Hitching a ride

This story contains gay, bi sex and incest.

This is based on a real event. Just embellished a bit for this site.

When I was 16 and in high school, I lived with my parents and sister in a small rural town. I had to ride a bus to school and would sometimes miss it and have to hitchhike to school.

One time an older man stopped and asked where I was going. I told him and he told me he could take me all the way there but it would cost me.

“I don’t have any money.” I told him, expecting I would have to wait for another ride.

“That’s okay, kid, I think we can work something else out. My name’s Mike.”

I told him my name is John.

I was not sure what that would be but I knew if I turned down a ride, I might be late for school. So I hopped in and we started off.

The fasted route to the school was via the highway but Mike turned down a country gravel road. I was a bit nervous about it but kept quiet, hoping I would be okay.

After about a mile, he pulled in a lane to a creek and parked.

“Uh, mister, I need to get to school!”

“Oh, you’ll get there, but first you have to pay up.”

“I told you I don’t have any money.”

“And I told you that we can work something else out.”

He reached over and put his hand on my cock. I looked down at it and wanted to tell him no, but I have trouble with confrontation so I just let him rub me through my pants.

“Pull your pants down, John. I’m going to make you feel real good.”

I was very nervous as I fumbled with the button on my jeans. I was not very experienced and didn’t know what he was going to do. I finally unbuttoned them and pulled them down.

“That’s it, John. Now pull out your cock. Let me see it.”

I reached through the fly in my boxers and pulled my cock out. Mike reached over and wrapped a hand around it, stroking until it got hard. I was trembling but it felt really good. No one had ever touched me this way.

“Let’s get in the back where there’s more room.”

We both got in the back. I still had my cock out and Mike grabbed it again. This time he held it pointing straight up and bent down, taking it in his mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhhh gosh, mike! That feels really good!”

“Mmmmmmpphhh.” He mumbled around my cock. He used a lot of spit and twirled his tongue around the head, then he took it deep into his throat.

He pulled back so just the head was in his mouth and jerked rapidly on the shaft.

“Oh god, Mike! I’m gonna shoot it! Ahhhhhhhggghhh!”

I couldn’t believe how good it felt as my cum spurted out into his mouth. He gulped every rope down until I couldn’t shoot any more.

When he sat up he smiled at me and said, “okay kid, now it’s your turn.”

He pulled his pants and underwear down and his big cock sprang up.

“Uh, I’ve never done this before! I don’t know if I can!”

“Just do what I did. You’ll catch on.”

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to, but again, I needed to get to school and the quicker I got him off, the better.

I bent over and took his cock in my hand then opened my mouth and lowered it until his cock entered. He moaned as I closed my lips around it and started licking the head like he did. A syrupy liquid was oozing out and I actually liked the taste. I started to get into doing it and was bobbing up and down and taking him deeper and deeper until I gagged.

“Oh yeah! You’re doing great kid! Keep sucking me and I’ll give you a tonsil wash!”

He was arching up at me and then stiffened all over as his cock started spurting gobs of cum into my mouth! I was swallowing and to my surprise, I was getting hard again. I kept sucking and swallowing until he stopped. He pulled my head away and said, “you did perfect John! And now that you’re hard again I’ve got just one more thing I need you to do.”

He turned and got on his knees on the seat.

“Get behind me.” He reached in the seat back pocked and got a jar of Vaseline. He took a big glob and rubbed it into his asshole.

“Now put your cock in my asshole! Don’t worry, I cleaned myself earlier so you won’t get shit all over you.”

I put my cock on his puckered hole and pushed in. It went in easily and he moaned as I started to ass fuck him. Oh man! Did it feel good. Apparently he liked it to, “yeah! Fuck my ass!”

Then he took my hand and put it on his cock. I jerked him as I fucked his ass.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yes John! It feels so good! I cum so hard when I’m ass fucked and jerked off!”

I was close myself and bellowed when I came, “ahhhhhhhhggghhh god! Cumming again! Oh yes!”

“Oh yeah! Me too! Ahhhhhhh shit!” His cock started to shoot ropes of cum onto the seat.

We both finished and pulled our clothes on. He drove me to school and I was only a few minutes late.

I really did like sucking his cock. I thought about it all day at school. I had never considered myself as gay. I didn’t think it was sinful or gross or anything. I guess I just never had the opportunity and had never been attracted before. But now that I had tried cocksucking, I found that I REALLY liked it.

So when I got home from school I went right to my laptop and instead of doing my homework right away, I cruised some gay porn sites.

There were videos of guys getting ass fucked, sucking cock and several where guys sucked their own cocks. I even found one where a guy had a long enough cock that he could fuck his own ass.

