Graduation Ceremony – 01

My Devar (Sunil) is studying in IIT Mumbai, and pursuing his masters there. He is very fond of me from the time I got married. He was in engineering at the time of my marriage. We share very good friendship. He shares all his college details, and girl friend details with me all the time.

From the time he went to Mumbai for his IIT studies, he got very busy and rarely visited us. He came to see me and baby at the time of baby’s birth. But somehow he was not behaving like before. He used to stare at me, but when I initiate conversation, he used to leave from there. I did not understand why he was behaving like this.

Within a year, he was about to graduate, so he invited his parents and us to the graduation ceremony. It is an important occasion but my in-laws could not travel because of health. Myself and husband booked tickets for Mumbai trip, and in-laws offered to look after the baby while I am gone for few days.

Couple of days before we were to go, Husband got urgent office work and he had to cancel the trip. I did not want to travel alone that far to attend, but in-laws and husband requested me to be with Sunil. I too felt sorry for him as everyone else will have their family, and he will be alone in such a big celebration of his success. So I started to Mumbai as scheduled.

Sunil came to station to receive me. He seemed much different than the last time I saw him. He was happy to see me there, although bit sad that none of others could make it. He used to live outside of IIT Powai campus, with one of his friend, who is also from our town. He is a family friend to in-laws family too. So we went to Sunil’s rented accommodation. It was bit old, but decent one bedroom flat.

By the time we reached, his friend Vijay was not there in the room. Sunil asked me to freshen up, and said he will bring breakfast. I opened my suitcase and could not find my inner-wear in there. I opened all clothes and still can’t find it in luggage. I realised then that, before closing suitcase, I was reshuffling things and my lingerie purse was left outside. I felt very embarrassed that I did not have any pair except what I am wearing.

Since I packed mostly saree, I was at least relieved that under blouses even if I am not wearing a bra, would not matter much. I quickly finished my bath and came into bedroom to get dressed. But Sunil was sitting on bed watching TV by then. I did not hear him come back, so I was in towel and half drenched. I turned around to go back into bathroom, but he quickly got up and moved out asking me to stay. After he went out, got dressed and came out of the room.

By then Vijay came back too, and both were waiting for me to have breakfast. Vijay’s eyes lit up like he saw a wonder, when he saw me.

Vijay asked “How are you bhabhi, I saw you after 4 years. You changed a lot from then.”

I know what he meant there. I was a bit skinny before 4 years, but now I gained weight all in right places. I used to be 32, 26, 32 and now I am 36, 30, 38. Pregnancy brought most of these changes and I am a yummy mummy now for most.

We finished breakfast quickly. Sunil remained bit calm but Vijay was talking all the time about everything. He also revealed that Sunil had break-up recently and that is why he is like this. I felt sorry for him, and tried to talk to him about this. Sunil left from there into bedroom, and I went behind him too.

I turned him around and hugged him to console about what happened. After some resistance, he hugged me tight and cried out loud. I made him sit on the bed and wiped his tears. I explained him how he will get better girl friend / wife than the one who left him. After speaking with him, he finally got back to his normal self slowly. To cheer him up, I said for his graduation, I will give him a good present.

Vijay came in and asked for his present too for his graduation. I smiled and said will buy for both. I asked them to take me to shopping. We got into a cab and went to nearby shopping mall. I saw a lingerie shop there and thought I could buy for couple of days, so that I don’t feel uncomfortable. I asked both to wait outside but they insisted that they will come in too.

I was bit embarrassed but I let them join me for the shopping. I asked sales woman there to show me options in my sizes. I was shown the rack where I could select, and both followed me there. They started choosing lingerie for me, which felt bit awkward. But I was glad that I was able to talk Sunil out of his break up and make him happy. One chose Pink colour set and other purple colour set.

I smiled at them and took both. Also chose some other colours for my dresses I brought here. Vijay asked, if this was the graduation present I was giving. I gave a serious look and laughed out loud. After this we went to men’s shopping to buy good dress for graduation. Husband asked me to buy good suit to Sunil, so I chose one suit for him. I also selected different colour suit to Vijay too.

They tried it, and it suited very nice. I asked them if they want anything else? Vijay said, he wants to buy new underwear too. I could understand how they are hitting on me. Since this is a special day, gave them that freedom. This time I chose underwear for them and they like it.

After shopping, we head out to food court and had some pizzas. Later booked for movie tickets to see one of the new movie. I sat in the middle and they both sat on each sides. Somehow I could sense what might happen then. My thoughts came true, and I was feeling their hands on my thighs first, and then on waist. I was somehow carried away with all flirting and let them use me in the theatre. I closed my eyes and enjoying the moment.

From waist, they slowly moved on to my boobs. Started with pressing slowly and caressing and then added more pressure. Fondling became squeezing my melons and I was fully wet. Also I was not wearing inners, so my milk slowly made blouse fully wet. Yes, I am a lactating mother and still feed my 1 year old baby. I could leave baby for few days without feeding, but when I get full I need to empty my breasts to avoid pains.

Both of them thought I was sweating with all of the action going on. They went ahead and opened my blouse hooks from both sides. I was still closing my eyes and theatre is relatively empty. So both shifted my pallu to fall in middle of my boobs and took my tits into their mouth. They started getting warm milk flow as soon as they started sucking. I don’t remember how much time they did this, but I came into my senses when there was interval and they left me.

I adjusted my dress and walked out of theatre. They followed me out. We left the movie midway and went home. Both did not speak on the way. We reached home, and I went into bedroom locked myself in. There was silence till the dinner time. Vijay went out and brought dinner for us. Sunil knocked on door and called for dinner. I went out to eat, and again same silence between us.

I wanted to make things less awkward, so opened the conversation.

“What happened at theatre was a mistake. We all got carried away. Let’s put that behind us and go back to normal” I said.

Vijay smiled at me, but Sunil is still kind of mum and not responding.

“Let’s plan for tomorrow. Your big day. What time are we supposed to go there?” I asked.

Sunil still kept mum, and not looking at me either. He is not eating too.

“Sunil, what happened? I already said that what happened is a mistake and we should forget it and move on” I said.

He looked at me and said “You consoled me from a break up, and thrown me into another.” I was shocked to hear this. Vijay calmly got up from there and went out, so that we both as family can be free to discuss.

“What do you mean break up again? We are not in a relationship or anything. Stopping you from doing an illicit relation is not break up. What gotten into you?” I screamed.

“I always liked you bhabhi, and I found a girl who looks exactly like you. I thought this will make me happy, but she left for someone else. Now you consoled me, so I thought my original love for you can be restored and we are ending up like this.” He said.

“What you have on me is infatuation or lust, but not love. We can’t have an incest relation between us. Besides if your parents or bhayya finds out, what will happen to both?” I asked.

“I don’t know and I don’t want to know. All I want now is your love, so that I can come out of my break-up. Whatever name you give to this, I don’t care. After about an year, this afternoon was the first time I had heartfelt meal, laugh and enjoyed going outside. All of this is just an afternoon affair and stopped again. I don’t want to go to the graduation too. She will come there with her lover and I will look like a loser.” He started crying again.

I tried to console him and he hugged me hard. I could not leave him like that, so tried to calm him down. Suddenly he kissed me on my lips. I tried to push him back, but he continued to forcefully kiss me. I tried hard, but he overpowered me. I started to give in to his advances and finally kissed him back.

Afternoon incident made me horny and till now was trying to supress all of it. But now, I gave in to my feelings and passionately kissed him back. He pulled down my saree while kissing me and I helped him with it too. I undid all my saree, and stood there in my birthday dress in front of him.

He laid me down on bed, and started sucking my milk. I combed his hair with my fingers while he drank like a hungry infant from my tits. I started rubbing his cock on top of his pants, and it felt like a hot rod ready to melt my pussy. After sucking milk fully from one tit, he got up and took off his clothes. I took his dick in my mouth and kissed it passionately.

He held my head and shoved his dick in my mouth deeply. I was breathless for a moment, till he pulled it out. Then again shoved it back hard and started moving in and out. In under two minutes he came in my mouth. I gulped as much as I can, but some of it spilled on my boobs and body.

Suddenly there was a loud thud at the main door. Vijay must have returned now. I quickly got up and took my clothes into bathroom. Sunil adjusted his dress, and walked out innocently. But Vijay is very smart fellow and figured something happened in there. He started teasing Sunil, and Sunil was blushing when Vijay teased him.

When I came out, Vijay asked me, “Where is my share?”

“You will get your gift after graduation party!” I smiled naughtily. Both are now back to same mood as afternoon. We sat there to watch TV for sometime, where Vijay continued to touch me everywhere. I did not stop either of them, but insisted that they sleep outside for today. I slept in bedroom.

To be continued in Part 02.