How I seduced my young cousin

How I fucked my cousin when he was only 8, and I was 15

I grew up in south Louisiana, and most of my family lived very close together typically less than a 10 minute walk from any other family member, so it was quite common for us to go to a relatives house after school. This takes place when I was 15, I have a cousin named Liam who was around 8 years old at the time.

For a little backstory up until this point I was your typical horny teenager, I had heard of incest from a few of my buddies who fucked their sisters and mothers but I never really showed interest in it. This mindset stuck with me for years, but one day after school I headed over to my aunt Tina’s house, she was the mom of my cousin Liam, and his sister Jolene who was only around 2-3 years old at the time. Well this day it just so happened that my aunt Tina was working overtime at the local diner, so Jolene was at daycare (my uncle was off servin in the military at the time) but nobody has told me about her working late so I headed over as usual.

When I got there it was oddly quiet, and when I called out for my aunt, but got no answer so I went looking throughout the house, thinking she just didn’t hear me. After searching most rooms I decided to check Liam’s room, he was taking a nap at the time, but we were supposed to play baseball with a few of the local boys that day, which is partially why I went over there (I knew a lot about baseball so they would invite me on occasion for tips) when I shook him he didn’t wake, so I pulled the covers off of him. Now for a bit of context I had stayed over at aunt Tina’s house several times, so I knew Liam slept in his underwear. But this time he wasn’t in his underwear, in fact he didn’t have anything on so right when I pulled back the cover I was met with his bare ass, and it looked so much tighter and more sexy than I had ever even noticed. Up until this point I had experimented with a few buddies, so while we never outright had sex I knew what to do, and at this point I knew just from the sight of his tight ass that not only did I want to take my cousins virginity, but also give him mine.

Knowing my cousin was young, gullible, and didn’t know a thing about sex I was sure I could easily take advantage of him. The question was how? I quickly formulated a plan while looking at his tight ass while he slept. Once I had my plan figured out I woke him up.

“Hey sleepyhead time to get up I want to show you something”

“Huhh? Oh um hey Jack what is it?”

“It’s a super secret thing only us two cousins can do ok.”

At this point Liam was just staring at me excitedly, he absolutely loved surprises. I then pulled down my pants and let my hard cock flop out.

“Woah why’s your snake so big Jack?”

“Because of how handsome you are, and it needs to be big for our super secret thing, can I show you the super secret thing?”

“Sure jack what is it?”

I then instructed him to slowly suck the tip of my penis into his mouth, it took a little persuasion though, but soon he was sucking my dick into his tight sexy mouth.

“Liam your making me feel really good, so I’m gonna shoot my happy juice into your mouth ok?”

Liam didn’t respond, but instead kept sucking the tip of my cock, so I shot 4 loads of hot semen into his mouth, he ended up gagging and losing most, but swallowed some of it.

“Jack did you just pee in my mouth”

Liam began gagging a bit at the thought.

“No that was my happy juice, it helps you grow into a big strong man when you swallow it, but it’s more effective if it goes inside your butt”

“Really??? Well does it hurt”

“It does at first but then it feels really good and sometimes makes you shoot your happy juice, which makes you grow even stronger”

That was all Liam needed to hear for me to have him up against the side of the bed, legs hanging off, so I slowly started inserting my spit covered dick into his tight adolescent asshole.

“OWWWW jack stop it hurts oowwwwww”

I covered his mouth to stop him from crying, and slowly fucked him to get his asshole adjusted.

“Don’t worry Liam, its gonna feel a lot better in a few minutes”

I kept fucking his tight asshole and soon he stopped crying, and started grunting and moaning, and his little cock even got a bit hard. He was a bit too young to be able to cum, but I still jacked off his little cock a bit while I fucked him, and soon shot my cum deep into his asshole, before going home.

Let me know if you want more stories, after this story me and Liam kept fucking for a few years, and I even started fucking my mom, some of her sisters (my aunts), and my sister and when she was old enough me and Liam would occasionally have threesomes with Jolene. I actually still on occasion have sex with my sister, and Jolene, and am currently in the process of seducing some of my nieces.