Hot Blondie who made me forget about my Wife

I work in an advertising agency. We are surrounded by models or at least decent looking girls. I have been here for over 10 years. In my recent days, me and my friend use to often challenge each other on getting the most good-looking girl to bed. And, that’s how I met my wife. We were in a frequent on and off relationship, purely due to my un-quenching thirst to taste new pussy. I tried my best to stay away from it to save my marriage. It’s been 3 years since I am sober. Its also about the kind of person you would like to go out with. Now my needs are very different. I don’t just want to get laid; I want a partner who understands the complex nature of my personality. And that’s when I met Sheena, a hot blondie.

Sheena was just another girl from office, decent looking. Unkept blonde hair, loose fitting dresses and a characterless mouth. She was known to be the tough one to crack at work. Me and Sheena were aligned on a project together. We often worked late nights and smoked up in the CEO’s cabin. It was all fun till one day Sheena and me got drunk.

It was around 2 am that we worked on a project. I constantly noticed that Sheena was quite uncomfortable in her clothes, pulling her strap, adjusting her shirt etc. Suddenly, in the middle of the discussion she announces that she is going to get a nap and walked out of the room. After some time, I went for a nap myself and coincidentally landed in the CEO’s cabin where Sheena sat shirtless, smoking a bud. I was startled and tried to walk away. But Sheena has something else in mind. She said, “What took you so long Jason, I was ready for you a very long time ago?” I looked at her confused. She walked up to me with her bouncing tits and kissed me passionately. The room was dark with only the yellow lights from the next-door hoarding falling over her blonde hair and perky tits.


That sight literally made me forget my vows and my wife. I lost control and held her hair in a tight grip pushing her head towards my rock-hard dick. I unzipped my pants and shoved my manhood in her soft warm mouth. She sucked me hard, followed by a grim. She rose to place my dick between her jiggling tits and held them close to tighten the grip for a hard titty fuck. That sight of her shining blonde hair and blue eyes over big perkies made me crazy. I picked her up and placed her on the office desk. She was quite co-operative and didn’t hesitate to raise her skirt, exposing her pink inviting vagina. I placed her legs over my shoulder and fucked her hard. Her red lips with bubble gum flavoured mouth, made me horny like I was, back in my aces game. I was about to come, but the hot blondie wanted more.

She kicked me and got off the desk. She stood in front of me, her one hand playing with her blonde hair and the other teasing me by tickling her cunt. She then, squeezed her titties and licked one of them. I was about to explode and that’s when she turned around. Her exposed butt had a tiny peace tattoo on it. I spread her cheeks, wrinkling the tattoo and shoved my dick inside her, again. This time, she stood straight in front of the glass door, holding my hands on her breast, demanding me steal a sight. I couldn’t resist and I filled her up. Oh my hot blondie, you made me realise how hot a sex session can be.

Little did we realise that the glass door was a see through one, which allows people to see from outside but not the ones from the inside, when the lights are out. I opened the door to get back to work and saw my wife standing there in horror with a bag full of goodies for her hard-working husband.