Bobby and mom Norma 4

Norma declined the invitation to stay for breakfast and visit with her sister. She was anxious to get home to see her son. Rather than having satisfied her lust, the previous evening’s phone call and subsequent sex play had only inflamed her that much more.

It was eight o’clock as she pulled in the driveway and she hoped Bobby was still asleep so she could get cleaned up and make herself attractive for him. As she entered the house and went to hang up her coat she heard him moving around in the kitchen and was a little disappointed. She then called out, “Hi, Bobby, it’s me – I’m home.”

“Hi, mom,” she heard him call back.

As she entered the kitchen she saw her son sitting at the table eating toast in nothing but his undershorts. Walking by him toward the coffee pot she tousled his hair and said, “Hi, sport. You OK this morning?”

“Yeah, sure, mom.” Was all he said and he seemed a bit shy or embarrassed. That would be natural, she thought. After all, how many people her son’s age had ever engaged in phone sex with their own mother?

Norma got a cup of coffee and then went and sat down at the table with Bobby, but didn’t say anything. She waited instead for him to strike up a conversation. When he remained silent and wouldn’t look at her she finally decided to break the deadlock.

“Are you OK, Bobby? Do you feel OK?”

“Sure. I’m fine.”

“Then what’s the matter. You’re acting as if I’m not even here.”

After a short pause he said, “Well, I guess I’m just a little embarrassed about last night.”

“Does that mean you don’t want to look at me or talk to me anymore?”

“Oh, mom, no. It’s just that – well, you know.”

“No, Bobby, I don’t know. Tell me. Remember, I’m your mother.”

“Uh huh. That’s part of the problem, I think.”

Norma didn’t say anything so Bobby blundered on, “I mean, you’re my mom and I know that what we did isn’t supposed to happen between a mother and son.”

Gently Norma leaned forward and laid her hand on Bobby’s bare arm saying, “Yeah, I know. And I understand your feelings. I have that same problem myself so can we at least talk about it?”

“Sure, I guess.”

“Would you like to just stop doing it, dear. That is, do you think we should just quit and pretend like nothing ever happened. I’d be willing to do that if that’s what you really want.”

“Aw, gee, mom. I can’t stop thinking about you. You’d think after last night I could at least get some sleep, but I woke up dreaming about you.”

“And were you excited?”


“And did you do it again. Did you jack off again?”

“That’s the hard part. I felt so bad and just wanted to forget it all, but I was – you know – hard again.”

“Uh huh. And what did you do.”

“Well, I decided I’d wait for you to get home. And the worst part is, I hoped it would happen again.”

“Does that mean you want to do it some more?”

Bobby lowered his head and folded his hands in his lap and muttered, “Uh huh.”

“Look at me, darling.” When Bobby moved his head and looked into his mother’s eyes he became so filled with lust and love that it almost took his breath away. “I know that what we’ve done isn’t exactly, uh, right, Norma continued on, but I’m willing to go on doing it if we can both agree to a couple very simple rules.”

“Rules?” Bobby asked

“Right. I think everything will be OK if we agree to two things, actually. First, there should never be any touching. We should never touch each other. Everything will be alright if we just watch one another, I think.”

When she hesitated, trying to gauge her son’s reaction he asked, “And… The second thing?”

“I feel it would be best if we limited stuff to once a week. And only when your father’s away. Would that be OK with you?”

“Sure, I understand that. But does that mean that we can just watch and that’s all?”

“Yes. I don’t think we should get involved any further than that, dear. It might lead to consequences neither one of us wants.”

Bobby stayed thoughtfully silent, but she could read the disappointment clearly written all over his features. The frown on his face told the whole story and it tugged at her emotions because she felt a strong sense of frustration herself with the conditions she had just laid down.

Finally Bobby looked up and said resignedly, “I’ll do whatever you want, mom. You’ve always known best and I sure don’t want anything to happen to you.”

“That’s so sweet of you, darling. All in all, I think it’s best for us both. We’ll see, though, won’t we. Now – how are you feeling just right now?”

“OK. I can accept that.”

“No – that’s not what I mean. I’ve been thinking about you all night and all the way home in the car from your Aunt’s.” Bobby now caught the sudden shift in his mother’s tone, but asked anyway, “What do you mean, mom?”

