Taking my Son to the mall (gloryhole)

Running my son to the mall

everyone is over 18.

My son just turned 18 a couple weeks ago, i promised i would take him to the mall so he could spend his birthday money.I just turned 50 this year and im feeling it.Dont get me wrong i still can make the boys go crazy, i have to pay attention to what i wear to certain places these days as i try not to wear much these days (just lazy).So we arrive at the mall and i drop my son off at the foodcourt telling him to be back here at 830 sharp, its 630 now so that will be plenty of time for my son (Jake) to shop around. I drop him off and find the nearest auto store to check out a few things i needed for the vehicle. Sears is the nearest auto store in the mall. On the way there i make a detour to the woman section and take a gander to see if anything catches my eye. Nothing catches my eye this time but i see a attractive woman in the lingere section holding up a pair of panties that caught my eye, i see she puts them back so i waist no time and go over to inspect.By this time the woman had vanished by now. i wasnt supposed to do any panty shopping but these thongs were giving me a rush i havent had in awhile. i found about 3-4 more pair i really liked and decided to try them on to make sure they fit. on the way to the register i came across a sudden urge to pee and felt like i couldnt hold it in.i scuffle around finding the nearest bathroom and its actually right by the auto department in sears wich is awesome.

When i came to the bathroom i saw the male and female bathrooms were out of orderd and i almost had a heart attack then i saw a family bathroom and thought thank god. i got to the door and saw a (out of order) sign barely hanging on the door and was really aggervated because i couldnt hold it anymore. i took a look around and said screw it im going in. i get in the bathroom and wonder why its closed. its big in here and has two stalls in here so i go all the way to the end just because its bigger. i could barely get my panties to the ground before my pussy started peein all over the place while i let out a huge moan and sigh. at this moment i oped my eyes and saw a big hole in the wall and thought wtf is this? is this the reason why the bathroom is closed? who would put a fist sized whole in the wall between stalls? as soon as i run my fingers over the hole the bathroom door opens and i think to myself what the hell this is supposed to be a closed bathroom but i stay silent as im ebaressed for being in here. so i sit on the toliet i still have my panties pulled down, if you look under the stall to the feet you would see a tiny black thong around some nice dress shoes.

I couldnt tell if it was a female or male untill i saw the guy shoes and intantly got blushed in the face and almost panniced. i sit there quietly and dont hear anything so i get a little nosey. i remeber the hole is still there and as soon as i start to peek the person next to me gets up and turn torwards me.all i saw was blue jeans then i hear a zipper unbotton and as soon as i look at the whole i see a vieny cock poke through the whole and i almost had a heart attack. a random cock poking through a closed bathroom stall whole.im stunned but the more i look at it the more i get turned on( havent seen a cock in couple years due to my husbnd passing).i was scared and wasnt sure what i was supposed to do but a urge came over me and my hand glided over to the wonderfull looking cock. i start to slowly stock this gorgeous looking cock as its growing in my hand. this cock is huge i thought to myself, my pussy starts to get wet and can feel my panties starting to soak through. i spread my legs and massage my swollen clit while im stocking this random cock and never felt so naughty before. my hand starts to get tired and i dont see this guy getting anywhere near cumming. so i took some courage and got on my knees start to suck on this random big cock gifted to me.i licked with my lips on each side teasing him before i slide his shaft into my mouth and i hear a big moan of pleasure from this random guy.He has to be atleast 8 inches and really thick, he was bigger then my husband! i cant get enough of this cock as i think to my self. im swallowing all of this random cock as much as i can and he keeps thursting his cock into my throat through this whole in a sears bathroom. during me swallowing his cock i never thought about what if someone walked in, i didnt care. my inner slut was out and i wanted to please.

