The Yokels

Mark was a bi sexual boy who lived in a small country village, his dad owned the only shop in the village and Mark delivered the groceries that had been ordered to the villagers at their homes, today he was on his way to the farm on the out skirts of the village with a bag of groceries, he knew the family that lived there and knew that none of the three kids went to school and could not read or write, as he walked along the country lane to the farm he saw the green range rover coming towards him swerving from side to side, Mark knew it was old farmer Jones driving and that he was probably drunk again which he often was, Mark quickly climbed over the fence into the field where he knew he would be safer than if he stayed in the lane, after the range rover had passed him Mark decided that he would cut across the field to the farm as it would be quicker than walking along the lane, as Mark approached the farm which was surrounded by trees he saw Steve the sixteen year old farmers son standing by a water trough, Mark smiled Steve was the same age as Mark and had a muscular body and was stood naked washing, Mark saw that Steve had a dick that was about seven inches and thick hanging down in front of him. Mark stood behind a tree for cover and watched as Steve washed and after a few minutes of watching smiled as Steve’s dick grew into a full nine inch erection, Mark’s smile got wider as Steve started to stroke his dick, Steve stroked away at his dick unaware that he was being watched and after a few minutes he squirted his cum in four long spurts, Mark thought nice one, then heard a girls voice shout out ” you better not of got any of your spunk in the water I got to have a wash in it” Mark the saw Tracy Steve’s twin sister walk out of the house and like Steve she was naked, Mark looked in awe at Tracy’s large boobs that swung as she walked to the water trough, Steve turned and walked into the house while Tracy started to wash and after awhile placed one foot on the edge of the trough, Mark now had a good clear view of her love tube, after ten minutes Tracy went back in the house, Mark waited for a few minutes then went out from behind the trees and walked to the farm house and after he had gave the groceries to Steve who was now dressed he headed back to the fields and started to walk across them  heading for home as he did he saw Tina Steve’s younger sister who was four years younger than what he was, Tina was sitting on the ground, Mark stopped and asked Tina what she was doing, Tina replied that she was waiting for him and after a short pause she said ” I saw you watching my brother and sister when they were naked” Mark looked at her, Tina then said ” I bet your cock is now on the hard” Mark never made any reply at all ” Tina then said to him ” get your cock out and let me see it” Mark  looked at Tina who said ” come on get it out and I will wank you off” Mark undid his jeans and let his eight inch solid erection spring out, Tina smiled and said ” it is big but not as big as big as what my brothers is” she then told Mark to lay down, Mark did what Tina had said Tina moved closer to Mark and he felt her warm hand grip his throbbing dick, Tina started to stroke Mark’s erection, Mark undid his shirt and opened it wide, Tina carried on stroking Mark’s dick and soon he was breathing heavy as Tina stroked his throbbing dick,  after ten minutes of Tina stroking his dick Mark squirted his cum in five long spurts, Tina carried on stroking for a few minutes before stopping and wiping her hand on the grass as she stood up Tina said to Mark you got lots of spunk and walked off towards the farm. Later in the village Mark saw his best mate Colin and told him about seeing Steve and Tracy naked, Colin told Mark that a few boys had seen the pair naked then added that Tina had wanked a few of the boys off and that Mike who was his age had fucked her twice and that she had sucked him off, later when he was in bed Mark thought I will have to go up to the farm more often.