A nice change of pace

I went out with a few friends for a few drinks and ended up with something much better

It was my friend Carlos’ birthday this past weekend and we got together with a few friends and had some drinks. Carlos is gay and two of the friends that came with us are also gay but married to each other. I was the only one that wasn’t gay but if you know anything about me, you know I’m very bisexual.

While we were at this bar I noticed a woman staring at me. Normally I would think nothing of it because I’m married, and despite my wife being completely useless in most situations, I’ve always been faithful to her.. at least in the sense I don’t sleep with other women.

This woman had a short red pixie haircut, and dark red lipstick which I found sexy. She had a short white dress on that was very tight against her petite body. Black fishnet stockings and black high heels as well. She was very attractive but again I didn’t think to approach her since she looked much younger than I am. I’m 43 and she looked in her early 20’s

We continued with our drinks and after about a half hour, the guys I was with all got up and went to the dance floor. Not more than 2 minutes later, I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked up and it was the girl that had been staring at me. She asked if she could sit down and of course I said yes. I bought us a couple of drinks and we began talking and frankly, hitting it off quite well!

This is the part of the story where I should say that if you haven’t read my stuff before, you should know that , as I said I am married to a woman who I more or less despise. I am also a cross dressing whore that loves getting my ass torn apart by a big thick cock! This particular night I was wearing my usual men’s clothes.

We continued to talk and she was laughing at all my jokes and I couldn’t believe how well it was going. The guys came back from the dance floor and noticed we were talking and sat down at a different table nearby.

With all my experience in cross dressing, and being in a gay bar, it never crossed my mind that this woman was a man. She looked incredibly feminine and had a soft voice that sounded nothing like a man. However, she was indeed a man!

At first I was a bit taken back and she seemed to be pulling away as well but I explained to her the situation and why I was acting like I was. We had a laugh about it and I even told her about how I was a cross dresser as well.

After a few more drinks and us getting a little more comfortable and acquainted, she told me her name was Charlotte and she was only 21! I couldn’t believe how into me she was even after I told her I was 43.

Charlotte said she had a studio apartment just a few blocks away and I agreed to walk her home. Despite all our chemistry, I was still expecting nothing but when we got to her apartment, she asked if I wanted to come inside. I was floored! I hadn’t had this happen to be in over 20 years, which I stupidly mentioned and added a little awkwardness to it seeing as she wasn’t even born then.

We got upstairs and she made us a couple drinks. We talked as we drank and then she scooted closer to me on the couch and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

“Is that ok?” She asked as I looked stunned

“Yeah, I’m still trying to wrap my head around this.” I answered nervously “…not used to young and pretty girls liking me.” I added

“Relax. We don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with.” She said with a smile pulling away a bit

“I may be awkward but I’m very ok with this!” I said with a hint of fake confidence

Charlotte leaned in and kissed me. When she pulled away I slammed the rest of my drink down and went back for more. We started making out pretty heavily! Before I knew it she was rubbing my cock.

I fumbled to unbutton my pants while she kept aggressively rubbing. I had to push her hand aside so I could unzip and before I could even finish, Charlotte slid her hand down the front of my pants and grabbed firmly on my dick. Her hand was cold and it felt great on my warm cock!

I started to push my jeans down and made it to my knees before she bent over and swallowed my dick! I let out a loud moan and felt like a months worth of weight instantly fell off my shoulders. My body completely relaxed and I collapsed backwards on her couch. She was a professional cock sucker! I felt like I was going to cum in less than a minute!

“Christ I’m going to cum already!” I groaned

“Mmhmm.” She mumbled refusing to take my cock out of her mouth

Suddenly I let loose a huge load of sperm! My toes curled up and legs tightened as I started pumping my warm goo down her throat! She was swallowing every drop she could squeezing my shaft with one hand and caressing my balls with her other. When I finally finished she looked up at me with cum dripping down her chin and smiled.

“Wow, that was quick. You must’ve needed that!” She smirked

“You have no idea.” I answered

As she sat up, she took a quick drink from her glass. When she put it down, I turned towards her on the couch and pushed her back to lay down. I quickly removed my jeans as they were making moving difficult and I got between her legs. I reached up her dress and pulled a sexy pair of black lace panties down. Charlotte pulled her dress up a little bit exposing her cock! It was only about 5” long but had a beautiful little mushroom tip and was leaking pre cum already!

“You don’t have to do this. I was just gonna take care of you.” She explained

“I want to!” I said going down

I put the tip of her cock in my mouth and I couldn’t believe how awesome it tasted! I had sucked my share of cock in the past year or so; some smelled great, some not so great but hers was the best I’ve ever smelled and tasted!

Charlotte let out a loud moan as I began slurping her cock. Her back arched and her hips came forward and she shoved her dick deep in my throat! I gagged a bit and she apologized, but it didn’t stop me. I grabbed ahold of the base of her shaft, swung my pinky underneath her balls and began bobbing my head up and down ferociously. She placed her hand on the back of my head and held me in place gently. I felt her long nails tickling the back of my neck. Suddenly she dug her nails into the back of my head and started crying out.

“Yes! Of god yes that feels so good!” She cried

Then an aggressive spurt of cum hit the roof of my mouth and slid down my throat. A second and third equally aggressive spurt shot down my throat. More and more cum squirted from her mushroom tip onto my tongue. It tasted amazing! Her cum was incredible! When she finished I sat up and she started laughing hysterically.

“What?!” I asked

“You have cum on your nose!” She said thru her laughter

“So do you.” I said wiping it away and smearing it on her nose.

We laughed about it for a minute or so as we both realized we had cum all over our faces.

Shortly after I got dressed and left. We exchanged numbers and have since texted back and forth a number of times. We’re definitely going to continue seeing each other. We discussed next time I cross dress as well and we’ve talked about maybe getting a man involved as well. I have a boyfriend on the side named Dave that I think would go nuts if I brought Charlotte over. We’ll see I guess…

All I know is that I suddenly have an urge to fuck Charlotte’s petite little ass!

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