Needless to say, I was rock hard as I watched. I didn’t think I was long enough to fuck myself, but I am very limber and flexible and I though maybe I could suck my own cock. I watched several videos and it seemed that most of them got on their back and lifted their legs over until their knees were almost on the floor behind their head.

I got on the floor and pulled my pants off. The I lifted my legs and lower back, swinging my knees over my head. I pulled my knees down with my hands and my cock was right there at my mouth! I used one hand to hold my cock down and I was able to get about an inch into my mouth.

Oh wow! I thought, this feels as good as when Mike did it. I licked all around the head and as far as I could on the shaft. Then I grabbed my hips and pulled them down, getting another inch in my mouth. I held my head still and pulled then released my hips, fucking my mouth. Then I started lifting my head at the same time.

Oh my god! It felt amazing. I sped up my licking and pretty soon I felt the familiar tingling that meant I was about to shoot. Then my thighs clenched and a stream of goo spurted into my mouth! I was swallowing my own semen!

I shot 4 times and swallowed it all! I rolled back on the floor and laid there until I caught my breath. I knew I would do this all the time from now on.

Luckily, I finished before my sister came home. We’re twins and share everything but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this yet.

But twins can read each other extremely well so when she came bounding into my room, she noticed right away that I was hiding something.

Janet asked, “what happened bro? You look different somehow.”

“Uh, Janet, I’m not sure if I should tell you, it’s kind of embarrassing.”

“Oh come on, we share everything! You can tell me, I won’t laugh.”

So I told her what happened that morning.

“Oh wow, he sucked you and then you actually sucked him?”

“Yeah, and I was surprised that I liked it both ways. And I fucked his ass too!”

“But do you still like girls?”

“Of course! I guess I’m bi.”

“Well, I think I am too. I like to look at the other girl’s bodies in the shower.”

“And you know what else I did?”


“I just sucked my own cock!”

“No way! Show me!”

“Really? You want to see me do it?”

“Hell yes! I think it would be awesome to watch.”

I got on the floor again and pulled my pants off. Like before I put my legs up over my head. Then I stroked my cock until it was hard, the put it in my mouth.

“Holy shit! You really can! How does it feel?”


“I wonder if I can lick my pussy? I’m pretty flexible also.”

She sat down and pulled her shorts and panties off. I couldn’t believe she was showing me her pussy! The she got in the same position I was in. Because of her gymnastics and cheer training, she was able to get close enough to lick her pussy.

“Oh wow! This does feel good! I’ve never had my pussy licked. I want to see if I can make myself orgasm.”

I was stroking my cock as I watched her. She had light brown pubic hair and her pussy was bright pink as she licked all over and in it. She was making slurping noises and then she started whimpering as she orgasmed.

“Mmmmmmmph! Ohhhhhhhhh! Oh! Oh god!”

I couldn’t help asking, “uh Janet, can I lick your pussy?”

“Oh god yes! Please? And I’ll suck your cock if you want me too!”

“Oh yeah! I want you too. Let’s do it at the same time!”

We laid side by side and I put my head between her legs and started licking her pussy while she put my cock in her mouth. Somehow, my sisters mouth felt the best so far! She seemed to be a natural cocksucker! She licked each side of my shaft, the put it in her mouth and sucked on it while licking the head.

I reciprocated by licking all over her pussy, especially the little hard nub at the top. We were both moaning and approaching our orgasms.

I asked Janet, “do you want me to tell you when I cum?”

“Yeah, I’m not sure if I’ll like it. That way I can taste just a little. You can cum on my face though.”

Aw shit! That did it! I pulled out quickly just as the first stream hit her cheek! I kept firing ropes of cum on her face as I licked her pussy.

“Oh yes John! I’m doing it! I’m cumming!”

When we were done, she scooped a little and licked it from her finger. “Mmmm! Not bad! Next time you can cum in my mouth!”

I almost got hard again as I looked at the cum running down Janet’s face and hanging from her chin. She smiled impishly at me and caught the stringy goo on her finger and tilting her head back, let it drop into her mouth.

We got cleaned up before mom got home.

Later that night I was in my bed with my iPad and of course surfing gay sites again. I was intrigued with one where instead of putting his legs behind his head, he stayed on his back and put his arms through his legs and hooked them behind his knees. Then he pulled his legs up until he could reach his cock with his mouth.

Of course I had to try it right then. I laid on the floor and got my arms through my legs. When I slid them behind my knees to my armpits, it put my cock right there close to my mouth.

Wow! This is great, I thought. I can move my head a lot more and I can use my arms to make my cock move in and out. I started sucking and licking and I wasn’t sure if I could cum again. It took awhile, but finally I was able to produce two squirts of cum. I climbed exhausted into bed, falling asleep immediately.

