Mark, My First Male Experience

Over a decade ago in the year 2005 I was either 31 or 32 depending on the month. I was horny as I usually am. Online sites like Craigslist were full of scammers and were and are still not a good source to meet a woman. Sadly there are more men looking online than there are legitimate women and most are Hispanic men looking. Well this particular year was a dry one for me. No prospects of finding a female friends with benefits and I did not want to masturbate all the time. I desperately wanted my weenie sucked or stroked. I turned to the personal ads in craigslist but this time in the men for men section and saw the ads. There were almost no local area men and most did not look very attractive to me. However one caught my eyes and it was a hair stylist advertising for a man. I wrote him and got a reply. His name was Mark and he worked at a local salon not far from my home. He was white and thin which are huge turn ins for me in women so why not apply the same attributes to a man? Well we talked and exchanged pictures and he was interested in sucking me.

He invited me to his salon after hours when it was closed. He had a key and we would be alone. I pulled into the parking lot and was freshly washed and nervous. He opened the door and let me inside. Typical Beauty salon and the lights were off. I wanted to get right into it before I lost my nerve. I quickly undressed once he closed and locked the door. I went to him completely naked. I guess he undressed too. I reached down and took his cock into my hand and he did the same to me. I just reached for it out of instinct like it was the most normal thing to do despite the fact I was never with a man before. I do not remember what it felt like in my hand. We walked to his beauty station and I laid on the cement floor that had a shiny gloss to it.

He then came to me and lightly touched and stroked my weenie. It got hard. He then opened up a bottle dropper that was a dark color. He put the dropper to his nose and inhaled. He then put some drops on my weenie and then put away the bottle. I felt his chest and his hand played with my weenie. Then he got on all fours and he positioned himself over my hard circumcised weenie and he lowered himself onto it. What was happening at that moment was surreal and a first for me. I started thrusting upwards to meet his ass as it entered my weenie. I kept thrusting upwards and I think we both moaned and I guess I ejaculated into him. He slowly got off me and cleaned my cock with a towel. He was spent but I was still hard and wanted more but he was exhausted. I proceeded to masturbate and grunt while he watched. I ejaculated onto the cement floor and was exhausted from that intense Jack off experience which was also a first for me as it was my first time masturbating in front of a man who was a stranger. He then cleaned up the mess and my weenie. We dressed and it was over.

He walked me to the door and I asked him to kiss me on my cheek. He did and we said goodbye. I went into my car and reflected on what just happened. It was very surreal and the dark Beauty salon setting and hard glossy cement floor only added to it. I honestly do not remember how it felt or how his weenie felt in my hand or even how it felt to have him lower his butt onto my hard and willing cock. I do not even understand why I simply trusted upwards onto and into his waiting butthole and what did the drops he put on my weenie play in what we did?

To this day fifteen years later I still am in awe. Mark and I never saw each other anymore after that first and only encounter with him. Mark was the first man I ever was completely naked with and the first I had anal sex with.