Hostage at the Womens’ Prison

Alright, ya’ll. Please give me some honest feedback and opinions about this. Im trying to critique ability to tell a story. Let me know if it’s too long, too wordy, hard to follow, boring, whatever. I have alot more but I want to be sure they’re worth reading before I submit them. Thanks!!

Marcus sat on the cold floor in the corner of the female prison laundry room, staring up at his two shank-weilding captors. On the other side of the locked door, a riot was under way. The incarcerated female population had planned it for weeks in protest of living conditions, guard brutality and other demands. Other inmates had decided to use the riots as an excuse for other activities: among them, two gang wars, a grudge attack and a jailbreak. Marcus could hear the agonizing screams of some of the prisoners as well as a few of his fellow guards being beaten or tortured down the corridors. Ursula and Anna also had their own plans in mind. The two horny females hadn’t had male sexual contact in several years. And Marcus had been on their minds since he signed on.

Marcus had been a correctional officer at the York State Penitentiary for Women for only a few months. His pro football career had faltered from injuries and bad off-the-field decisions. After failed attempts at pro wrestling and tough man competitions, he’d finally resigned himself to the public sector. In a last ditch effort to help his client secure some kind of employment one last time, Marcus’ agent asked his brother, the warden, for a favor. Far from the glamorous life of a pro athlete but at least he had health benefits and a decent paycheck and less dangerous than fighting 300 lb men in underground fighting tournaments. But many of the women had taken to him. His statuesque physique, large hands & feet and deep voice attracted many of the inmates. Even the female C.O.s and the prison nurse had taken notice and often found themselves transfixed by the macho turnkey.

This was the main perk of the job, Marcus had been looking forward to. His football career had tanked after one season and his wife took most of his money in the divorce , leaving him for a younger, up-and-coming pro-bound college athlete. Marcus went into a depression and had lost interest in everything including sex. That is, until he came to York State Prison. York was like a smorgasbord of pussy. Black, white, latina, asian, blonde, brunette, redhead, sexy slim, voluptuously thick. And they were all checking him out even more than he was checking them out. Especially, the matronly white trash arsonist Ursula and her lieutenant, the half-mexican drug mule, Anna.

But being a hostage wasn’t what he had in mind.

“Look. You ladies aren’t gonna get away with this.”, he said patronizingly trying to sit upright on the floor. If you kill me, you’ll never get out of here. They’re already calling the SWAT team. Give me the shanks and I’ll say you weren’t part of the renegade mob.”

“Kill you??”, said the thick-bodied, pony-tailed Ursula, reaching under her skirt and pulling down her panties. “No, baby boy. We’re just gonna fuck the shit out of you.”

LAY ON YOUR BACK, MOTHER FUCKER!!”, the tough latina, Anna bellowed in her heavy accent, pointing the crude but sharp home-made shank made of soap and and mattress spring at his face .

Ursula grinned lustfully as the black muscleman lay prone on his back. Pulling the drab blue-ish grey prison dress above her thick hips, the convicted arsonist stood over his face, spread her legs and squatted, engulfing his bald head beneath her skirt, mashing her pussy into his face.

Marcus hadn’t even imagined this in his sexual fantasies with the female prisoners. He thought maybe he’d have have to give a few special privelidges in hopes of getting a blow job at the most. He may not have had control of the situation but he wasn’t going to let it go to waste. His strong rough hands gripped her healthy, thick white ass as his tongue dove into her hairy blond pussy even further, digging into her hungry hole. The heady aroma of her pussy made his head spin and his cock grow harder. He could feel her other hand gripping and lifting the back of his bald head as if trying to jam his whole face up into her hot squishy cunt.