“I mean, that I’m really horny, Bobby. And if we weren’t in this situation I would simply go upstairs and frig myself off. But since you’re here, would you like to discuss the promise I made you last week and again last night?”

Bobby’s interest picked up immediately and he said, “What’s to discuss?”

Seeing his eagerness, Norma said, “Whoa, young stud – not so fast. I want to talk about this first, if it’s alright with you.”

“Uh, OK.”

“Tell me now what you think I promised you.”

“Well, last week you kinda promised me that sometime or other that you’d let me watch you do it.”

Norma was rapidly becoming excited again as she could see the results of her offer causing Bobby’s shorts to begin tenting out and wanting to use the conversation to further stimulate herself as a sort of verbal foreplay she decided to milk it for all it was worth.

“Watch me do what, Bobby?”

“You know, mom. You said you’d let me watch you masturbate,” he said impatiently.

“Uh huh. And…”

“And what?” It was tough trying to get her son into her little verbal game. It was plain that he just wanted to get on with it. But Norma was not going to let him have control of the situation.

“And… I want to know if you still want to do that. Do you still want to watch me jerk off?”

“Of course I do!”

“And when do you want us to do this.”

“Why not right now?”

“Well, I’d need to get cleaned up first.”

“That’s OK. I’ll wait.”

“Now, how would you like this to happen. Tell me.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, would you like me to get dressed up for you?”

“You mean you’re going to do it with your clothes on?” Bobby suddenly sounded let down.

“No, silly. I mean, would you like me to dress up the way I was in those pictures?”

“No shit!” Bobby exclaimed. “Ooops, sorry mom, didn’t mean to swear like that.”

Ignoring his little outburst Norma continued, “Would you like to see me the way I was when I was doing it then. In the half bra and garter belt and stockings and heels – you know, like some of the women in your magazines? Would you like to see me dressed like a slut?” The tone and sound of her own voice was now turning Norma on.

“Oh wow! That would be great. You mean, I’d actually get to see you live just like you were in those pictures??”

“Sure. If that’s what you want?” Norma said playfully. “Is that what you want, Bobby?”

Suddenly Bobby began to catch on and said, “I’d really like that, mom. I’d just love to see you all dressed up in those sexy things. You’ll look great that way. And it’ll even be better to watch you do things to yourself when you’re all dressed up. Wow!”

Now she knew she had him. “And what kind of things would you like to watch me do to myself, Bobby,” she asked huskily.

When Norma looked down she saw that Bobby’s shorts were stretched out in front meaning he probably had a full hard-on. “Is the thought of looking at your mother while she masturbates turning you on, dear?” She asked coyly as she nodded her head toward his crotch.

“Kind of obvious, isn’t it,” Bobby replied and blushed.

“Come on, Bobby, tell me what you’d like me to do for you while you watch. Don’t be shy.”

“Well, whatever you want, I guess.”

“What’s the thing you want to see me do most to myself? What do you fantasize about most?”

“Uh, OK, do you think you could do it with that thing in you? You know…”

“You mean with the dildo?”

“Yeah, with the dildo. I’d love to see that live.”

“Well, I hate to disappoint you, but that wasn’t mine and I don’t have one. But wait,” Norma acted as if a sudden thought just came to her. “I think there’s a cucumber in the refrigerator I could use. Except it’d be awfully cold.”

“A cucumber?! Holy cow! You’d put a cucumber in you?” Bobby exclaimed amazed.

“Sure. I’ve jacked off before with lots of things in me besides cucumbers.”

He couldn’t believe his ears. His own mother admitting to such lewd behavior. It was the sexiest thing Bobby had ever experienced and made him want to grab his hard prick right then and there but he refrained.

“I know,” Norma mused, “While I’m upstairs getting ready you can get the cucumber out and warm it up with your hands for me. Would you do that?”

“Sure I would. Oh mom.”

“You’re really getting hot now, aren’t you, Bobby?”

“Uh huh.” He answered looking into her eyes. Norma was very excited herself and decided to cut off the blabber and get on with it.

“Well, I’ve got lots planned Bobby, but why don’t I go get ready. You wait here and warm up the kuke for 15 minutes while I change. It’s now nine o’clock. You wait until 9:15 and then come on upstairs, OK?. I’ll be in my bedroom and you can just come right in.”

