I had made a comment on others posting about having sex while breast feeding

I had made a comment on others posting about having sex while breast feeding, and got me thinking back to some very good times

My husband and I had been married a few years, and had a great sex life. We did the adult book stores and theaters, some swingers parties. Then I had our first baby, little girl. Our party life did not at first change, you would be surprised at how many men and women love a preggo lady. And near my 8th month, my tits had grown fucking huge. But after having the baby, the party was over. My husband and I figured life as we knew it was over.

The husband found a new bit of kink, he started to suck on the unused tit, while our baby girl sucked away on the other. I had not told him that I got some great vibes through my body when she sucked on me, so when he started, it was all sexual. He would finger my wet pussy as he sucked, and he loved the milk, and the hard on he got came in very useful after breast feeding time was over and I put the baby down. We fucked more then, than we had before the baby. While at home, and not counting the sex at the book stores and swingers parties. LOL.

Our daughter wanted mom’s milk for almost six months, and then just stopped wanting it and would have nothing to do with sucking mom’s tits again. My milk stopped in what seemed like over night but was several weeks to a month. And this was with my husband sucking away on them as much as he could. But no matter how much he sucked, the milk came to a stop. Just as the boobs got smaller, going back to their pre-baby size, but a little more sag to them, I was pregnant again, just over a year later.

Our second child was another girl. My husband joined our new baby at feeding time, and this time around he started with finger fucking my pussy as the two sucked away. He moved on to fucking me, while our little one sucked away. Hubby would of loved it better if he was able to suck away too, at the same time we fucked but we both just could not bend that way.

Then it happened, one day our older daughter woke from her nap early, and walked in on breast feeding time. Now she was the one that had not wanted any more to do with mom’s boobs and breast milk, but seeing her little sister (and her daddy) sucking away on mom’s tits, she wanted too. If I had only remembered my brothers and sisters, cus that was the way it was. But hubby got bumped off the boob from that point on, but as the two girls sucked away, he would fuck away. And he took care of any milk build up between feedings, so he was not really bumped out.

Our oldest daughter was aware of her parents fucking away while she and her little sister sucked down mom’s milk. Sometimes the tits got knocked out of their mouths, if he rammed me to hard, which did happen often. I watched our oldest, her eyes would look down and just stare at her dad’s cock smacking away at mom’s wet pussy. I was always one to rub myself during sex, which I had been doing whenever hubby fucked me. So became our daily sex life, at breast feeding time.

When the girls stopped wanting to feed from mom’s tits anymore, which this time was almost a year. My husband kept going to town on sucking away, and this time my milk did not stop. I had milk for well over three years, and my husband was in total heaven for those years. As well as myself.