So the next afternoon I continued my gay exploration. I searched for sites and one that came up was icanchat. It was described as a site where perverts could chat and show themselves on cam. Wow, I thought, this is for me! I have a webcam on my laptop so I went to the site and registered. It had the usual useless prompt saying you must be 18 to continue. I said yes I was and was taken to the home page. There were preview windows of users on cam. Most were men masturbating but there were also women showing their bodies. I clicked on the broadcast button and enabled my cam. It showed my cam view and I adjusted it so it was pointed at my lap. There was a connect button so I clicked on that and my cam view showed up on the home page! Wow, I was broadcasting! I didn’t show my face for fear that the admins would recognize that I was not 18. I pulled my lounge shorts down and my cock was already hard. I spit on it and began masturbating while watching others.

I started to receive comments right away, saying they liked my cock and some wanted to be with me so they could suck it and other comments. A few ladies wanted me to fuck them. This really got me excited and soon I was panting and moaning! I had the cam so it would show my body up to my chin. I couldn’t last long, knowing there were literally hundreds of people watching me (there was a count of viewers and after 10minutes on air there were 750 viewers).

The mic was also on and I was moaning and then groaned, “oh god! I’m cumming! Oh yeah!”

I started shooting long ropes that painted my chest. I grunted as each spurt left my cock. One actually hit my chin and I wiped it into my mouth, causing a torrent of comments. Most loved it but a few texted, ‘eeeeewww’ with a vomit emoji. To each his own I guess.

Predictably I had many requests for where I live, but I’m not dumb enough to meet someone IRL when I don’t know them. I took a gamble on Mike but it turned out okay.

I also was smart enough to turn off location services.

I was just finishing the video feed when Janet came in.

“Whatcha doin?” She asked then looked at the screen.

“Oh wow! It’s a video chat room! You were masturbating live?”

“Yeah, it was wild. Like over 700 viewers!”

“Cool! Can I do it?”

“Yeah, that would be awesome, but don’t show your face!”

“Oh yeah, don’t worry. The last thing I want is for someone I know to see me.”

I kept the feed going and thought it would really get them going if I told them it was my sister. I asked Janet and she agreed, “oh god yes! I can’t wait for the comments.”

She stripped off camera and I texted, “and if you liked my show, wait til you see my sis!”

Janet sat in front of the laptop and adjusted the cam so her boobs and pussy were showing. She started to rub her nipples and moaned as she tweaked her nipples. Then she moved the laptop closer to get a close up on her pussy. It almost filled the screen as she spread the lips and showed her inner folds and cunt opening.

As predicted, the viewer count exploded and soon there were over a thousand viewers and climbing fast!

Several asked how old she was and she said just turned 18. Now they really started to text and several said they invited their followers. The count went quickly to 10,000!

One viewer wanted me to get in the picture and make out with my sister. I sat next to her and we started kissing. I felt her boob and she grabbed my cock.

Someone requested that she suck my cock and she replied, “of course I will! I love sucking my brothers cock!”

She bent down and took me in her mouth. I moaned, “oh yes, sis! Suck me! Oh god yes!”

Then we got a request I hadn’t expected but should have,

“I want to see you fuck your sister!”

I looked at Janet and said, “do you want to?”

“Oh yes! Fuck me bro! Please! We’ve never done it yet! This will be our first time!”

There was a lot of skepticism about that. But Janet laid back with her cunt facing the camera. I got in position. I couldn’t believe I was about to get my first fuck and it was my sister!

I spit on my cock and then her cunt. I put my cock at her opening and pushed the head in.

“Ohhhhhhhhh! It hurts a little but keep going.” I looked back at the screen and the view was perfect. I was up off the bed a little so they could see my cock going in and out. There was a tinge of blood.

Several viewers texted, “oh wow! She was a virgin!”

The count reached 20,000 and growing.

We started to kiss and Janet moaned, “oh my god, brother! It feels so wonderful! Ohhhhhhhhh yes!”

“Oh yeah! It really does!”

We fucked for just a few minutes but the taboo nature of what we were doing in front of 20,000 strangers was too much!

“I’m about to cum!” I warned Janet.

“Cum in my mouth! Hurry!”

I crawled quickly and she opened her mouth and I squirted long strings of cum into her mouth. She swallowed most of it but kept just enough to raise up and open her mouth, showing the bottom half of her face and the cum on her tongue, before closing her mouth and swallowing. Then she showed the viewers that she had swallowed it all.

When we signed off, the count had gone to 25,000+!

“Oh John! That was fucking hot as hell! 25,000 People! It’s like a stadium full watching us fuck!”

“Yeah! I can’t believe it either.”

We decided we’d do it again, then got cleaned up before mom got home!

More to come in part 2!