So saying, Norma rose and headed upstairs while Bobby turned in his chair and opened the refrigerator door. Rummaging around in the vegetable bin at the bottom he actually found two cucumbers; one was considerably larger than the other and he decided devilishly to take the bigger one. Eyeing it, he couldn’t imagine how his mother was going to get the thing into her cunt because of its size.

He then proceeded to start warming it in his hands as she had asked, rubbing it up and down and twisting his two hands around it. God, how he wished he had one that big, he thought. He was so aroused now that he considered just doing it right then, but decided it’d be better to wait until he could watch his mother. Then they’d do it together, only face-to-face instead of over the phone like last night.

Bobby waited impatiently for the fifteen minutes to pass, each minute seeming like an hour. When it was time he jumped up and almost ran to the stairs. Once upstairs he slowed down and walked to his mother’s bedroom where the door was closed. He knew she said he could just walk right in, but he’d never done that before and knocked softly out of habit.

He heard his mother’s sexy voice say, “It’s open dear, you can come in,” as if from a long way off. When he entered the room she was nowhere in sight, but he could smell her perfume. Then he heard her say from her walk-in closet, “Did you bring it with you, Bobby?”

“Yes ma’am, I did.”

“Good, just lay it on the nightstand by the bed.”

He put the cucumber down and sat down on the edge of the bed facing away from the closet. After about a minute he saw out of the corner of his eye his mother walking around in front of him. The sight was not what he expected at all. Instead of the sensual picture he had imagined, he saw his mother completely covered from head to toe in her long plaited bathrobe.

The only thing showing was her head with its long wavy black hair cascading down her back and her hands with their long slender fingers and bright red painted nails. Still it was kind of enticing wondering what was underneath the robe even though he’d seen the pictures. But this was going to be different he thought.

Suddenly his mother came to stand in front of him and looking down at him said, “Now – before we get started, remember, you have to abide by our agreement, OK?”

“Oh, sure mom. I agree…”

“And just to be sure that you’re not even tempted, I need you to cooperate in one little thing, OK.”

“Yeah, sure. What is it?” He asked quizzically.

“I want you to stand up, turn around and put your hands behind you.”

“You mean like this,” Bobby said, as he complied with her instructions.

Norma said, “Right.” And reached into her robe pocket producing a man’s necktie with which she promptly began to bind Bobby’s wrists tightly behind his back.

Surprised and not knowing what his mother was up to he asked, “What are you doing. How come you’re tying me up, mom?”

“Just want to make sure you can’t act on any temptations you might have, dear,” Norma replied smoothly, finishing the job.

“Aw, come on, mom,” Bobby said, feeling disappointed and wondering how this was going to work out with his hands bound behind him. “How am I going to get to do it myself, tied up like this?” He sounded to Norma a little worried now.

“You’re not, darling,” Norma replied in a bitchy tone of voice. “I promised you that you could watch me. But I didn’t say anything about you doing it at the same time, now did I?”

“Well, no I guess you didn’t. But that’s not fair.” He complained.

“All’s fair in love, war and sex, dear son,” Norma replied. “Don’t worry, everything’s going to work out. Trust me, OK?”

“OK, I guess.”

“I just want your undivided attention while I put on this show for you and I don’t want you breaking it up by doing anything else. When I’m finished, then we’ll see…” And she let the sentence trail off.

She then told her son to turn around again and to sit on the edge of the bed. As he turned around he noticed that his mother’s back was to him and he lowered himself down still looking at her robe-clothed back.

Suddenly the entire robe fell to the floor revealing his mother’s back to his gaze. Norma didn’t move except to cock one leg up so that she was standing with her hands on her hips in a sexy pose with her ass thrust enticingly toward his face. Bobby was dumbfounded.

The view of his mother from the back was stunning. He could see even from this point that she was dressed exactly as she had been in the pictures. Now, however, he could see her bare ass up close and reveled in how beautifully big and well shaped it was. And, oh, those long, full legs encased in sexy nylons. God, he just wanted to reach out and run his hands up and down his mother’s big legs.

Still Norma hadn’t said a word, just knowing that her son was feasting his eyes on her backside and deciding to let him get a good look at her from that angle. Finally, she said, “Like what you see, Bobby?”

“Oh, god yes, mom. You’re beautiful.”

“Am I sexy too, dear?” She asked teasingly.

“You know you are, don’t you, mom?”

“Want to see more, do you?”

“Oh yes, please. Turn around, please,” Bobby pleaded.

