Me and my dogs

A story of me, my dog Pablo and my other dog molly

It all started when I was 8 when I saw my sister getting mounted by our dog Pablo. Pablo was a rather large husky and had a nice sized dick which is probably why my sister loved being mounted by him. When I saw this I felt a new feeling I had never felt before and my cock started getting hard so later that night I decided to try what I had seen my sister doing. At around 1am I got Pablo I brought him to my room and due to lack of knowledge I decided to just get on my hands and knees Infront of him without any prep and straight away he jumped up and grabbed around my body with his paws. He started poking around my ass until finally he pushed his entire dick in all at once and it only started getting bigger and harder. When it went in I had to cover my mouth to avoid waking up my family as the shock and pain was immeasurable and my eyes started to water. After a few minutes I started to moan as it started to feel nice and I got harder. It wasn’t long before he started speeding up and I felt his knot build and after a few more thrusts it pressed into my ass and stretched me to my limites and soon enough I felt my rectum fill with his cream. This started being a weekly occurrence until I turned 11, at this point I started growing pubes and my dick got bigger and I was getting more urges than ever. This is when I started bringing Molly, a golden retriever who was fairly large of a female, up to my room with Pablo at night. The first night it started with just fingering her while I was being pounded by Pablo however on the second night she kept onto my bed and lied down on a pillow in a way that meant her back end was raised into the air. When I saw this I couldn’t control my self I started rubbing my dick along her pussy which she was used to as Pablo’s former breeding partner (; eventually I started pushing my 5 inch rock hard cock into her and started thrusting. It was so tight, warm and moist that I couldn’t help but finish after only a few minutes and when I pulled out it left a pool of cum on the bed. This is when I had an idea, I moved Molly bellow me and got my my hands and knees so that my cock was rubbing against her doggy pussy and at the same time Pablo knew I wanted him to mount me. The feeling of him pushing into me as I pushed into Molly was undescribable. Pure sexual pleasure. Molly’s pussy was so tight and smooth and I hope my ass was for Pablo but he seemed to enjoy anyway. I lasted about 10 minutes of constant thrusting and being pounded before I finished inside of Molly however pablo didn’t seem to be done yet so instead of pulling out of Molly I started fucking my cum harder and deeper into her until she was panting and eventually Pablo exploded the same time I did leaving a large pool of love juice around my Pablo and Molly, my lovers.