I’m Gloria, Kyle’s wife

About the seventh month of pregnancy Kyle and I had gotten married. He had already told me about affairs with other neighbors’ wives in our community, I told him I didn’t mind what he did as long as I was his main woman. So now Frankie was ready for another baby for her huge house. I wanted to watch this and every other woman that he would be getting pregnant. He agreed, so the next morning we went over to see Frankie and told her what was going on, we all three went to her bedroom. Kyle and I hadn’t had sex in about a week, so I knew he was full of cum. She was already naked when she answered the door, by now they were starting to fuck, Frankie asked me to caress his balls as they were fucking, so I did. Frankie told us that she had things set up for Kyle to get Doris pregnant next week in her marital bed, it really made Kyle very horn, then he went balls deep inside her after getting through her cervix. It was only eight in the morning so they had lots of time to fuck. Then I felt his balls throbbing in my hand as he shot a huge load of cum. Being that I knew he was stuck in her uterus, I kept massaging his balls. The throbbing stopped and they just laid there holding each other, Frankie told him that her breasts was sore from being full of milk, Kyle was able to pull out about half way of his lengthy dick and started suckling her swollen tits. It’s so sweet, he said, after he finished one tit, then took the other one in his mouth. Then after about five minutes the other tit was empty. So they went back to fucking, the doorbell rang and I went to the door, it just happened to be Doris, come in I said, they are in Frankie’s bedroom fucking. So we both now were watching a new pregnancy beginning. It was about thirty minutes and Kyle was about to cum again, this time Gloria was caressing his balls as I rubbed his back and sides they were laying there kissing as they continued to fuck. It was only eleven in the morning now, so Kyle managed to cum three more times before his dick went soft, we all got up and I made a pot of coffee for us while Frankie and Kyle were getting cleaned up a little. They were talking about the other community wives, but a lot of them were older couples. So we all four sat down with coffee and talked about everything. Doris said to me, you’re not worried about what Kyle is doing? You both just got married. I told them no, I’m not worried as long as he is faithful to me at home. Frankie smiled, then Kyle got a call on his phone to cut a yard down the street for day after tomorrow. So we went over to do the work, she knew what was going on, because Frankie told her, she came to the back door completely naked when we finished with three hundred dollars in her hand, come in she said to us. Let’s go to my bedroom she said, let’s fuck. My husband can’t get a hard on anymore and I’m ovulating and horny, I couldn’t believe that a forty-eight-year-old woman could still get pregnant again, but it really happened that day. More hot stories from Kyle and all the other women to come.