Slowly Norma revolved until she was halfway around and then stopped giving her son a side view of her. Now she looked down at her son with the most sexually smoldering expression on her face that he had ever seen. Compared to his mother, the women he had seen in magazines all appeared to be pretentious. She was the sexiest thing alive. And she WAS alive and this was real and actually happening. His cock throbbed so hard now that it actually began to hurt.

“How’s this, dear,” Norma queried, noticing that Bobby hadn’t yet taken his eyes from hers. “Don’t you want to look at my tits?”

Bobby’s eyes dropped to her bosom where he took in her small breasts with the amazingly long dark nipples. They were held up and out by the partial-cupped bra which left her nipples and most of the areolae exposed; the areolae being so large that a portion of their lower half was hidden by the bra cup. After a moment, his gaze fell down to her legs which to him were almost as exciting as her tits.

“Do my tits still turn you on, Bobby? Do they?”

“Yes, ma’am. Your nipples are so big and sexy,” he said, aware that this expression was fast becoming a litany, but not being able to help himself.

Hearing this Norma almost asked him if he liked them badly enough to want to suck on them, but then remembered the rules she had laid down and caught herself. It wouldn’t be fair to him to taunt him that way, she felt, even though she would love to have him suck on her nipples. God, in the condition she was in right now she would probably cum on the spot the minute his lips and tongue touched them.

Then she turned to face him full on and his eyes went immediately to the junction of her thighs where he spied what had previously only really been hinted at. His mother had a large crop of black pubic hair which entirely covered her cuntal area with a small arrow-like trail leading almost up to her navel.

As he continued to look at her crotch he noticed all of a sudden a trickle of moisture starting to run down her right thigh. Before even thinking about it he looked up and said, “Uh, mom, do you need to take a pee? You’re getting wet down there. It’s OK – I’ll wait.”

“Oh my god, Bobby,” Norma exclaimed, surprised at her son’s naivete, “no son, I don’t need to pee. What you’re seeing is a result of the excitement I’m feeling. When women get excited they excrete fluid.” She was then going to further his education by explaining to him that the purpose of the fluid was to facilitate fucking, but again, that would raise the specter of more than they agreed upon and she didn’t think it would be fair to him. Thus she remained silent and just let him wonder.

After letting him silently stare at her for what seemed ages Norma finally said, “Shall I get started, dear?”

“Uh, gee, whatever mom,” he answered, still in awe at the sight of his mother dressed like a wanton slut.

Norma then moved to the wall and retrieved the ottoman there and pulled it over and positioned in about three feet directly in front of where Bobby was sitting and sat down facing him. “I want you to stand up for a minute,” she said.

Bobby arose with difficulty, his hands being bound behind him. When he finally got up, Norma reached up with both hands and slowly lowered his undershorts down over his hips, pulling the front way out and over his massive erection which was now sticking straight out not more than a couple of inches from her lips.

For a second she considered just giving in and almost opened her mouth to take his cock, but again restrained herself. Suddenly the undershorts were down around his ankles and his mother ordered him to again sit which he did.

“Spread your legs wide apart, Bobby. I want to see that magnificent hard penis of yours. God, it’s so big!” As she looked at it, she could see that it would twitch and throb every second or so and wondered whether Bobby was on the verge of cumming.

Looking up at him finally and seeing that she had his attention she put the forefinger of her right hand in her mouth and began to suck on it. Getting her finger good and wet she then cupped her right breast in her left hand and squeezed the areola, making the nipple jut out. Then she began to stroke the nipple, inundating it with her saliva covered finger.

“This is how I usually start out masturbating, Bobby. I get myself good and hot by playing with my tits and nipples. They’re so sensitive,” she moaned and she continued fondling her breasts while her son gawked at her.

“Then, when my pussy is good and wet I still play with my nipple and start to stroke my cunt lips.” Now Norma put action to her words and released her breast and lowered her left hand to her groin and insert two fingers in the massive dark jungle.

As Bobby looked down he could now make out through her pubic hair two plainly swollen lips, shiny and pink. Nested between them and protruding downward was what appeared to be a very small but distinct penis-like projection.

But his mother didn’t touch that part of her, running her fingers all around it and finally diving one finger up and inside her fuck canal. When she withdrew it, Bobby could see that the finger was coated with a clear slimy liquid which she then used to coat her clit.

