Watching Mom Go Black Part 2 Back for more

A week after my mom’s photo shoot had passed when she called me asking if I could meet for lunch. It was a slow day so I agreed and we decided to meet at the restaurant near my business. We just sat there talking about various things that we had going on. The whole time mom was acting coy like she had something to say but was too nervous to say it. I asked her if there was something on her mind, she asked if I would still allow her to come back for another shoot.

“Of course you can, mom, my company allows ammeter models up to five photo shoots before requiring a contract”, I responded, “there’s some forms you’ll need to sign if you want to do another porn scene though”.

“That sounds wonderful!” she responded, “Ever since that day I’ve been thinking about going back but I didn’t want bother you.”

I responded, “What do mean? You’re not a bother, everyone said how much they loved having you there last week. I just have to ask though, do you feel bad about cheating on dad or is he ok with this?”

“Oh don’t worry about him, it’s just sex, I’m not going to divorce him now. Besides, if he wanted to get with some younger girl I wouldn’t have a problem”, mom said.

That statement surprised me a little, I always thought my mom was a super devout Christian but here she was saying she’s fine with not just cheating, but filming porn and letting my dad cheat on her as well. Even after everything that had happened it still seemed strange. I told her whenever she feels ready to come down again she’s welcome.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning in May, the sun was out and it was 75 degrees. I called my mom and told her I had the perfect place for her next shoot, I said I would stop by and pick her up and we’d go straight there. She said she’s excited and will be waiting for me to arrive. I got to my parents house just after 10:00 and noticed my dad’s car missing. I went inside and after the usual greetings asked where he had gone.

“Oh he’s out playing golf with his friends, he won’t be back until later this afternoon”, she said.

“Well that’s perfect for you then, isn’t it? Come on, let’s get going you’ll love the spot I picked”, I replied smiling, “it’s a rooftop pool overlooking lake Michigan”.

We got to the location and were greeted by the film crew who were already there getting things set up. She went over to the makeup chair and got started. As she was sitting there I brought the male model over, her eyes went wide as she realized I had brought the same man as before. I told her this shoot was going to be a part of a new larger series called “Modern Woman” where women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who are either married or had kids, often times both, would do videos showing them unhappy with their husbands/boyfriends and would turn to younger black men to find the sexual satisfaction they needed.

“Sounds like a great time to me, I’ve had this man’s black cock on my mind all week”, my mom said.

“You white girls can’t get enough of it can you?” the man replied in a slight Jamaican accent.

“So what we’ll have you do mom is you’ll be swimming in the pool over there and when you get out to go sit in the sun James will come out and sit down opposite end of the pool. You’ll notice each other and you’ll invite him over. You two can flirt as much or as little as you want and then the sex scene will start from there”, I explained, “Naturally we’ll be filming you the whole time so act seductive”.

“Act seductive, get fucked outside, anything else?” mom asked as she was putting on her bikini top.

“Part of the series is the man will cum inside you but when you finger yourself after make sure you get some on your wedding ring, that’s one of the shots we’re going for with this”, I said.

Before long everyone was ready and the filming started. My gorgeous mother was wearing a revealing white bikini that allowed her nipples to poke through, her white bottom was fitted tight around her ass. She was a total natural at this as she got in and out of the pool with a lustful look on her face. The glistening water falling off her soft round breasts would make any man horny. Thankfully my camera crew is all female and the only other man was the star of the video. For a 51 year old woman, my mom still had a beautiful body. Her wet blonde hair draped down her back and on her boobs as she seductively got out of the pool and walked over to the chair. As she sat down James walked in and sat in his chair. He was a tall 6’5″ black man with very defined muscles. He was wearing a small speedo which did little to cover the massive bulge underneath. My mom looked over at him and waved at him, he nodded in return. She asked if he wanted to come sit closer to her and he responded by getting up and walking over to the chair beside her.

“What’s a fine looking woman doing out here by herself?” he asked.

Giggling my mom replied, “My husband is at work right now, I came up to work on my tan” as she ran her fingers over her body.

“I think it looks wonderful, your body is so smooth”, he said as he rubbed his hand up my mother’s inner leg.

“Oh well thank you”, she replied clearly flustered, “Your muscles are very sexy, you must get lots of girls”.

“I’ve had some, but they don’t compare to you”, he said as he started to massage my mom’s arms and legs.

“I hope this isn’t to forward of me but I can’t take my eyes off your cock”, she said giving him the look with innocent eyes, “my husband won’t be home for a few hours and–“.

Before she could finish James slid his hands up under my mom’s bikini and started to finger her pussy.

“Mhh, Oh my God, don’t stop doing that please!” she moaned. With one hand holding onto his arm she took her free hand and started rubbing James’s cock through his swim suit.

