Your Next

Martin was a sixteen year old thug who was very violent and well feared in the town where he lived, he was a member of a well known violent street gang that like Steve was feared, The small Bengali owned corner shop in town was left alone by the street gang because the owner laundered money for the street gang and other crooks. It was late one evening when Martin was in the shop waiting to collect money, the shop was closed for the evening Martin was sitting in the store room of the shop where the owners son who was two years younger than what Martin was and nick named choc because of his love for chocolate was unpacking boxes, choc was gay and was open about it.. Martin looked at choc and asked him if he could use the shower, choc told him yes he could, Martin went to the corner where the glass fronted shower was and after switching the shower on stripped and stood under the shower, choc looked at the naked thug who was facing him, choc was admiring Martin’s muscular body and his seven inch dick hanging down in front of him hardly believing what he was seeing, Martin stood soaping his body, choc was trying not to stare in case he annoyed Martin but when Martin’s dick started to stiffen choc could not stop watching and after a couple minutes when Martin’s dick had grown to a full nine inch erection choc thought very nice and when Martin started to jerk his dick choc smiled and watched and after a few minutes choc saw Martin’s knees bend and three long spurts of cum fly out of the white thug boy’s dick, choc thought very nice, Martin turned his back and carried on with his shower, choc looked at Martin’s bum thinking I got some thing that will fit that. A hour later Martin was leaving the shop with the money, as Martin went choc thought come back. The following evening choc was walking along the tow path of the local canal when he saw Martin talking with his brother Danny who was four years younger than Martin and also a thug, Martin left his brother and walked away from him. Choc carried on walking as he went round a corner on the tow path he saw Martin stood against rails, choc smiled when he saw Martin had his dick out and that it was fully erect, choc walked on slowly, Martin looked at choc and when choc drew level with him Martin said ” did you enjoy watching me have a wank last night” choc smiled and told Martin he did, Martin lowered his joggers to his ankles turned bent forward over the bar and said ” well now you can enjoy fucking my bum” choc looked in surprise but undid his trousers releasing his six inch erection and after rubbing Martin’s bum slid his dick right into it and started to thrust in and out hardly believing what was happening, Martin reached round and held Martin’s throbbing dick and started to jerk it while still thrusting away into his bum after five minutes choc squirted his cum into Martin’s bum and not long after pulling his dick out of Martins bum choc watched him as he squirted his cum then not long after Martin was walking away, choc could hardly believe that he had just fucked the bum of the feared thug and had the night before seen him jerk off, Choc walked back home passing Dan as he went and thought you are next.