Mom’s Driving Lessons – Part 1

This started as a short mom son sex story but halfway through I changed it as you will see. It will be a long multipart story and very extreme.

I had just gotten my driver’s license at 16 and never missed an opportunity to drive. I didn’t have my own car yet and my mom never learned to drive. She was from the Philippines and didn’t have a need to drive while there. She had come to the US as a nurse, like many Filipinas. That’s where my dad met her. He is an EMT.

Now that I had my license, mom wanted me to help her get hers. She studied the rules of the road and when she was ready dad bought a used sedan so we would have a car to use. That was a mistake on his part.

The first time I gave mom a lesson, I drove to a blacktop road along a river. It was a road that had very little traffic during daytime hours in summer. I pulled over to the side of the road and mom and I switched seats.

“Okay mom, just put your foot on the brake and move the shift lever to D. Perfect! Now take your foot off the brake and press gently on the gas pedal.”

She was very nervous as the car started to move. I told her to relax and just keep the same speed. She was getting better at controlling the car as we went along the river. I couldn’t help noticing that my mom’s short skirt had ridden up and I could see the white crotch of her panties, contrasting nicely with her dark skin. I could even make out her camel toe, a crease in the middle of the material.

I tried not to look but I was mesmerized by the sight. Mom brought me out of my trance, “Mickey! Pay attention to my driving, not my panties! What’s wrong with you?” She didn’t, however, pull her skirt down.

I looked over at her, blushing from being caught. She had a smile on her face which surprised me. I expected a stern look.

I watched how she was driving but as she drove, she squirmed a bit in the seat and her skirt inches up even more. Now it was showing all of her crotch and a good deal of her ass cheek. I wasn’t sure if she was aware of it, but I couldn’t help looking.

Again when I looked up, she glanced over at me then smiled as she looked pointedly at my crotch, where my now erect cock was among an obvious tent in my shorts.

We were approaching a side road that led to a beach. Mom pulled in and drove to the small parking area.

“I think we need to take care of your, uh, problem before we drive any further, don’t you think?”

Playing innocent, I asked, “what problem?”

She stunned me by reaching over and grabbing my cock, “this problem.”

“Oh.” Great response, right? I was still in a state of shock that my mother was grabbing my cock!

“I think we would be more comfortable in the back seat, don’t you?”

I was not about to argue about it. I opened the door and moved to the back seat with her. She scooted close to me and grabbed my zipper.

“Let’s see what we have here!”

I wasn’t wearing underwear so when she unzipped my shorts, my cock sprang up and bounced a few times.

“Oh my! It’s a lot bigger than the last time I saw it! I know you don’t remember, but when you were a baby I would suck on your little weenie and you would pee in my mouth sometimes. I got so hot I would have to masturbate after that. Do you want me to suck your cock now!”

“Oh god, YES! Please mom!”

“We’ll, since you said please.”

She leaned over and took my hard cock into her mouth. I looked down at her mouth, wrapped around my cock and her head bobbing up and down. I can’t remember feeling anything as wonderful as that.

“Oh my god mom! I never dreamed you would do this!”

She lifted off my cock and still stroking me with her hand said, “I told you that I went to nursing school in Angeles in the Philippines and that is true, but I didn’t tell you that my mother was a bar girl. Angeles is a sex destination and mom worked in a bar and had sex with men, sometimes in the bar and sometimes in a hotel. I paid my way through college by working with her starting when I was 16. So you see, in addition to being a trained nurse, I’m a trained slut.”

She went back to sucking my cock and I moaned, “oh shit mom! You really are a slut! Oh god! Suck me! I want to cum in your slut mouth.”

She answered by mumbling around my cock.

Knowing what a slut my mom was made me so hot that I started to spurt long streams of cum into her mouth! It felt like I was pissing! I could see her throat working as she swallowed all the cum, not losing a single drop.

It seemed like a long time before all my cum was spent, but it finally stopped.

“Oh god mom! I never felt anything like that. Did you really work as a bar girl?”

“We’ll, actually it was a family tradition. My granny was a bar girl when the US Air Force was still at the nearby air base, just like mom and I. And that is why mom and I have American features. I don’t know who my grandfather was. Obviously an American airman, but there were many that granny fucked.”

“Hey, grandad was stationed in the Philippines! Maybe?”

“Very doubtful. There were thousands of airmen that served at Clark during that time. But enough history. All this slut talk and sucking your beautiful cock has made me extremely horny! Can you get it up again to fuck your mom?” Then she looks down at my cock, “oh! I see it’s already hard for momma! Let’s move to the back seat!”

She got out of the car and before getting in the back, took her clothes off. I was still not believing this was happening. I must be hallucinating, I thought.

“I’m going to lay on the seat with my ass hanging over the edge and I want you to stand outside the door and then shove that big hard fucking cock in me!”

She sat on the seat then laid back, pulling her legs up to her tits. Her pussy was covered in thick black hair and it was matted rom all the cunt cream that was oozing from her hole! As I stood over her I could smell the musky odor of her cunt. She spread it open with one hand and grabbed my cock with the other. I gasped as my cock began to enter her! It was my first time in a woman’s cunt, and it was my mother’s.

“Ohhhhhhhhh! Yes baby! Fuck mommy! Oh god! I need it so bad!”