“Your body is perfect. I’d love to be with you”, James said as he was fingering my mom’s pussy as she sat in front of him. With that she stood up and turned around, now facing him she undid the strap on her bikini top and told him, “So be with me” as her top fell on the ground revealing her perfect tits. He pulled of his swim suit to show of his girthy 8″ penis. In a trance my mom moved in like a cheetah and took his cock in her mouth. My mom was sucking James’s dick like an angel, I could tell even he was having enjoying himself more than with the normal girls. He cupped the back of her head as he fucked her face with that giant black tool. The whole time she was moaning and giggling with his cock muffling the sound. She was sucking on his cock for so long when she lifted off and said,

“I want to see what your tongue can do to this married pussy!”

“My pleasure”, James responded.

My mom spread her legs wide open as James was tongue fucking her pussy. She was moaning like crazy with his mix of eating her clit and fingering the inside of her hole. “Oh Jesus you’re so good at that! Keep doing that PLEASE!” she screamed as pussy juices sprayed all over James’s face. Her first orgasm sent her shaking as James held his around her thighs to try and hold her down. It was incredible watching how one black man could turn my innocent white mother into such a slut without even using his cock.

As my mom came out of her orgasm James stood up, pulling her back by the thighs and lifted her up off the ground. He held her by her soft round ass with her legs held apart, feet in the air. Her hands wrapped around his neck pressing her massive tits against his chiseled torso. They locked lips as he dropped her down onto his rigid penis. The image of my mother’s pussy stretched around a massive black cock will be forever burned into my mind. As he bounced her on his cock, she moaned with each thrust, “Oh. My. Fucking. God. Fuck that. Fucking. Pussy!”

After a short stint he lowered her down on her back and continued fucking her in a deep mating press. James was staring into my mother’s eye’s as he held the top of her head, groping her breast with his other hand. Mom was staring back into his eyes as her legs were held wide in the air and her hands fondling his ass while he fucked her with all 8″ of his cock. As I watched their eyes I realized they were no longer fucking for the cameras, they were making love. With a lustful look in her eyes she moaned, “I want you to steal me from my husband! I want your black dick to take me away from him!”

“Good girl, keep taking my cock like a little white slut and I’ll take you wherever you want, baby!” he said.

The thrusts became became harder and deeper with an increase in speed. The sound of his thighs slapping into my mom’s ass as his cock continued it’s assault on her pussy filled the downtown air. It was increasingly difficult to keep my erection down as I watched this love making in front of me, even the camera woman was soaking her pants at the sight of them. They hadn’t even changed positions as my mom began to violently orgasm again.

“Oh fuck, thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! Jesus Christ thank you!” She screamed out as he began grunting and pumping her pussy very hard and very deliberately before shooting his cum as deep in my mother’s pussy as it could go. My mother in a daze then made a point of taking off her wedding ring a using it to scoop the cum out of her pussy and onto her tongue. James was feeding on her tits while she massaged his head. “Mhh, do you like sucking on mommy’s pretty titties, big boy?”

“Your tits are amazing, your whole body is amazing, I want to fuck you over and over.” James said.

“Is my big boy ready to fuck me again?” mom asked.

“I’m always ready for that pussy”, he exclaimed.

I could hardly believe it, this young black stud had my mom on her hands and knees fucking her doggy-style only minutes after destroying her pussy once already. “Take my ass big boy! You’ve earned it, yes, fuck my virgin ass!” my mom yelled as he entered her tight ass.

“I’ve never let my husband in here before!”, she exclaimed.

Her tits were shaking all around as he pounded my mom.

“Call me daddy girl, I want you to call me daddy!” James yelled slapping her ass.

“Oh fuck me, daddy! Fuck my tight ass harder, daddy! Destroy it so my husband can never use it!” she moaned loudly.

James grabbed my mom’s breasts as he pumped deep and hard. He soon began grunting as he shot a second load of cum in my mother’s ass. My mother collapsed on the chair in a heep of sweat and cum as she thanked her new daddy for the fucking of her lifetime. James got up and walked off to go clean up and I walked over to my mom to tell her how great a job she did. She was now standing and gave me a deep hug pressing her boobs into me. She said she’d do whatever she had to do in order to fuck James again. I told her she can come back as many times as she wants as long as she fucks like that.

“You like watching your mother getting fucked?” she asked.

“I really do, mom, your a very beautiful woman and your body is to die for”, I said as I felt her tits in my hands.

I told her if she let’s me get a taste of her in here and there, I’ll let her fuck all the black cocks I can find. She hugged me deep once again and said “you’re always welcome in mommy”. After that I kissed her and let her go clean up. A couple hours later she was back home with dad none the wiser. We can hope he doesn’t like interracial porn because mom and I both need this to keep going.

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