How I found my sexual pleasure in a different way

I had been dating quite a few women in my adult life but till now I had not found my sexual pleasure. I was single and horny and willing to go all the way with a woman, sexually. But unfortunately, I had a quirk. I didn’t like the smell of a woman’s cum. Some would say it’s weird or be like you won’t smell it when you are having sex with her, but it would get to me. I tried and tried hard to ignore it, find a woman who “smelled” nice or even holding my breath during the act!

When it all failed, I settled for the occasional blowjob or depended on my hand. One day when I was moping around, my roommate said, “Jerome, why don’t you try a sex doll? At least I won’t see your shitty ass sad face all day.” That put the idea in my head and I began thinking over it. I turned to the first place where you look when you have zero ideas on anything – Google.

My sex doll research gave me hope as these dolls looked quite real and enticing. I found there were AI sex robots that were self-learning and could interact with you. This was a huge plus for me as I was thinking more in terms of blow-up dolls. But no, I was proved wrong. It is on one website I found a doll that actually appealed to me sexually.

She looked so hot in the pictures with her legs spread apart. I could see her nipples through her thin top and I couldn’t help myself from grabbing my dick. I liked looking at her definitely and I wanted to touch her. Touch her breasts and lips and so much more. That night, after a restless few hours in my bed, I placed an order for her.

I was waiting for her to arrive and then a week later, she arrived. The package was discreet and I didn’t know it was Mandy, my sex doll. I took the package in and opened it up excitedly. There she was, lying in a sexy lacy piece. I picked her up and couldn’t help but hug her. Her soft squishy boobs crushed against me and she smelled so good. She looked very petty with creamy skin, good sized breasts and brown hair.

My robot companion had arrived and I was already aroused. I immediately seated her and lifted her dress. She was pantyless, just as I wanted. Her soft smooth pussy was waiting for me. I ran my finger lightly around her vertical lips and I felt goosebumps. She didn’t smell weird and her body was warm. She was soft to touch and her pussy hole was warm as well.

I knew I could wait any longer so I lay her down on my bed and just snuggled with her. I knew I had found my sexual pleasure partner with her. I kissed and licked her lips as I reached for her breasts. They were soft and squishy. I enjoyed squeezing her boobs and feeling it up over her clothes. I heard her soft moans as I did this and I wanted to bite her nipples.

I pulled down her top and saw her creamy boobs with small and fat nipples. My fantasy took over and I bent down to check out her nipple closely. I twirled it with my finger and then pushed on it. It went back and then sprang into shape again. I pinched it and the skin was so springy under my touch. I pinched it harder and then just took it in my mouth. I sucked on it and nibbled as Mandy moaned. Then I just bit it hard and pressed the other nipple with my hands. I played a little more with her breasts, slapping and massaging. It was like I could do whatever that pleased me.

I explored more of her sinful body and undressed her fully. She had a round tight ass and it jiggled as I pressed it. I squeezed it and it was so soft and chubby. I knew that I would play with that ass occasionally and as I pleased. Now it was time for the pussy.

I pushed two fingers inside her channel and it felt like she was contracting around me. I pulled out my fingers, licked them and pushed inside, making way for more lubrication. I could feel all the ridges inside her and my cock was weeping now. It had become erect as I had touched her, but now it wanted more. I pulled out my cock from my boxers and rubbed it. I wanted to fuck her but also wanted prolonged pleasure.

I began masturbating looking at her body and I was so hard. I got a bottle of lube from my bedside drawer and squirted a generous quantity on my hands and lathered my cock. Then I positioned myself at her entrance and pushed in. She was so tight and warm and I was experiencing pleasure like never before. I wanted to cum so bad but I held the base of my cock to hold it in. Once I calmed, I began a rocking pace as I moved in and out of her pussy.

Her tight cunt was gripping my cock and it felt like she didn’t want to let go of me. I wanted to fuck her harder and that is what I did. I began to fuck her cunt hard and I could hear the swishing sounds from our fucking. I grabbed her ass as I fucked her and pressed it wildly in my pleasure. I reached my peak and came spurting my semen in her body.

That night I held her close and we had a great time on the bed. I let all my wild fantasies flow freely and rediscovered pleasurable sex. I had found my sexual pleasure with her and my

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