Penis Locked Up – Milked All The Same

He looked down at her hands with the weighty, metal silver object as it caught the office light and reflected it across the room. They had been friends and colleagues at the computing software, The Palace, for 6 years, often sharing and discussing personal stories, ambitions, and sexual desires. Which had led them both to this point.  His pants were down at his ankles as he lent against the staff room table. His hairless penis and balls hanging softly in front of her as he tried his best not to get an erection in front of her. It didn’t help that she took her time as she admired and examined his cock with her eyes. The colour of the skin matched with his meaty thickness. From his beautiful length and the fact his foreskin was covering his head (which clearly wanted attention) made her mouth begin to water and her hands itchy to grab it hard and use it. But that wasn’t why he stood here as her hands fumbled with the cock cage in her hand. They had taken their time to find the right one, going from store to store as he had expressed his hidden desire to have his penis controlled 100% by a woman. Which ultimately took her by surprise given the sheer strength of the man, combat sports and reasonably wealthy…and here he was, (wanting her of all people) to lock up his penis. It was a game they had begun, even to the point where she asked him in the various sex stores to unzip his fly and flop out his penis, checking exactly which cock cage would be the right one.

Unknown to her, he had chosen to explore this part of his life with her simply because she instilled the most trust. He was allowing her complete control over his penis for sexual fun and pleasure, but that required him to lower his guard for her. Something he had never done for anyone but knew, if he wanted to marry and have a family, he needed to learn to be vulnerable, to trust and learn that you can be strong and vulnerable at the same time.

She had chosen a simple but a definitively cage design that allowed her hands to touch the skin through the gaps. She gently grabbed the base of his penis and slipped the base ring around the base of his penis and around his balls. Closing it, she brought the two lockable holes together ready for part B. With her other hand, she slowly wiggled the cage over the start of his penis and along his flaccid shaft, pulling back his foreskin a little in the process till the cage end lined up with the locking holes at the base ring. Holding it all in place with one hand, she grabbed the gold lock and threaded it through the hole followed by a soft click. A quick smile escaped her mouth as she took a step back, ‘there, you are now all locked up,’ she said, watching his reaction.

His tanned, lightly hairy hands felt around his member, running his fingers over the steel cage then gripping it as though he was to masturbate. He looked up at her, ‘incredible,’ he said with a little smile.

‘I do have one last piece,’ she said cheekily as her hand disappeared into her right pocket and withdrew the clear, white tube with a steel, plugged end.

‘Remember this,’ she said, holding it up.

‘Oh, I thought you were joking?’ He replied nervously.

‘When we agreed 100% control, I want 100% control, and so do you,’ she continued, stepping forward and lowering her hands to his hanging penis.

‘Your right,’ he muttered, unsure how this was going to go, he looked down and watched her hands move. Lining the tubes end, she began to wiggle then gently push it down his pee hole, bit by bit. He watched as her white fingers manipulated his caged penis to accept her insertion, the tube going further down his penis till finally, the steel capped end lined up with the end hole of the cage. Here she screwed it in, so the tube was held in place. The feeling of penetration from a woman down the penis was a mixed one. On the one hand it was erotic in the way she took control, on the other, having an object pushed up his penis had also pushed at his boundaries. ‘Is this what women feel?’ He pondered to himself, making a connection so few men had actually experienced. He looked down again, wondering what she was doing having finished pushing the tube up his cock already. Her fingers and eyes were checking and brushing over his cock, fixing any potential issues, and ensuring a comfortable, good fit. She was demonstrating a side, men so often looked over, including himself until now in his vulnerable position, he could feel her nurturing, caring and sexual attentiveness tuned into himself and her. She didn’t step back until she was satisfied, pulling back with her hand fully wrapped around his caged member then sliding off.

Even though his penis was locked up, he felt her hand still as though it wasn’t. This in turn fired up his lust again and he begun to grow hard before her.

Her eyes opened up, ‘oh, I see that I’m making you horny,’ she said, biting her lower lip. Both looked down at his cock, watching it growing hard but stopped by the metal cage, wrapped around firmly. Both were impressed with how it controlled his cock. She stepped forward and gripped his cage, feeling her hands all over then gripping it, the heat from his throbbing cock warming her hands. He desperately wanted to cum, masturbate into her hands but the cage wouldn’t allow that. His penis locked up, bulged hard against the metal cage, which hurt to an extent, but an erotic pain which all led him to thrust inside her hand. Over and over, he moved his hips forward, his caged cock sliding inside her hands.

‘Ah, easy now my lion,’ she said, bringing him to a halt.

‘You need a day first to get used to it. After which I will milk you through your cage,’ she finished, patting his penis and smiling erotically.  His eyes opened wide, ‘milk me through the cage?’ He questioned, a little alarmed again.

‘Yes, 100% in my control… and I would like to have and use your cum like any other product I use,’ she said as she stuck one of the keys with her car keys. He looked down at his cock, a little worried and yet, a little hornier for what she said and the service he would provide her.

‘Your penis will be locked for one week, so I hope to milk you 3 to 4 times a day,’ she continued with another enthusiastic smile, sliding the second key onto her necklace.

She motioned at his pants, ‘better pull your pants up, everyone will be arriving soon,’ she said, grabbing his cock again briefly, satisfied with her work.

He stood there, with a strange erotic satisfaction emanating from within as his penis hung from his opened fly. Unlike many men, he stood before a woman with his cock locked up and ready to be used in any way she wanted.

When she had finished examining him, she ushered for him to sit next to her at her desk, which he did.

‘I have only an hour to milk you, but it will take that long considering you won’t be getting the usual stimulation you’re used to,’ she said in a factual tone. He simply nodded his head, sceptical his penis would cum this way.

‘Hmm, I wonder if I could retrain your penis to cum without being hard and with minimal stimulation,’ she pondered out loud, gazing at his penis as she grabbed it. He could feel her skin through the cage as she began to slowly slide her hand up and down. Though the feeling wasn’t the same, the phantom feeling of a hand wrapped around his penis was enough to get him hard. She soon had him bulging at the cage walls, wanting to cum. All the while, she continued to work at her computer, using her left hand to work the caged cock. It did indeed, take an hour of rubbing to finally work the confined cock to point on cumming. Sensing this, she made him stand and brought a small cup out and held it beneath his penis. Looking down, he was in disbelief and pumped with eroticism. She had made him cum successfully as he began to pump his cum into her little outstretched cup. Her face lit up at her achievement, streams of cum poured out. With his release, was the realisation that with the tube down his penis fitted and secured to the cage, he could watch himself pumping cum out but not feel the satisfaction of the cum squirting from the penis tip. All those nerves responsible for a majority of the orgasmic climax feeling of cumming weren’t being stimulated. Leaving him well and truly milked by a woman solely for his cum. No room for his pleasure unless she decided he could as her needs were already met. He stood there, his penis dripping onto her floor, throbbing and still fat against the cage.

‘Well done,’ she said looking at him briefly before watching his cum in the small cup move around with her hands.

‘I want you to eat more healthier and more of these foods,’ she handed him a list.

‘It’ll improve your cum quantity as I want to get the most from your cock whilst I can,’ she said with a sly smile. Factual and down to the point, here and now he was starting to enjoy this playful experiment between them. And more so than ever, coming to terms with properly feeling vulnerable to a woman and still keeping his strength and improving his sexual identity within any relationships to come.