Hair Hair Hair

Hair fetishism or partialism and Trichoplilla is a hair fetish which is sexually or erotically arousing, for the seeing touching or playing with mainly head hair but also chest, armpit hair.

She said goodbye to her senior stylist. It was 5.23pm. She closed the salon door after a busy day. She stood looking in the big mirror. She turned her head to the side running her fingers
through her long hair.

She had owned the salon for ten years at the age of 34. She started hairdressing at 15 dropping out of school. Boys were a distraction. She lost her virginity at 14. She worked her way up the ladder. Saved to buy her salon at 24.

She did have one thing no one knew about. A hair fetish. It wasn’t till she was 28 she truly knew she did.

She went out the back, the rubbish bags of peoples hair. She opened them reaching in pulling out a handful putting it the her face, sniffing the hair and rubbing it between her fingers.

She lifted her skirt sliding her hand in her underwear, she rubbed over her pussy, she pushed her fingers into her pussy. She fingered herself as she sniffed and rubbed the hair in her hands. She could feel her well groomed pubic hair over her pussy. A thin strip up over her labias and a triangle about a inch above her clit.

” Oh fuck. ” She said sitting on the chair opening her legs. She moved a portable mirror on a tripod in front of her. She watched herself rub her pubic hair as she rubbed the other hair.

Her boyfriend un aware of her hair fantasy and fetish. Her fantasy was to fuck on a bed of hair. She had rubbish bags full of hair in her garage in case it happened.

She arrived home at 7 pm. Poured a glass of wine. She checked her messages. Her mother coming to stay in a week, her boyfriend away for a extra day. Oh well she thought.

She brought in the bags of hair from her clients. If they knew what she was doing with their hair.

She went to the bathroom and tipped two bags of hair into the bath. She went to the garage bringing in another four. She downed her wine pouring another glass. She stood in front of the mirror undressing. She removed her blouse, her skirt, her bra her c cups falling out she slid down her knickers. She watched as she rubbed her pussy. Mainly her pubic hair.

She stepped in the bath on the mat of hair on the bottom of the bath wriggling her toes in the hair feeling it between her toes. She she looked in the mirror at her naked body picking out hair from the bag. A mix of blonde and dark hair. She could almost recognise the customer from the hair. She rubbed it over her breasts and stomach, down to her pubs. She groaned as pulled out more. For 30 minuted she pulled it out watching herself rub it over her body letting it fall in the bath. Her pussy wet. She sat down in the bath feeling the hair between her arse cheeks. She tipped the hair over herself.

Now covered in hair the bath full she leant her head back moaning and groaning rubbing it over her body, over her pussy. Inside her thighs and legs. Over her stomach and breasts, under her arms. She pretended it was soap cleaning her. The mix of blonde, dark, red, black, men’s, women’s hair. Even some blue from her punk customer.

Rach a girl who was 23 a punk girl who dyes her pubic hair bright red. She has a blue and white spiked hair.

She moaned. ” Ummmmmm Argh fuck. ” As fingered her pussy knowing hair was been pushed inside her from her finger. She caressed and squeezed her breasts. She squeezed her nipples.

” Arrgh fuck. Fuck.Fuck. ” She said arching her back pleasuring herself. ” Sssssshiiiittt ” she said.

” She closed her eyes. The hair over her body turning her skin on as the soft hair nestled against her athletic tanned body. She ran her fingers through her long hair as she rubbed her pussy her fingers wet from her pussy juices.

” Aghhhhh FUCK.FUCK.FUCK. ” She yelled as she orgasmed. The best orgasm for a long time. She lay their covered in hair. She though about how she enjoyed cutting hair, the pleasure from it running between her fingers at work.

She loved spending days washing hair on customers. How it made her feel.

She finished her wine and stood up brushing the hair off her body and got in the shower. She washed and cleaned up.