Not wanting to be left out, Anna knelt beside the herculean guard and unzipped his pants. She was pleased to find that she was wrong about his cock. It was much longer and harder than she’d already hoped it would be. She couldn’t help staring at the nine inch black monster. It made her mouth water. Her narcotics charge already kept her away from sex for eight years and threatened to do so for another 22. She never expected to see another dick till she was 60, let alone one so big and magnificent. She stopped admiring her prize and greedily gulped it down as if to be the first to lay claim. She loved how the cock arced and bowed as it slid into her mouth. She continued to suck the on Marcus’ cock, her slurping sounds drowning out the screams and yells of her fellow inmates coming from the other side of the door. She finally started licking the cock shaft and fondling his sperm-swollen balls. Marcus moaned into Ursula’s pussy as the latina’s assault on his big dick brought him overwhelming pleasure.

Marcus’ face was soaked with pussy juice as Ursula was now on all fours and frantically humping his face and creaming pints of pussy juice. She continuously rubbed her snatch up and down the length of his face, from his forehead and down to his chin where his stubbly goatee created great friction against her clit. Moaning with every wave of orgasm, she lost count after her nineteenth.

“OK! Im ready. Move the fuck back!!”, grunted Ursula. LIke an obedient soldierss, the raven-haired Anna reluctantly moved back from Marcus’ hard wet, spit-glistened penis. Ursula crawled backwards from his face and repositioned her heavy hips and pussy above his hard dick. Grabbing it with one hand, she easily pushed it into her pulsating cunt and sat on it. She moaned at the fullness she felt as Marcus clenched his buttocks pushing his cock up through he sopping wet bush, splitting her velvety pussy lips and into her waiting vagina. Ursula hadn’t felt this kind of pleasure since before she was locked up for burning down her boyfriend’s house in the 80s. And even he didn’t fill her up like this. She pulled her uniform dress over her head and ripped off her bra, freeing her 48DD breasts. Amazingly, she felt Marcus’ cock grow even thicker at the sight of her massive tits.

Marcus reached up and grabbed two handfuls of the blond’s bouncing titties as she rode ground her pussy into his groin, her pussy swallowing more and more inches of his hard cock. He fucked upwards into her gash, reaching into her uterus. Streams of her cum raced down his cock onto his stomach and around his balls. She leaned forward with her hands on floor on either side of his head and pushed her tits into his mouth. He chewed and bit on her mammoth-sized mammaries.

Anna couldn’t hold out any longer. Though her superior cellmate told her to watch the door, the horny latina had been sitting by the washing machines rubbing her thick pussy with a hard-bristled wash brush during the fuckfest. She pulled off her dress and soaked panties and stood over Marcus’ face ready to take the throne Ursula had vacated only minutes before.

“Bitch, what the fuck are you doing??”, Ursula yelled angrily. “I didn’t invite you over here. I told you to watch the fucking door. Don’t make me fuck you up!!”

“Fuck you, ho.”, the lusty latina defiantly stood her ground. “You aint the only one horny ’round here, chica. This may be the last dick either of us get when this is all over.”

Anna sat on the black overseer’s face, wiggling her ass on his head till she was comfortable and her boiling hot pussy was smothering his lips. She faced her cellmate as she sat on the guard’s head and Ursula fucked his cock cowgirl style. Though she was mad at her subordinate, Ursula understood the defiance. She herself was so horny she was ready to start the riot long before the others just to get a piece of this black Apollo. She had to agree with her lieutenant. Once the riot was over and they’re discovered, they’d probably be locked up in solitary without even their own companionship for a very long time.

Marcus slid his head deep into the latina’s hot vaginal crevice and began licking her gooey gash. His nose mashed into her winking rosebud-puckered anus, breathing in the pungent oder. He couldn’t believe how meaty her pussy was. Her full pussy lips filled his mouth like hot peach cobbler. Her heavy tan tits hung from her chest and Marcus gripped the thick-nippled breasts, kneading and twisting the fat knobs. He was in wonderland, with a mouthful of hot latin pussy and his cock being ridden by a fat-assed, big-tittied white trash mama.

In a show of respect, as she undulated her hips on Marcus’ throbbing cock, Ursula leaned forward and french kissed Anna. Anna returned the kiss in even lustier manner and wrapped her arms around the voluptuous blond as she squirmed her dripping pussy over Marcus’ mouth. A complete daisy chain.

