Married lady : Cousin Lina (Part 2)

Hi friends

I am Garry, a young guy who have had physical relationship with several girls as well as ladies, so my cousin sister Lina is a married lady but no child as she wants to enjoy her life more and we both have enjoyed on bed earlier on, she is in Delhi for some works as she came alone and now on my bed she is lying with her nude vagina getting licked and my tongue is inside her cunt as she is ” uh aah um aaahh Garry it’s hot.

( I took out my tongue ) oh baby your vagina seems to be of teenager ” and now I pushed my finger inside her cunt as starts rubbing it fast ” uh um Garry aah it’s hot will cum soon, and my lips are on her thighs as I can feel my penis in complete erection, soon I felt her cunt wet as I tastes it cum, took out my tongue and moved to washroom. As I am back she left the bed and now took out a bottle of whiskey from her bag as I was standing behind her, my hand was rubbing her butts as she looked back ” Garry now we will enjoy drinks then.

( I smiled ) sorry I have took beer and now whiskey it will be cocktail ” but Lina put the bottle as asked me for glasses, I came to room with glasses and cold drinks as both are nude, I put it on table as she poured whiskey in it and both starts drinking whiskey, being nude with her now is just like dream came true and soon Lina is on bed.

She pushed me on bed as hold my penis and now her lips are on my cock, kissing it hard while pressing my testicles and I am bit aroused ” aaah oh uh um Lina suck it please ” and she opened her mouth to have it as she swallowed my 2/3 Rd cock and starts sucking it hard, I put my hand on her breast as she starts swinging her mouth to give me a hard blowjob ” aah oh uh um Lina it’s nice suck suck you bitch ” and then as her saliva starts coming out of her mouth she took out my penis and starts rolling her tongue on it as I am pressing her breast, Lina left the cock as she walked to washroom as I can see her butts swinging and now I am desperate to fuck her. Lina came to bed as she slept with her legs stretched and I sits in between her thighs while holding my cock as pushed it’s glans in her wet vagina, I have put my hand on her waist as pushed my cock hard in her soft vagina and 2/3 penis moved inside without any hurdle as I fucked hard to make her cry ” aah ouch it’s hurting ” and I starts penetrating her vagina fast, she is looking hot and sexy on bed as my penis is giving her a nice fuck and she asked ” be on my top Garry I want to bounce my butts ” as I leaned on her top while fucking her hard, she kissed my lips and hold my waist as she starts bouncing her butts fast to enjoy fuck and my lips are on her face to lips.

My penis is hitting her vagina as she is in pleasure and soon she put her butts on bed as asked ” Garry I need your penis in my ass hole

( I said ) sure but after massaging your ass darling ” and my cock has now made her vagina hot but I am still fucking it, soon I took out my penis and then slept on bed as Lina asked ” it’s over Garry

( I smiled ) no be in cow girl position ” Lina now sits on my waist with her legs stretched as her buttocks is on my waist and then I hold her waist as she hold my penis, pushes it in her vagina and as she starts pushing her butts downwards, penis is going inside smoothly and now I fucked hard as I am fucking her vagina from below and Lina is bouncing her butts fast to enjoy my cock in her vagina, her breasts are nice as she leaned on me and then she starts swinging her butts to enjoy fuck, Garry now took her breast in his mouth to suck as she is now fucking herself while moving her butts fast and soon I left her breast as I starts fucking her from below ” aaah uh yes fuck fuck my bro I am your sex slave ” and now my cock is hot enough as it ejaculates sperms in her vagina, she kissed my lips ” you are a nice guy Garry but on bed you are roaring tiger ” and I slapped her butts, soon she moved to washroom as our sexual desires came to an end for now…