His cocks getting bigger and thicker as i continue to deep throat his cock as much as i can and i even choke a little but the guy doesnt let up, he keeps thursting inside my mouth. my pussy has completely soaked through my panties and hand was just not cutting it no more. i got really brave and took his cock from my mouth and spit on it one more time to lube it up. i slid my panties off before standing up from sitting down on the toliet. i took a deep breathe and positioned my ass as much as i could to this mystery whole. i grabbed around and glided his big mushroom head into my tight soaked pussy. this feels so dam good.i havent had a cock in quite some time. i was starting to really moan and didnt want anyone to hear my voice and thought fuck. i quickly grabbed my dripping wet panties and stuffed them into my mouth to shut myself up. i didnt realize how good i tasted untill my panties were in my mouth for me to taste. that was a new sensation i might like thinking to myself.at this point my ass is pressed up aginst the wall and hole and this mystery guy is slamming my pussy, he is going deep as he can and its filling my tight pussy up, i can feel his vieny cock stretch my pussy and he enters.i guess he had to catch his breathe because he stopped to i slide off his cock and thought if my panties tasted this good i wonder how ill taste so thaats what i did. i swallowed his whole cock forcing myself to chock on his cock. wow. his cock taste better then before. i start to suck on his mushroom head and said screw it i gotta finish so i took his cock out of my mouth and slide it right back into my dripping pussy. this time i tease him and only put the head in and ride his head leaving the rest untouched and i could tell it was working. he started to move more and make more noise so i know he was close.as i was still teasing his big cock head i pushed all the way back and felt him fill me all the way up. i take the panties i had on and started rubbing my pussy with the panties.now im throwing my pussy back on him as hes filling me up with his cock, i feel his cock get bigger so i know he was about to cum so i decided to fuck him as fast as i could through a whole in the wall.there was a moan from the guy and felt him pull away because he was cumming but i slid back against that whole and swallowed his cock so he couldnt go anwyhere and i could feel his body tremble and the thick full cumshot fill my innocent pussy up and it felt good!i let him stay in me for a little longer then i slide off his cock. i was still horned up so i took my panties and put them through the whole to give the guy something to remember me by.after i slide him the panties i hurried and rand out of the bathroom to a whole different part of the store so i wouldnt see who it was. as im running through the store i look at the time and realiz oh shit its 835 and i hvae to pick up my son at the food court. now im running through the store to outside the food court and i realize i dont see my son untill i look behind me and see him coming through the door while im saying im sorry hunny i lost track of time. jake smiles and looks at me and says me to atlest it just wasnt me.

On the ride home i told my son that i had to make a quick stop at the local drugstore and just tp wait in the car because i wont be long. i was in ther only for about 10 mins, as we continue home jake ask me if i got was i was looking for at the mall and thought oh shit i didnt even look for the product so i just liad and said no they didnt have what i wanted. and i really stopped at the drugstore so i could buy a plan b pill because i just had a random stranger cumm all in me and i could feel it ooze out some because i have no panties on from giving them to a stranger.

A few days late jake was outside playing with neighborhood friends and i did a load of clothes and decided id be nice and was my sons clothes. i dragg his clothes basket downstairs into the basment and dump his clothes out. as im seperating by colors and throwing them in the wash i see a skinny black lace and thought was is this we have hear. as i pull the shirt off i see a lace black thong and thought that it looked really famliar. then i realized i had given these away and instantly put two and two together! i just sucked andd fucked my son through a whole in the wall in the mall and we both didnt know. i felt ashamed and started to regrett my actions but i keep staring at the panties and thoughts of how big and hard my son was and also how amazing he felt inside me and my pussy started to get wet again. i gave myself a quick rub of my clit and came the fastest i ever had in my life. i finished putting his clothes in the wash and took my thong back.when jake came in he was with friends so i told him i washed his clothes and he thanked me.i decided to put those panties back on to keep my scent fresh and locked in.his friends eventually left and i could see in his room that he was lloking for something. i walk past and asked him what he was doing and he told me he had misplaced something and let out a little grin on the inside. he was looking for the panties i gave him but i had them on the whole time. every now and then i would rub my pussy to get my juices all over it. as i wait for my sons clothes on dry tell him im about to hop in the shower and if he could bing my basket down and throw my clothes in the wash since i washed his, he agreed. i was in the shower and herd the door open and herd the basket getting taken downstairs. i made sure to put the secret panties in my diry basket. i make sure to take a long shower this time to give him time to wonder. jake took his clothes out and started to put my clothes in there. hes almost at the end when he sees the lace thong and thought wtf why is this here and dam my mom caught me. then he realized that those cum stained panties were mine..

Should i continue? let me know what you think please!