiative. She was waiting for the initiative from Dawood. Dawood’s mind was also bursting with lustful thoughts. He used to masturbate every night thinking of pussy and boobs of Ghazal, today he was going to fuck his cousin in the presence of so many people. The existence of Ghazal was driving him crazy.
Suddenly Dawood grabbed Ghazal by the neck, pulled her face towards his and started to kiss her. Ghazal didn’t resist. Ghazal wanted it so bad!
It hit Ghazal’s mind that.
At last! The men are taking charge! Please, take me all the way! And fuck me!
Ghazal was let go after almost a minute-long kiss, which was full of lust and wantonness. It was more about tongue-dueling than about mating of lips. It was wild and unbridled. While kissing, Dawood grabbed the choli of Ghazal’s saree, and pulled it down to expose her 2. 5 Kg two milk pack.
Dawood came from below and started to suck on Ghazal’s boob, pulling on her thick nipple. A conservative housewife from a middle class family is getting kissed and sucked by her Romeo in a car. It must have been a wonderful sight!.
Once again they were putting up a show, but there were no observers this time, now nature wanted to give them their privacy. Dawood parked the car on the side of the road and turned off the car engine. Dawood leaned down from his seat on Ghazal’s breasts. Dawood started sucking Ghazal’s breasts as the hungry calf grows impatiently like a cow’s udder.
Dawood suckled on the Ghazal’s breast like babe. Ghazal’s hand was in Dawood’s hair. Ghazal was caressing Dawood while Dawood worked on her boob. Dawood was so much interested in Ghazal’s boobs, so Dawood tried to suck both of Ghazal’s nipples. There Ghazal was, sitting like a whore, with her boobs lover sucking her boobs. Ghazal was receiving both pain and pleasure, because Dawood was pulling, tugging and chewing her teats and kept on pumping Ghazal’s boobs in an attempt to get the phantom milk out of it. Ghazal put hands in Dawood’s head, stroking him, and thus feeling like a queen being serviced by her sex slave.
Ghazal guess Dawood wanted more. He came up, looked at her, and said, ‘Ghazal baji, suck my cock.’
As if Ghazal was a newly recruited soldier obeying her drill sergeant, Ghazal opened Dawood’s pants without flinching, then his zippers, and then his underwear, to get her monster prize out. Wow! It looked glorious. Dawood’s cock was an amazing tool. It was so extraordinary that it needs a name. Yes, like the Mjollnir, the hammer of Thor, it stood up proud, as if it had its own existence independent of Dawood. Extremely thick at the bottom, slowly tapering as it went up and suddenly ending up in a very big bulbous cockhead, it was genuinely what women crave for.
The veins moving around the trunk looked ominous and threatening, invoking a certain fear, the kind of fear which everyone women can only desire for, but only few can attain. Ghazal is going to be the lucky woman. Ghazal took Dawood’s cock in her hand- it was warm, and rock hard. When Ghazal wrapped it in her hand, her fingers couldn’t even touch her thumb – never knew that dicks can be so thick. It felt so good in Ghazal’s soft and delicate hands, like the beauty holding the beast.
Like a bee attracted towards the honey, Ghazal was drawn to Dawood’s cock. Ghazal put her face in his crotch, and started to touch it with her lips, Ghazal’s face, and cheeks, making love with it. Ghazal was trying to feel the length, the girth, and the contours of Dawood’s monstrous beast, as if Ghazal was trying to tame it and take control. Suddenly the whiff of his manly smell got caught in her nose. It was masculine and raw, and carnal. It many have been the smell of dried pre cum that Dawood has been ejecting the whole evening during our foreplay, or could have been the smell of the sweat of his crotch area, or combination of the both. It was musky, intoxicating, and alluring, making Ghazal weak in her legs. How could a man smell so good? Especially down there! Or is it the alcohol in her blood altering her senses.
Ghazal put her nose onto the Mjollnir and started to drawn the strong and masculine smell, and moved it from the head of the cock down to the base and moved her nose deep into his crotch, under the base of the cock onto his balls. The smell only increased in its acridity, making her.
Ghazal acted like an aphrodisiac, filling her with lust.

Oh! How much Ghazal wanted to get fucked by that monster!

After having her fill smelling it, Ghazal started tasting it. And it tasted good. A bit salty but the right amount to make it worthwhile. Ghazal started to suck on Dawood’s glorious cock, the same one which was hated by Ghazal some time before. Ghazal sucked Dawood’s cock Ghazal have never done before. Ghazal used her tongue, her lips and her teeth and kept pumping it with her hand. While Ghazal was working Dawood’s cock, Dawood put his hand around her, reached for Ghazal’s hanging boobs, and started to milk it. Ghazal wanted to take all of Mjollnir inside her mouth, so she tried to deep throat the beast, but could not.
Ghazal need to learnt the art of deep throating, something to remember!
After sucking on Dawood’s gorgeous cock for few minutes, Ghazal came up, and kissed Dawood on his lips.
After a wild kiss, Now, Ghazal focused on, the Mjollnir. Ghazal went up against it with all her expertise, but it would not be tamed. Ghazal became delirious while sucking on Dawood’s mighty cock. Ghazal kept sucking its bulbous head, kissing it, licking it, and then moving her tongue along the length of the cock into the base, and sucked on his large balls, and repeated this many times. And yet, Dawood would not cum. Ghazal guess the fact that Dawood was sexually strong hunk unlike her husband. Dawood was holding onto the post without releasing it. Ghazal started using her teeth a bit, along with the tongue and tightened her lips while pumping it with both my hands. That seemed to work on Dawood, who now closed his eyes and looked like he was on the brink of releasing his sperm. Within a minute Dawood was ready to cum, and he was couldn’t control himself while releasing, he kept saying, ‘WOOOOOW! MMMMMM! MMMMM! HMMMMM! AAAAAAAAHHHH’, and started to release copious amount of white juice into the Ghazal’s mouth.
Ghazal’s mouth filled with Dawood’s cum. But now more Dawood’s cum was coming into Ghazal’s mouth due to pressure. Growing cum in the mouth began to descend from the throat of the Ghazal. Ghazal didn’t want to ruin her new saree and Dawood’s clothes, so Ghazal drank Dawood’s whole cum. Ghazal did not remove her mouth from Dawood’s cock until she drank one drop of cum.
Now Dawood’s cock was loose.
Closing the zipper of his pants, Dawood said to Ghazal, “Now I will leave you at home.”
Ghazal. “No, Dawood, I don’t have to go home tonight.”
Dawood “So where do you go, Ghazal baji?”
Ghazal۔ “Wherever you go”
Now David’s car was heading for a new destination. All the way Dawood was playing with Ghazal’s body. Some time later, Ghazal and Dawood were now in a hotel۔ It was not a respectable hotel. It was a red light hotel. Dawood booked a room and took Ghazal to the room.