how I (M15) made my uncles (M46) day

my uncle had had a bad day at work and I was there to help him out!

so this all happened a few weeks ago, I was at my uncles house because my parents were out of town for the week and I am nit trusted to be home on my own by them. On this particular day my uncle had just got home from a long day of work (he’s a mechanic) and came in and sat down on the couch. I could tell he was exhausted and so hatched a plan to cheer him up, I was going to do everything he wanted and more by bringing him beers and slowly seducing him until he gave in and let me play with his cock.

It started out slow, getting him a beer out of the fridge and brushing my leg against his slightly until it slowly devolved into me pretending to trip over and landing so that my hand was wrapped around his bulge. after it got that far and he was drunk enough it didn’t take long for me to convince him to let me take him in my mouth.

I slowly undid his belt buckle whilst massaging his bulge before I unzipped his fly and began licking his bulge through his boxers. He was letting out small moans which got me excited to continue. I pulled his trousers fully down whilst still licking his bulge before he pulled his boxers down himself and grabbed the back of my head, guiding it onto his shaft. I responded by licking and sucking the length of his shaft whilst also jerking it for him.

After a while of light tongue work I out my lips to the tip and began to slowly but surely take his 6 inch length down my throat.

if you’d like to talk more or maybe even get your cock sucked (I’m from the UK) then message my discord: