Impregnating Doris

I’m Kyle, I had to rush Gloria to the hospital just four days after Dianne got pregnant by me to have our first son. I was in the delivery room to help her push the baby out. Doris rang my phone about the time Gloria was sent to her room. She told me that she was near her ovulation, her husband would be going out of town on business for the rest of the week and wouldn’t be home till Saturday evening, this took place on Sunday evening. I just told Gloria that Doris would be ready for me to come over tomorrow morning, she told me to take Frankie with me, so she could help empty my huge balls, it’s been two weeks since Dianne got pregnant by me, so she wouldn’t be able to make it, being in the hospital. Ok I told her will do. So I called Frankie to go with me, she would also be having our third baby within the next two weeks, so we got to the door at Doris’s home. She answered the door and was completely naked, I had taken only one Viagra pill this morning and was hard as a rock again, she pulled the top of my shorts down and took me by the dick leading us to her martial bed. She also laid down and spread her legs as wide as she could. I got between her legs and pushed my solid dick to her cervix, we started fucking kinda slow till she got used to my length, precum was already lubricating her cervix and her cervix opened for my dick, so I pushed right in, she told us that her husband was going to call when he landed. So we just keep fucking till the phone rang, by the time he called I was about to cum at balls deep inside her, stop a minute she says, but I still moved in slowly. Hi honey she said, I’m probably pregnant, then she put him on speaker phone. He sounded pretty excited about it. She told him she was just laying in the bed while the washer was on spin cycle, meaning that she was really rolling her hips, then I couldn’t hold back any longer, so I shot a massive load down deep inside her uterus, she told him the washer started rinsing the clothes, he said okay baby don’t work to hard on that if you’re pregnant. So I started sucking her forty double D tits. About that time she told him it was starting to spin again to ring out the clothes. We went to fucking pretty hard as she was really ringing out my long dick, she was actually telling him that she was fucking, but he never caught on to it, honey I have to go so I can put everything in the dryer. So she said I’m in love with you, with her finger poking me in the chest. I love you too, he says. Talk to you tomorrow he said, then they hung up the phone. We fuck for another six hours before I go soft with Frankie massaging my huge balls I shot off either more times. I just let the cum finish oozing out as we lay there locked together, about two weeks later she told us about the pregnancy, in four months she went to Frankie’s GYN. It was a baby girl on the way. More to come, because Frankie had me already had me fixed up to get together with a fifty four year old woman who just wants a little fun, because her husband can’t get a hard on.