Anna started to feel Marcus’ long tongue circling her clitoris and lapping the insides of her labia. Her hips started gyrating to the rhythm of his tongue lashings. Her nipples started to stiffen as she felt the itching of an orgasm coming. She clung to Ursula and pulled her in tight as she felt herself reaching a climax.

At that same time, Ursula’s rhythmic mashing of her g-spot against Marcus’ curved shaft and cockhead had spawned spasms from her own pussy. She scrunched her face and started to arch her back as she felt the oncoming massive wave bigger than any orgasm she’d ever had including the thirty Marcus had already given her.

Marcus felt the gallon of cum in his balls boiling and was no longer able to keep it contained. He hadn’t jacked off in over a month and was surprised he had held off for the forty five minutes he’d been held hostage so far. But now he was ready to blow his load. He sucked Anna’s pussy lips into his mouth one last time, ravaging her clit with his wild animal tongue. He repeatedly thrust his hips upward into the matron Ursula’s wet squelching and queefing pussy, spastically rubbing his bulbous cockhead against the bumpy patch of nerves at her g-spot as if he was striking a match.

Anna started to cum. “Ohh Noooo!! EL NEGRO PENDEJJOOOOOOOHHH, AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”,She screamed and stuttered wildly in spanish as her hips shook and thrashed in an epileptic seizure, spewing pussy milk all over the his greedy face.

Ursula’s fucking motions also sped up as she leaned forward and grabbed Anna and started to cum on Marcus’ dick. “Oh, oh shit, oh Shiiiiiitt Ooh SHIIIIT, OoooH OOOH, OOOOOOH, AHHIIIYYYIIIIIEEE!!!!” She yelped and shivered as waves of orgasm forced her to piss pussy juice all over the hard black cock that seemed to never go soft.

Finally Marcus let loose. With Anna still riding his face, he blindly reached forward and grabbed Ursula’s meaty hips, thrust his groin up one last hurrah and propelled a blast of cum into the trailer park queen’s fat pussy. She could feel the force of the hot semen and sperm hitting her insides of her uterus. Her body shook violently as she grinded her orgasm against his.

Anna’s dripping pussy was still rubbing against his face as she experienced wave after wave of pleasure.

Ursula flexed and milked the last of Marcus’ cum from his slowly shrinking dick.

As the triple climax lost momentum, the two inmates collapsed one after the other, first atop each other and Marcus, then onto the floor. The women lay spent and exhausted as Marcus, pulling up his pants, rose to his feet and reveled in his conquest of the two wanton convicts. His cock and face were drenched with pussy juice.

Just then, the heard the sounds of helicopters and tear gas explosions down the hall. ‘SWAT’, he figured. ‘And not a moment too soon. At least they didn’t fuck up my fun”

With the two women lying sprawled in a pool of cum and semen. Marcus reached down and picked up the discarded shanks. Now back in control, he defiantly issued his demands.

“Alright, bitches! Now here’s what’s gonna happen……..”

The next morning, the morning newspaper read: “Prison Riot Crushed. SWAT Team Prevails. 12 Inmates, 1 Guard Dead, 27 Injured” After order had been restored, the prison remained on lock-down for two weeks. All privledges revoked, no work release, no recess or time allowed outside in the yard. All meals were served in the prison cells. Many of the riot ringleaders and main agitators were put in solitary confinement on G Block.

Marcus was credited by SWAT with helping apprehend several of the ringleaders though no one else remembered seeing him during the riots. He was promoted to assistant senior officer and got to pick his own shifts. He picked the night shift and preferred to watch over G Block. There he was able to orchestrate his own weekly 90 minute “conjugal” visits. He had Ursula and Anna placed in comfortable padded cells at the far end of his corridor. Once a week he would beast fuck Ursula in her cell till she fell asleep. The next week he would ravage Anna till all her screams of pleasure came out in spanish. On weekends, they would enjoy a menage a trois. The two girls couldn’t be happier.