Even though it was my first time, I knew what to do. I began a slow in and out stroke. Her cunt massaged my cock as it went in and out, the feeling was indescribable. We were both moaning constantly while looking into each other’s eyes. I couldn’t resist bending over and kissing her! Not a peck on the lips but a passionate open mouth kiss, sucking each other’s tongues. My cock was so hard it hurt. Mom wrapped her legs around me and pulled me deep!

I held myself there for a long time, afraid I would cum too soon and end the intense pleasure I was experiencing.

“Oh mom! This is amazing! I never dreamed it would feel like this! I just want to stay like this forever!”

Mom giggled, “that would be embarrassing, walking around coupled like this, don’t you think?”

The image of that made me smile.

Although I wasn’t moving, my cock was being massaged by mom’s cunt. She was doing amazing things with her muscles, making it feel like my cock was being caressed by silken fingers up and down the shaft and on the head.

I could only stay still for so long and I started to move again..

“Oh yes baby, but go slow! I want you to fuck me for a long time! It’s been so long since I’ve beefed fucked this good!”

“Oh mom! Doesn’t dad fuck you anymore?”

“Not so much, and when he does, he thinks it’s over when he cums. I know you wouldn’t do that to me. Mmmmmmmm, that feels just right! Oh god! You are so fucking hard! I love your cock baby! Keep fucking mommy! Don’t ever stop?”

“I won’t mom! I won’t ever stop fucking you! I love you! I love your cunt! Oh god yes! I love your slut mommy cunt!”

“Yes baby, talk dirty to me, call me nasty names!”

I was really getting into this, “yeah you slut mommy whore! Take my cock! You fucking son fucker! You cum drinking tramp!”

“Yes! I’m your slut! Cum in all my holes! Make me yours! Make me pregnant! Do whatever you want to me!”

“Whatever? Like how far would you go for me? Would you fuck my friends?”

“Oh honey! Yes! Yes! Anything! Oh my god! Please!”

I couldn’t believe she was such a slut! My beloved mother. But rather than disgust me it made me want to fuck her harder and I loved her more.

I was almost out of control with raw lust! Her words and her submission made me want to fuck her hard! I started to hammer her with violent thrusts!

“Ohhhhhh yes! Faster, harder! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god! You’re making me cum! Hurt me! Oh god! Punish me! I’m a bad mommy!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!”

Just in time because I couldn’t hold my orgasm any longer.

“Ohhhhhh yes! Unnnnngggghhh! Uhn! Cumming! In your slut, nasty fucking cunt! Oh god! In you!”

I shoved deep and held my cock there as I spewed gobs of cum deep inside her.

“Oh honey! Oh god! Fill my cunt! Oh my god! I’m dying!”

I kept filling her until my cock was too sensitive to continue.

I pulled out and watched my cum pour out and puddle on the seat.

We sat in the back seat after separating our bodies.

“I loved what we did, mom, but did you mean what you said about fucking my friends?”

“Yes honey! Oh god! It made me cum so hard thinking about all those young hard cocks filling all my holes with boy cum!”

“And you’ll really do anything?”

“I said I would.”

“I have a real good imagination, you may want to reconsider.”

“Tell me what you want me to do.”

“I want you to get fucked by a dog while all my friends watch. Would you do that?”

She actually shivered, “oh my god! Yes! Yes!”

Holy shit! I still couldn’t believe this!

“Would you let us piss all over you?”


Oh my god! I wondered how far she would let me go! I didn’t want to hurt her, well at least not severely, but I also wondered if her unusual childhood had made her this way. But, really, I didn’t care, I just wanted to do all kinds of kinky thongs with mom!

I had cum twice a day times when watching an extreme porn video, but contemplating all the lewd and nasty things I would do with mom had my cock hard as a rock again.

Mom looked at it and said, “Mmmmmmm, looks like you’re ready for another round! What kinky thing would you like to do to me?”

“I want to fuck you in your ass! I want to shove my hard cock into your dirty shithole!”

“Oh baby, I love it when you talk so nice to me!”

“Just shut up and get that ass ready!”

“Yes sir!” She laid back down and told me to get the lotion from the glove box. I took the squirt bottle and inserted the tip n. Her ass hole and squeezed until it overflowed.

“Okay mom, open it for me.”

She spread her ass cheeks and I put my cock at the opening. I was about to shove it in when she said, “wait! This could get messy.” She got a blanket from the trunk and put it on the seat then laid back on it. I lined my cock up again and pushed. It bent from the tightness at first but then it popped in and sank all the way into her poop chute!

“Ohhhhhh god! Oh yes! Fuck my ass! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my god!”

It was tight as hell and as I sawed in and out, my cock was streaked with white lotion and brown shit. It ran down her ass onto the blanket. The smell was strong, mixed with her musky cunt odor. We would have to air the car when we were done.

“Oh mom! It’s tight! Oh goddamn! Your ass is squeezing the cum right from my balls!”

I should have been able to last longer but the whole scene of me on my mom, shoving my cock in and out of her shitty hole was too much. With a loud grunt, I started to cum in her ass!

“Oh yes baby! Fill my nasty ass! Oh god yes!”

I didn’t have as much cum but when I finally pulled out, a rancid mix of cum, shit and lotion squirted out of her and splashed on my groin.

We were both finally satisfied and it took a while to clean up. We threw the blanket away and mom sprayed some perfume in the car just in case dad used it for some reason.

“I hope you were sincere about all the things we’re going to do mom. We may have to visit here many times!”

“Well good, because I’m going to need a lot more driving lessons!”

End of part 1