Still fingering her nipple she now began in earnest to stroke the area around her clit in a slow but steady circular motion, saying, “God, that feels so good. Can’t take much more of that though. I’ll cum in a second.” So she stopped.

Bobby was disappointed until he saw Norma lean toward the nightstand and retrieve the cucumber. Holy shit! Her thought to himself, she’s actually going to use it. And she doesn’t even look scared?

Norma then stood up and moved to the side of the ottoman and said, “Now for the main event, huh.” She put one high-heeled foot on the ottoman and spread her cunt lips apart with her fingers. With the cucumber in the other hand she moved the tip to the entrance to her cunt and started to twirl it. Then while still twirling it she began to slowly push it in and Bobby was flabbergasted to see it start to disappear into her. And she didn’t even cry out, but just started to moan real loud. He couldn’t believe it.

Bobby watched in total awe as his mother slowly worked the cucumber into her twat, twisting and turning, slowly in and out, bit by bit until almost the whole thing was up inside her.

“Are you enjoying this,” she asked, not looking at him. “Does it arouse you to watch your mother fuck herself with this big fat cucumber?”

All Bobby could do was grunt, “Uhhhh.”

Without sitting down, Norma turned and looked at her son and said, “Now for an added attraction,” and she reached over and opened the drawer of the nightstand and reached inside. When she withdrew her hand Bobby could see her holding two plain ordinary clothespins and wondered for the life of him what she was going to do with them. Then she sat down again on the ottoman facing him with the cucumber still firmly embedded in her cunt.

“I can see from your expression that you’re wondering about these clothespins. Well – the sensations aroused in my nipples and cunt by having them clamped on my nipples is absolutely exquisite, let me tell you. And since we’re going all out today for your pleasure I’ve decided to give you the whole show.”

Norma took a clothespin in one hand and spread the jaws open. Then with her other hand she pulled one of her nipples straight out and affixed the clothespin directly over it and let it close. The look on her face was almost one of agony and Bobby started to get a little concerned until she said, “Oh god, that hurts so good.” Then she did the same with the other clothespin to her other nipple.

Bobby was now beside himself with lust, love and other mixed emotions he had never before experienced. He was painfully aware of the rigidness of his cock as it stuck up from between his thighs and throbbed under its own volition. Actually his whole groin was now throbbing, not only his cock, but his stomach muscles and his asshole as well. It felt like he was going to cum any second now and nothing was even touching him.

Norma was aware of his state and felt she had better hurry herself along or Bobby would blow his load before she finished. With the cucumber in her cunt and the clothespins clamped painfully to her nipples she once again stood up. Now she turned three-quarters sideways to Bobby so he could see her from both behind and part of her front. She bent over then and turning to look at his lust crazed face said, “And now for the best part.”

With one hand holding the cucumber in place she put the middle finger of her free hand in her mouth and began to suck and lick it while she continued to stare into her son’s eyes. Bobby couldn’t believe it when she removed the finger, loaded with spit, and moved it around behind her to the region of her ass.

“Well, want to know what’s next,” she panted.

Bobby could only nod his head in assent as his mother replied, “Now I’m going to jack off my asshole, Bobby. I’m going to stick my finger in my rectum and finger fuck my ass till I cum.” And she did just that.

No sooner had Norma gotten her finger buried in her rectum and began to finger fuck herself than Bobby was overcome with the blatant lust of the scene being played out before his eyes and felt his whole body begin to spasm.

Suddenly his whole body went rigid and in disbelief his entire pubic region seized up mightily and held the seizure for a long moment before it released and began a rhythmic series of incredibly strong spasms, each one sending forth a jet of white jism from his rampant cock. Some even landed on his mother’s side and hip as he continued through the orgasm, watching his mother watching him sperm while she continued to frantically finger fuck her anus.

The combination of the clamps on her nipples, the cucumber in her cunt, her rapidly frigging finger up her ass and the sight of her son’s spasming turgid penis sent her over the edge as well and she entered a really strong climax.

When they were both through, Norma fell forward onto the ottoman from exhaustion and she released the cucumber as she steadied herself with both hands. It slid slowly from her cunt and plopped unceremoniously onto the carpet behind her.

Bobby simply fell sideways, hands still bound behind him and continued to stare at his panting, sweating mother as the after-spasms of orgasm continued to course through both of them.