I let 2 dogs lick my penis

I was thirteen when this happened, I’m fourteen now.

This happened a few months ago. My dads friend had 2 dogs, one day when she came over, she brought them with her. They were both boy dogs, one pretty small, and the other fairly large. When they went to sleep, they put the dogs in a crate in my living room. I was really horny, and I’ve seen men have sex with dogs before, so I put my penis near the edge of the cage. The smaller dog sniffed at it, but stopped, so I went and got peanut butter hoping it would work. Whenever I got back, they saw the peanut butter and got excited. I pulled my penis out of my pants, and put a little bit of peanut butter on the head of it. I put my penis through the side of the crate, and the small one started to lick it off, it felt heavenly. I felt like I was gonna cum right then, but then he stopped. I put more on my penis, but instead I put it in front of the large dog, so I could see how his tongue felt. He sniffed at it for a bit, and then starting lapping at my dick. It felt great. His tongue covered the head of my cock as he licked…

Part 2 soon?

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