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We started to pick up our daughters from school in Kevs car , it’s a big vw , our daughters have been into the toilets and school and removed their knickers , they would get into the car , Chloe would hand me her knickers and my daughter would hand hers to Kevin , when we had driven away from the school the girls would pull up their skirts to show off their hairless mounds to us , opened their knees , we would find a quite place to pull into and the girls would play with their slits while we watched my daughter was quite proud of her slit now and would ask Kev if he liked her to rub it while he watched or pull her small hole open kev would say he liked her anyway she was , I think it’s all stretched now kev , she told him one day I think , your stretched more than your mum I told her , kev laughed yes sweetie I think your mum still needs stretching wide open , Sophie looked proud , Chloe knew what turned me on , and would sit in the back seat and would put her fingers into her hole and tell me to play with myself , we never shagged them in the car just watched our little ones enjoy their slits , we’d had them their knickers back and driver home ,
Kev and I were talking , I said what else they need to be taught. Well he said there both used to sucking and swallowing cum , they’ve both lost their cherrys , and they both can take my 8 inches in their tight pussies, I’d like to pop your daughters cherry in her arse , even my mrs wasn’t into anal and now I was considering letting kev stick his cock into my daughters arse , what do you think , plenty of lube start with my fingers then bang , it turned out he’d already been up his own daughters arse a few nights ago , well I said if Sophie says it’s ok it’s her choice , yes he said bring her round Sunday morning the wife and Chloe are out . On Sunday I got sophie naked just your dressing gown on I told her nothing underneath , dad sophie asked is kev going to shag me again , yes I said , I love his goo , will he goo me , oh yes I said .
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