teen gay love

two teen boys fall in love and decide to take their relationship further

see parts 1 and 2. summary: aarin was a light skinned indian boy raised in america. aayush was the same but a little bit darker and more golden. they were both raised in america and 15 years old. they went to a summer camp together and became best friends. they were both in love with each other but were too scared to tell each other. one day, aayush was horny and decided to masturbate to aarin in their shared dorm room. he took off his clothes and got naked. then he pulled up a hot picture of aarin and started fantasizing them together in love naked. he let his 4 inch long penis get hard and he spread his legs open. he kept fantasizing as he pleasured himself. he then climaxed to aarin and cummed all over his hand. aayush felt exhausted and fell asleep. later, aarin walked in and realized that aayush masturbated to him. aarin also did the same thing. he realized that that was his chance to confess his love. he felt like he was dreaming. he got naked and got into bed with aayush. he then lifted aayushs asleep body and set him in his lap. aayush slowly woke up and said, “huh what’s going on?”. “hi”, said aarin. aayush slowly realized what was happening. they ended up making love the whole night. the next day, they spent all their time together and fucked on the beach. they told their friends that they were in love.

one day after an incredible night of sex and love, aayush was feeling a little sick. “what’s wrong baby”, said aarin. “i don’t know, i feel a little nauseous”, said aayush. “aww, let’s take a shower, you’ll feel better”. aarin carried aayush to the bathtub and they both got in. they embraced as they cleaned themselves off. “i think i need to go to the doctor”, said aayush.

they both went to the doctor holding hands. “my boyfriend is feeling a little nauseous, can you check if he’s ok”, asked aarin. “sure thing”, said the doctor. the doctor did some tests. “you’re pregnant”, said the doctor. “what”, said aarin and aayush together. “that can’t be possible”, said aayush. “well it looks like since you two have sex so much your body mutated to be able to have children”, said the doctor. “no way this is amazing!”, said aarin. “we’re going to be parents!!”. “wow”, said aayush in shock. “i’m pregnant”. “in order to keep the baby, aarin has to cum in aayush 100 times a day, 50 in the mouth and 50 times in the ass”. “that’s light work”, said aarin. “we’re having a baby!”.

they both got home and spent the rest of their time fucking and cumming in each other. aayush had his baby and they were both so happy. then, aarin got pregnant and they had another child. it was happily ever after for them.