I really had a firs, a uniformed ranger at the park’s look out, and well hung at that

I really had a firs, a uniformed ranger at the park’s look out, and well hung at that. First I thought I was busted, but NO

At lunch time, I took off from work as quick as I could, I had been looking forward to heading up into the state park, and walk down into the trees, I liked it there for the voyeur in me, as no one hid a thing there, like in the city and county parks.

I got there, parked and headed down one of the trails into the trees. Plenty of guys walking around, most had their cocks out the fly and flopping around as they walked around. Others had hooked up and I was seeing either hand jobs or cock sucking. I was rock hard.

One of the guys that was walking toward me, had a big nice looking cock poking out the front of his pants. I said hello and we both stopped on the trail for some small talk. He put a hand out and rubbed on the bulge in my pants, I in turn got a hand full of his cock and stroked. We moved off the trail, and into some small trees and brush. Since his cock was already out and nice and hard at this point, I was down on my knees, taking him into my mouth. Nice smooth head, that swelled up and down as I stroked his shaft and deep throated as much as I could.

I was just loving the head of his cock, and was sure he was gonna cum any second. I was looking forward to his load of hot cum in my mouth and down my throat. When he pulled away and took off. I just kneeled there, trying to figure out what just happened. Then I hear a guy behind me, ask what was going on here? I turn my head to look behind me, and there stood a park ranger, full uniform … badge, gun, handcuffs!!! Ah fuck I am telling myself, busted big time, and I was already seeing the headlines of my arrest. I did not say a word, and was trying to think of a good lie to use, as I did not have my dick out, I was just kneeling there, but I did not know how much he had seen before the guy I was with took off.

The ranger walked around me, stood in front of me, and started opening his fly. He told me that he would like what I had been giving my friend. And out he pulls a sweet looking huge cock, that was semi hard. In my head I am thinking what kind of set up is this? OK do I suck him off and then get arrested? Well what the fuck I tell myself, and take his cock into my mouth as he moved forward. I went to town, figured I would do down fighting so to speak. He did have a nice cock, and long, I was able to get both my hands on it, but not that big as to stroke him just one hand would do. I was stroking away and sucking my best. He was packing a load, told me he was ready … bam the back of my throat is blasted with hot cum, more than I could swallow. He just kept cumming, and when I stopped sucking he began to pump that cock of his in my mouth, cum was dripping out from around my lips. I do not think I had gagged at all any of the times on a cock since I had started getting together with guys, but between his long cock and all that cum, I was gagging off and on, he pushed it deep down my throat and came.

When he did pull his cock out of my mouth, it still was shooting a few rounds of cum, which went all over the front of me, my shirt, my pants and then one good one right in my face. He gave a low, well sorry about that. He told me he would really like to repay the favor but could not in his uniform. He told me to watch out for other rangers better, because he did not know any others that would join in like he did, they would do the arrest thing. My mind was still on the he would like to repay the favor part, but when he got to the arrest part I woke up. I stood up, having a major hard on in my pants, he reached out and rubbed the front of my pants over my cock. Then he stepped back and somehow he was able to pack that cock of his back into his pants and then he walked off.

I stood up, and on looking around, there was not another guy in sight. I felt some cum drip from my nose down onto my lips and chin. I rubbed at it with my fingers, and what fuck, sucked the cum off into my mouth. I looked down at myself, shirt soaked, front of pants from waist to knees covered in cum stains. If it was just on the shirt I think it blended in ok, but you could tell on my pants just what it was. Guess I was not going to be able to just go back to work, not like that.

I got to the car and drove back to town. While driving down the mountain road, I was thinking why I had not had the balls to ask him for a place and time to repay the favor. I was thinking about how good that huge long cock of his would probably feel in my ass, I had not had anyone real long. I stopped at a gas station, that still had some payphones. I phoned work and told them I had got tied up on an errand I was doing at lunch time, and requested the rest of the day off, no problem with the supervisor. So at the next intersection, I turned toward home and not toward work.

I parked in the driveway, and headed into the house. And just into the front hallway, there stands my wife! Fuck what was she doing home? So there I am covered in cum, standing face to face with the wife. She asked me what was going on and why was I home. I was thinking I was in big trouble and was on defense, and asked what she was doing home. I then noticed that the hallway was somewhat dark, and I realized that my wife could not see the front of me. I was thinking she in a few more minutes would be able to smell the cum on me though. Before she turned on me, for how I had just barked right back at her, I laughed and said just joking hun, and told her it was a bit slow at work and the boss asked for volunteers to take some time off, so I took it. Then I asked her (nice and sweet now) what had got her home? She said the same thing, and she laughed. I told her I was just going to change, she turned and headed out into the TV room, and I headed down the hall further to the bedroom.

When she was out of sight, I stopped at one of the kids old rooms, and stepped inside and took my shirt and pants off, stuffing them under the bed. I would get them later when it was clear of the wife and throw them in the wash. In my under ware and headed into our bedroom. I changed out of what was left on me, I did notice that my boxers were more wet than normal, the wife was use to me pre-cum and some cum in them after all these years, she knew that a good looking girl or lady was enough to set me off. But these were more cum covered than normal, but I threw them in the hamper with the rest. Grabbed a wash towel and cleaned myself off a bit, and used some mouth wash. I threw on just some trunks and t-shirt, hitting up the kitchen on the way to the TV room.

I gave the wife a shout out, asking if she wanted anything. She yelled back, one of whatever I was having. I grabbed two cold beers. I parked my butt down on the sofa next to her and handed her a beer. She was also in some shorts and a t-shirt, I could see her nipples through the thin material. I have always been a major tit man, and hard nipples did it for me. I use to walk around our house with a hard on all day and night, when the wife and daughters were all here, it was a house full of hard nipples everywhere. I could not help myself, and brushed my cold beer bottle over the front of her t-shirt, getting the first nipple area of the shirt wet from the bottle moisture, but the cold beer bottle got both nipple to stand out at full attention. And then I was at full attention, not having cum during my lunch time encounter, I was more than ready.

The wife without turning to look away from the TV, did reach back and move her hand over my leg and up to my trunks. She found my raging hardon, which got her head to whip around, and she got a big smile. She forgot all about the TV. She pushed the leg material of my trunks up, exposing my cock which wanted out of those trunks anyway. She took her hand away, stood up while pulling her shirt off, then dropping her shorts. Totally nude before me. I just had to join her, stood up and dropped the trunks to the floor first and then pulled off the shirt. She pushed me back down onto the sofa and then climbed into my lap, after all these years, between the two of us, the aim was right on, pussy to hard cock, and in the cock went. Love that hot pussy. She rode me good, and I had my hands full of bouncing boobs. I kept trying to keep a nipple in my mouth, but with her pony riding I just kept getting slapped in the face with tits. I had a bunch of built up cum waiting, and I gave it all to her, when I began to shoot off inside her, she did her grind down hard into me move, while she used her pussy muscles to squeeze my cock. Now other than being able to make the cock head swell up, I do not think a guy can compare with those pussy squeezes. My oldest daughter had a major talent in that area, but that is a story for later.

When the wife stood up, she pulled me by the ears to her pussy. She told me to take care of anything that could maybe drip on the floor before she was able to get to a bathroom to clean up. I did love cum, but not that she knew, but in the past she has had me eat my own cum by kissing me or having me eat her out after I came in her, so this was cool. I did give her another orgasms’ as she stood there, and I would like to think that she no longer needed to head to the bathroom to clean up, as I was pretty sure I sucked it all outa her. She did walk away from me on some shaky legs … and nice ass.